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  • Anti-Lula propaganda

    One of the categories of information that appears in my email, is to take a look at anti-Lula propaganda. I received this article with the header:

    Brazil – Lula’s Third Term – from Leftist to Globalist?

    This is of course the type of depiction that comes directly from US Trumper types, who are against socialism but could…

  • How The Threat Of China Was Made In The USA

    This comes from our fraternal site, The Greanville Post, and was written by Peter Man.  It is an excellent and in-depth treatment of how western media works vis a vis China and broader propaganda.  We can truly classify this as a ‘small encyclopedia’.
    Smearing China: Western Media Are Staffed with Unprincipled Careerists & Disinformers.
    Peter states:  This…

  • Here comes China

    From Godfree Robert’s excellent newsletter Here Comes China with my comments

    Through the years since starting his newsletter, Godfree had excellent reporting on China and Covid.  At my previous site, I could not report any of that, so, with a smile and a sense of freedom from a narrow ‘rules based order’ and a limited range…

  • General Suleimani

    Iran’s Raeisi: Revenge for the assassination of General Soleimani ‘definitive’
    It’s the 3rd anniversary of Gen Suleimani’s assassination.
    On Jan. 3, 2020, the U.S. military assassinated Soleimani in a drone strike near the Baghdad International Airport. The assassination was condemned by Iran as “state terrorism.”
    Iran’s Foreign Affairs Minister Hosein Amir Abdolahian affirmed that his institution and the Judiciary…

  • Site Bits and Pieces

    So, two new records in December.  The one was on the 27th, and the stats say we had 8,359 guests and this does not include scrapers and bots and so on – these are readers.  I get confirmation of that in my email, as I get a lot of emails lol!

    I posted the first article…

  • Daily Chronicles

    The Daily Chronicles are snippets of the most important news across the world for this and each day as it rolls in. Kindly also use it as an open thread.

    We are in the tropics.  We don’t have snow and sleighbells and all the traditional Christmas paraphernalia.  The image on this post is then our Christmas…

  • Peru: The CIA coup

    From Ben Norton at
    Day before coup, US ambassador in Peru, veteran CIA agent, met with defense minister
    The US ambassador in Peru, Lisa Kenna, worked for the CIA for 9 years, as well as the Pentagon. One day before the coup against elected left-wing President Pedro Castillo, Kenna met with Peru’s defense minister, who then…

  • Russia & Asia: the Emerging Order

    The Valdai Club is hosting their end-of-year conference titled Russia and Asia:  the Emerging International Order.  These are expert discussions and all worth looking at.  You can find the various live videos on the program and transcripts will become available:

    Dynamics of Asia’s Development Amidst Rebuilding the International Order (live)

    Future of Energy and Food Markets (live)


  • A few short comments on Empire

    For those that spend their weekends having fun learning, instead of having fun in the sun.

    We have no reason to misunderstand the empire.  Michael Parenti had a very clear description of what empire is, 10 years ago already.

    And to make this practical, with maps an’all, we have Daniel Immerwahr with his book, How to Hide…

  • FM Lavrov: Conference European Security Issues

    Long, complex, true ‘Lavrov Style’, detailed, exact, but yet a creative presentation.
    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s news conference on European security issues, Moscow, December 1, 2022
    Esteemed journalists,

    Good afternoon.

    Thank you for responding to our invitation. We considered it important to discuss today problems of European and, hence, global security. In Europe, NATO’s members are increasingly claiming global…