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  • First SCO, now RCEP (and ASEAN)

    The regional organizations are building strength and confidence, and they are cooperating.  All of Mr Lavrov’s speeches and Mr Putin’s speeches now contain the words ‘multipolar world’ or ‘pluripolarity.   More than that, they express in all of the their public communication that a multipolar world cannot be stopped any longer.  It is a fact. …

  • Russia, the SCO and international terrorism

    By Rostislav Ishchenko and machine translated with small edits and fixes.  Original link:

    The SCO summit held in Samarkand was not only marked by Iran’s admission to the organization, but was also accompanied by regular US tantrums. In the end, Washington said that they see their strategic goal in “undocking” the economies of Central Asian…

  • Daily Chronicles during SCO

    Daily Chronicles presents snippets of the most important news across the world for this and each day as it rolls in. Check back frequently. To find the previous Daily Chronicles, use the search function on the top line and search for Daily Chronicles.  For the next day or two, the focus will be SCO.  Bear…