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  • Peru’s US-backed coup

    The Grayzone brings a very good investigation on the coup in Peru.  While the first half is about the coup itself, the second half is more interesting.  There you will learn about why and why the US supports this coup.  You will learn about the critical rail infrastructure that was planned to be built throughout…

  • Global South: Gold-backed currencies

    Global South: Gold-backed currencies to replace the US dollar

    by Pepe Escobar and first posted at The Cradle

    Let’s start with three interconnected multipolar-driven facts.

    First: One of the key take aways from the World Economic Forum annual shindig in Davos, Switzerland is when Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan, on a panel on “Saudi Arabia’s Transformation,” made it clear…

  • Radhika Desai and Danny Haiphong

    Radika Desai frequently works with Michael Hudson.  Danny Haiphong’s claim to fame is “Telling the truth about imperialism and socialism through journalism since 2013”.

    Radika’s expert field is geopolitical economics.  Her new book, Capitalism, Coronavirus and War, was published at the end of 2022.   You may download it here – scroll down to Table of…

  • Why do we fight?

    This writing will weave some personal experiences through the story and modern history of Latin America.  Then we will look at Cuba, where a former DIA analyst Ana Belén Montes was imprisoned for 20 years because she shared intelligence with Cuba, and recently received her freedom.  We will take a look at why she did…

  • Peru

    It is a great surprise to me that Peruvians are still out on the street across the country to reject the coup d’état that overthrew constitutional president Pedro Castillo on December 7th.  These mass protests have met mass and brutal violence.  The latest numbers are that 48 protestors (it started non-violently and only lately the…

  • Pax Sinica in the Middle East?

    by Godfree Roberts from the Here Comes China newsletter.

    Hope for Palestine and Iran?
    In 2022, the China-GCC Summit was one thing, and China’s strategic partnership with Iran another, but both Saudi Arabia and Iran applying simultaneously to multipolar institutions – BRICS and the SCO? Plus the idea of a BRICS Coin as a commodity-weighted neutral reserve…

  • Brazil Notes

    I made a comment in the Daily Chronicles as follows:
    Brazil? The USAmerican rightwing is literally vicariously reliving their 6th January via the attempted coup in Brazil. At this moment, do not accept any USAmerican writing on Brazil as the facts are being twisted to fit their historical replay. Its theater. But they are causing untold…

  • Highly Recommended: Emmanuel Todd

    This is the TASS version of a French article by Emmanuel Todd, described as an expert.  Escobar notes:  “Todd is spot on. He’s one of three or four – not more – French intellectuals who actually knows how the real geoeconomic world works.”

    Here is the original in French:
    US may lose control of world finance…

  • Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson: multipolarity (now + transcript)

    Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson explain multipolarity, decline of US hegemony

    Geopolitical Economy Hour, from Geopolitical Economy, January 13, 2023

    Economists Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson explain multipolarity, decline of US hegemony


    RADHIKA DESAI: Hi everyone, and welcome to this Geopolitical Economy Hour. I’m Radhika Desai.

    MICHAEL HUDSON: And I’m Michael Hudson.

    RADHIKA DESAI: Every fortnight we are going to meet for an hour to discuss major development in the fast-changing…

  • Nikolai Patrushev: Interview – the West and Ukraine

    The Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev had this interview with Argumenti i Facti at  This is a lightly cleaned-up machine translation.

    “They want to turn Russia into Muscovy.” Nikolai Patrushev-about the West and Ukraine
    .What actions of the West are being prepared for in Moscow and what policy can be…