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Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
The zone conus “NHQNA” propaganda implies that t...
Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
Site 512 (joint usziobase? see article intercept) seems to b...
Five Nations Attack Zion
Russia Today (RT) news is having trouble reporting current e...
Five Nations Attack Zion
Thanks. The best Russian media in English appears Sputnik on...
Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
searchterm phrase fragment> pipes in Glen Canyon Dam that...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
I took at look at the population pyramids of not just Bander...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
Someone made a comment recently along the lines of about a t...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11 —...
Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11 banging in proce...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
I’m getting most of info from comment section to MoA h...


  • Echolalia in Western Echochambers

    A sweet & succinct debunking of perennial Anglo-Zionist wetdream meme of the “irreplaceability of Russian/Iranian generals” — as rationale for engaging in self-defeating terrorism against potent civilizational-states. Meanwhile, the latter remain focused and busy burying the sinking Legion.

    by Julian Macfarlane at News Forensics
    Ritter? Wrong?
    When experience and training trip you up
    I read Scott Ritter a lot…

  • Prisoner of War Camps in America

    Other times the US Military created and starved to death concentration camps with millions of helpless humans

    By Larry Romanoff at Moon of Shanghai.

    This article in PDF

    Note to Readers:

    Given the immense importance of this topic, please forward this article to your email lists and crosspost on your blog site, internet forums, etc., asking that anyone with knowledge…

  • 2023 through to 2024

    The most uncomplicated way to say it, is … we, our planet, our world, demands placed on leaders and ourselves as functional inhabitants of this planet, have all changed.  2023 is the year of awareness, where most became aware of the fall of the rules-based order.  Here we can only refer to the various summits…

  • One more war – the planning …


    aimed directly at at China. The US and the collective West are not going to for one moment accept equality and multipolarity with the ultimate guide of the UN Charter as legal guidance. They will fight until they get annihilated or until they annihilate. This is not a task that anyone wants to take on, or something…

  • Abdel Bari Atwan: Yemen & Hamas

    YEMEN AND THE WAR ON GAZAHow will the US respond to the Houthi challenge to Israeli shipping?

    By Abdel Bari Atwan via Rai Al Youm

    By intercepting Israeli shipping and engaging US and French naval vessels in the Red Sea, Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has done more than embarrass the majority of Arab governments and armies that…

  • If I must die …

    “I am an academic. Probably the toughest thing I have at home is an Expo marker. But if the Israelis invade, if they charge at us, open door to door to massacre us, I’m going to use that marker, throw it at the Israeli soldiers … we have nothing to lose,”

    Palestinian poet, writer, professor and…

  • Russian President was hosted by the President of the UAE

    Before the consultations began, an official welcoming ceremony for the Russian President was hosted by the President of the UAE at the Qasr Al Watan Palace.

    Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Industry and Trade, Russian co-chair of the Russian-Emirati Intergovernmental Commission on Trade, Economic and Technical Cooperation Denis Manturov, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office – Presidential Press…

  • The complete presentation is asolutely worth taking in! President Putin

    Ceremony to presenting diplomatic credentials

    Vladimir Putin received the letters of credence from 21 newly appointed foreign ambassadors. By tradition, the ceremony took place in the Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

    Letters of credence were presented to the President of Russia by: Joseph Nkurunziza (Republic of Burundi), Cham Ugala Uriat (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia), Dauren Abaev (Republic of Kazakhstan), Seydou Kamissoko (Republic of Mali), Lee Do-hoon (Republic of Korea), Ebrima Ceesay (Republic…

  • Vladimir Putin on the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Russian President during his meeting with the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights:

    📍 December 4, 2023

    🇺🇳 December 10 marks the 75th anniversary of the adoption by the UN of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Unfortunately, we commemorate this milestone in a challenging situation, as the international system for ensuring and promoting human…