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  • Michael Hudson: Ralph Nader interview

    The Federal Reserve and Debt


    RALPH NADER RADIO HOUR EP 465 TRANSCRIPT, September 17, 2022.

    Tom Morello: I’m Tom Morello and you’re listening to the Ralph Nader Radio Hour.

    Steve Skrovan: Welcome to the Ralph Nader Radio Hour. My name is Steve Skrovan, along with my co-host, David Feldman. Hello, David.

    David Feldman: Hello, Steve.
    Steve Skrovan: And of…

  • Michael Hudson on CCTV (China Central TV)

    With Subtitles – Morning News at 7-8am on Aug 8

    20220808 CCTV report on

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    The decline of the West is not necessary or historically inevitable. It is the result of choosing policies dictated by its rentier interests. ……