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  • Brazil and Lula: Undeliverable Expectations

    When Lula won the Brazilian elections, we all knew that it was going to be tough going, He inherited a government structure with budgets three years old, with most social support withdrawn from the population, and from the international arena, an almost incoherent program of destabilization from the US right, and a mixture of government…

  • Brazil attempted coup d’état

    Situation report:  Brazil at the start of 9 January.

    1. A state of emergency is declared in the Brazilian capital until 30 January. Various citizens’ rights will be restricted in accordance with the law on emergencies.

    2. Brazilian President Lula da Silva announces the start of an intervention of federal troops in the capital to suppress an…

  • Can China help Brazil restart its global soft power?

    Bolsonaro reduced Brazil to resources-exporter status; now Lula should follow Argentina’s lead into Belt and Road

    By Pepe Escobar and first posted at Asia Times

    Ten days of full immersion in Brazil are not for the faint-hearted. Even restricted to the top two megalopolises, Sao Paulo and Rio, watching live the impact of interlocking economic, political, social…

  • Lula: Travels to COP27

    This is good for Lula.  It is good that before he is even inaugurated, he gets to arrange bilateral meetings and that he gets to discuss planetary issues.

    On Monday, Brazil’s President-elect Lula da Silva traveled to Egypt to take part in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP27).

    “Brazil, which was diplomatically isolated during the…

  • Brazil

    Bear in mind that even with Lula’s victory, he is not yet President.  He will take over from 1 January 2023.

    We had some discussion and I would like to post it here.  First a piece by Colin Maxwell on his fairly new Substack and then an attempt to answer from the Valdai Club.  Finally my…

  • Comeback kid Lula in the eye of a volcano

    Lula wins but his room for maneuver will be limited by powerful forces aligned against his Global South agenda

    By Pepe Escobar and he describes this as A special for Asia Times in a very special day.  Usually we use Pepe’s work with his permission.

    Luis Ignacio “Lula” da Silva may be the ultimate 21st century political…

  • Next on the election cycle: Brazil

    The run-off election between Bolsonaro and Lula is scheduled for Sunday, the 30th. At the previous election, the two parties ended up with Bolsonaro at 43.2 percent of the vote and Lula at 48.4 percent, maintaining a lead, but by a smaller margin than expected.

    So far, it was a brutal time with Bolsonaro being accused…