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Here comes China

  • Here comes China

    In collaboration with Godfree Roberts and his excellent Here Comes China weekly newsletter.  This selection is but a fraction of what is a rich, complete and interesting newsletter.

    Starting with money flow in a new financial system.

    The video is from Godfree’s newsletter and the following comments are mine. I come from a farmer-business family. I…

  • Here Comes China

    With respect to Godfree Roberts and his excellent newsletter and I comment.

    This is a statement that has massive repercussions:  250 million smallholders with 2-3 hectares of land produce 80% of China’s food

    The attached article is a WEF article, so kindly read it without taking seriously the propaganda, but glean the facts.

    Talking about food production, this is possible that…

  • Here Comes China

    I have had a few questions about China and have been slow to do the usual combination of my own geopolitical commentary and Godfree Robert’s newsletter extracts.  This time I want to dedicate the Here Comes China essay to two people.  This will both answer the questions as well as highlight superb work that has…

  • Here Comes China

    Latest propaganda: There has been a coup in China and Xi Jinping is under house arrest.

    Latest propaganda debunked:  Of course, there has not been a coup in China and of course, Xi Jinping is not under house arrest.  This is propaganda.  It is a pity to see how many alt media push this.

    He’s back!

    On Tuesday,…

  • Here comes China

    The image presents some Hanfu clothing, a growing cultural trend in China with people moving back to their traditions.  The clothing is quite spectacularly beautiful and there is a major revival to present their own culture, and of course one sees the break with the west with comments such as ‘Cultural power not a suit…