Update, February 2023

After six months, we eventually changed the site name to GlobalSouth.co

For the past number of years, I volunteered and worked at the Saker’s Blog. However, things evolve and I find more that I want to comment and chronicle and analyze what we call in short World Order Z.   This encompasses the Global South, China, Asia Pacific, Indo Pacific, Latin America, Africa, and of course, Russia who opened our eyes in terms of security balance in the world.

In the mean time, World Order Z grew and grew and an epochal, civilizational transition is taking place in our world, encompassing a move to multipolarity, sometimes called pluripolarity, getting back to International Law instead of a Rules Based International Order, and Fair and Non-Coercive Trade between nations. The power balance is shifting and the greatest manifestation that we see and will see, is in the economic sphere.

So, I needed a space to write to my heart’s content, and encourage and welcome others to write to their heart’s content. Our basis is still in Russia, but in the rest of the world which is developing like you cannot believe and a la joy de vivre that is palpable. To see this we will be looking at this emergent reality. You will find some older well-known writers that you will recognize and I’ll be writing until my heart is content and commentators will slowly find us.

The url of this site is not supposed to indicate a connection with The Saker’s blog. It is however a value that has come with us a long way. And I originally registered the site as a backup for attacks at The Saker’s and did not want to spend more money for a new registration. As all other Saker sites are independent, this one stands independent as well. Things change, and I have to follow my heart.

We will then be known as thesakeris.global, (by that I mean the original value from Andrei Raevski, Submarines in the Desert) and tagline of We Chronicle World Order Z.

When Submarines in the Desert was first coined, did you ever think we would get as far as we have with real progress on World Order Z? We are moving on and the collective west is being left behind. Did you ever think we will see those submarines lifting their noses and sailing out of the desert?

The first series will be on Latin America and will be posted sometime today. We will start with Nicaragua. Be prepared to be amazed, charmed and rooting for this little engine that could!

Going through what the world wants is actually simple .. Leaders that are worth supporting, economies and economic structures that are rightsized for the people and the area, structures worth living in and not built with toxic materials, food worth eating and not chemicalized and where the very nature of life is not commoditised. Quote, Pepe Escobar: “The most toxic consequence is that “total commercialization and mercantilization of culture had the effect of destroying the community (…) Community as merchandise is the end of community.”



This site is currently only in a basic form, but rules of the road and other necessaries will follow. First, let’s open the space to chronicle.

Soon we will have a store with merch, and slogans to typify our state as we go along. I took a flyer and asked Ben Norton if his word, Multipolarista, is available for merch, but unfortunately he has tied that one up. What a word! So, the first will be World Order Z. We have an agreement for printing just about across the world and if you want to put your slogan in the comments, let’s see if we can accommodate it. I’m looking for slogans.

Rules of the road. As many people know, I favor a non-moderated environment. But this is a two-edged sword. For the first month, we will moderate all comments just so that we can see the amount of junk flowing in and how our junk filters cope. After that, we will put valuable commentators on a non-moderated status.