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  • From China to Israel

    The Foreign Affairs office of China has been closed for the past week for the Chinese New Year.  They did speak out though, as Israel is doing its normal things, just worse than ever. Israeli apartheid forces killed 9 people in one hour in Jenin on 1/26, including a 61-yr old woman in her home.…

  • Can China help Brazil restart its global soft power?

    Bolsonaro reduced Brazil to resources-exporter status; now Lula should follow Argentina’s lead into Belt and Road

    By Pepe Escobar and first posted at Asia Times

    Ten days of full immersion in Brazil are not for the faint-hearted. Even restricted to the top two megalopolises, Sao Paulo and Rio, watching live the impact of interlocking economic, political, social…

  • Rebuttal to “China is Capitalist”

    From Jeff J Brown and just excellent and in-depth material.  You will probably need a cup of tea or two:
    Rebuttal to “China is Capitalist: The Religiosity of ‘The Myth of Chinese Capitalism’, by Ron Leighton. Dr T P Wilkinson interviews Jeff J. Brown.

    Pictured above: Far left is Deng Xiaoping; to his left is Zhou Enlai…

  • China’s Communism vs Western Definition

    I have following Shanghai Panda’s tweet stream for a long time.  From time to time, there is valuable educational material.  For example, this massive initial tweet tells in fine detail how Chinese governance actually works.

    On twitter, as a Chinese, the most frequently asked question for me is, why don’t you oppose the CPC? Why don’t…

  • A short follow-up: Beijing and Berlin

    If I read this correctly, the recent visit from Olaf Scholz and his business entourage has only angered China.

    Following is formal commentary from the Chinese Foreign Ministry on what was a proposed buy of a German chip manufacturing company.
    November 9th … AFP: According to reports, Germany wants to block the sale of a chip factory…

  • In the Great Hall of the People …

    Scandal? Health?, Re-education camp for grandpa?, emergency with his wife?;  we don’t know. But never mind the reason, the following five years will be owned by Xi Jingping and team.
    This was extremely embarassing – high drama in China, to say the least: former President Hu Jintao was removed from the Great Hall of the People,…

  • Here Comes China

    Just yesterday, two old US warships sailed through the Taiwan Straits. These ships, 35 and 37 years old, were apparently on routine transit. I cannot imagine what could be routine about sailing two warships through the Taiwan Straits, but China said as long as they behaved themselves, follow the rules of innocent passage, keep low…