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Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
The zone conus “NHQNA” propaganda implies that t...
Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
Site 512 (joint usziobase? see article intercept) seems to b...
Five Nations Attack Zion
Russia Today (RT) news is having trouble reporting current e...
Five Nations Attack Zion
Thanks. The best Russian media in English appears Sputnik on...
Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
searchterm phrase fragment> pipes in Glen Canyon Dam that...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
I took at look at the population pyramids of not just Bander...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
Someone made a comment recently along the lines of about a t...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11 —...
Mr P
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11 banging in proce...
Daily Chronicles … OT April 11
I’m getting most of info from comment section to MoA h...


  • Five Nations Attack Zion

    Forgive the young man, radiant and exuding like the Sun. We were all firebreathers once. He doesn’t realize this is round one. Last night, the messianic midgets received the biggest gift of their foreshortened lives; they will run with it now, fully suiciding USUK and the demented Old Order….

  • Unprecedented Trauma in Gaza

    As Surgeons, We Have Never Seen Cruelty Like Israel’s Genocide in Gaza. We urge anyone who reads this to publicly oppose sending weapons to Israel as long as this onslaught continues.

    By Feroze Sidhwa and Mark Perlmutter at Common Dreams.

    On March 25 the two of us, an orthopedic surgeon and a trauma surgeon, traveled to the…

  • Hamas Imposes A Gaza Withdrawal

    War Update with Jon Elmer at The Electronic Intifada

    Jon Elmer details the complex resistance ambush that chased the Israeli military from Khan Younis. Nora Barrows-Friedman, Asa Winstanley, Ali Abunimah and Jon Elmer of The Electronic Intifada were joined by independent investigative journalist Antony Loewenstein, on the day 187 livestream.

  • Hamas Has Final Say

    Knocking at the wrong door. Egypt and Qatar can’t ‘deliver’ the Hamas leadership in Gaza

    By Abdel Bari Atwan at Rai Al Youm.

    This week, US President Joe Biden called Egyptian President Abdelfattah as-Sisi and the emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin-Hamad to press them to threaten Hamas and force it to agree to a ‘temporary’ cease-free…

  • Defeats Foretold

    the main discussion begins around 30 min; the preamble is worthwhile too. He discusses the first glimmers of dawning realization of absolute defeat in the messianic madmen — a Haaretz article from yesterday (paywall). Nothing new to the “Reality-based” but the limits appear to have been reached in saner liberal quarters — beyond the cope…


    .. enter the ‘Cuban’ missile crisis, only this time it’s on steroids

    With thanks to our own Colin Maxwell of New Zealand.

    Please see: Part 1 ; Part 2 ;  Part 3 ; Part 4
    NB – AN EXPLANATION OF ACRONYMS/TERMS/ETC used in the article are listed at the end of this discussion piece.
    1. Introduction

    My sincere apologies for…

  • Eurasia versus NATOstan

    In this interview, we are joined by the renowned geopolitical expert Pepe Escobar, who delves into the pages of his latest book “Eurasia v. NATOstan”. Brace yourself for an insightful exploration of the imminent collision between the Western Empire of Chaos and the emerging multipolar world order led by Eurasia. @SyrianaAnalysis

  • Swine Lake

    A Brief History of Bullshit in America – Everything, that is EVERYTHING, is presented counter to reality. There aint NO Money for nothin’ and NO chicks for free. And that’s the whole enchilada …

    with thanks from FiveGunsWest and penned by Bones!

    Judge Napolitano: “I told Trump, ‘you promised you would release the records of the JFK…

  • Daily Chronicles … OT April 11

    Biblical Psychopaths Edition.
    Tip-toeing to the Ledge of discordant chords, and beyond?? International norms, conventions, laws shredded. Lil Blinkie signals defeated 404 will join NATO. The Terrified Reheated Franco-British Suez Corpses breathe: “If Ukraine loses, we all lose.” Brinkmanship is duly redefined – even quasi-crazy Nixon would have called it quits ages ago. Anybody Home?? How…

  • Russia and China Sketch the Future

    … as the whole planet awaits with bated breath the avowedly inevitable Iranian response to the attack against its consulate/ambassador residence in Damascus by the biblical psychopaths responsible for the Gaza genocide.

    By Pepe Escobar at Sputnik International.

    Enveloped in an aura of secrecy, each passing day betrays the immensity of the challenge: the possibly asymmetrical response…

  • Sharp Boomerangs of Lost Wars

    Tremendous weakening of the combined West in the Holy Land and the Ukraine has already led to unraveling of odious UNSC sanctions and their enforcement against North Korea, ridiculing of unilateral threats vis-a-vis Russia, and pitiful kowtowing to China in order to obtain breathing room anywhere. The Imperial Vampire Ball transitions to the Danse Macabre

  • Our Uncles Lavrov and Wang Yi palaver in Beijing

    Just a couple of adults in a room in Beijing..

    with appreciation to Dr. Karl at karlof1’s Geopolitical Gymnasium.

    Today Lavrov finished two days of intensive talks with the Russian delegation’s counterparts in Beijing, intensive because there’s so much to cover in such a short time. Further work will be done by Deputy Ministers between now and…