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  • Exposing the Big Ugly

    During December 2022, Angela Merkel let a mad cat out of a dark bag.  Soon after, the previous French president Hollande confirmed that they only signed the Minsk agreements to afford the time for the Ukraine, to build up its warfighting capability.


    The Minsk agreements were a series of international agreements which sought to end the…

  • Where did the Nazis come from

    Maria Zakharova published a detailed note on this a number of months ago.  This one I lost, and could never find it again as the purge of Russian sites and informational sources was in full swing.  She has published a new note.  Of course there are bunches of history where Nazi scientists and other educated…

  • Patrushev in Tashkent: Hybrid war – West against the Russian Federation and peaceful work of SCO

    According to the Secretary of the Russian Security Council, the United States and its allies are trying to maintain their dominance in the world, ignoring the trends of the formation of a multipolar world.

    (This is machine translated from

    TASHKENT, August 19. /tass/. The West has unleashed a hybrid war against Russia and is teetering on the brink…