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Anti-Lula propaganda

One of the categories of information that appears in my email, is to take a look at anti-Lula propaganda. I received this article with the header:

Brazil – Lula’s Third Term – from Leftist to Globalist?

This is of course the type of depiction that comes directly from US Trumper types, who are against socialism but could not tell you what it is, and communism, which they also cannot define.

The second shock is the writer, who is Peter Koenig, with his long career at the World Bank who has now joined the anti-imperialism classes, or so he says.  This is interestingly the 2nd article of this nature from him, that I’ve seen.  Let’s see what Koenig says:

The winning-margin could hardly be slimmer. One could dare say, it’s within the regular margin of error of such elections. Under normal circumstances, a recount might be of the order.

Yes, it’s true. It was a slim margin.  But what he creatively leaves out, is that there was a 2nd run-off election and the margin changed.  What he also leaves out, is the amount of money that Lula spent, which was a fraction of the Bolsonaro total spend.  What he also leaves out, is that the Brazilian Supreme Court actually gave the Bolsonaro cadres a big fine, because they took this to court, and the court said that they are bringing frivolous suits.  But seen from a Trumpist perspective, we’ve heard it all before.  The election was rigged.  USA USA goes the Trump cadres.

Peter continues:

Most likely Washington would not allow it, because the US needs a “left-wing” President, as they have “allowed”, or manipulated, in the latest wave of elections, throughout Latin America.

So, what does this mean?  It is just another cheap shot that Lula is a Washington agent?   The US needs a ‘left wing’ president like they need a hole in the head truly.  If that was even partially true, why do they not support the Peruvian left wing?  Why did they make the Chilean economy scream (Richard Nixon) to avoid a left wing president.   Or is it only Lula that they need?  What he creatively leaves out, is the results of the latest CELAC and the many free elections that have taken place sometimes with people fighting themselves bloody for the little freedom and gain that they could get, literally across years and the pendulum swung across the last decade.  Washington does not allow Lula anything.  He is his own man and will run his own country, and I must tell you, I am sure Peter knows this.  Just in the last few days most of Latin America told the US to go pound sand because they would not send weapons to Ukraine, or give these weapons to Washington to send to Ukraine in a swap deal – US new weapons for old Russian weapons.

What most people may not have realized yet, is that left and right in the traditional sense, do no longer exist. They have been overruled by “Globalism and Anti-Globalism”.

What a creative canard from the original article.  And that is all it is, a canard, trying to move the goalposts.  The so-called left is active in the LatAm and Caribbean countries and they call themselves that and they are not capitalists.  The Left!  He is waving a wand in front of your eyes and mixing so-called ‘globalist’ US American views, with the views of the left.

And then, following from that, we get the old …

The left, throughout the world has been hijacked by the neoliberal globalist complex, making believe that the Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030 are kind of a socialist concept in which eventually all will be “equal”. As equal as in “you will own nothing but be happy”.

There is a left, and then there is the neo-left.  But, let’s not fall for that and call it socialist, so that there is no more wiggle room to make vague statements about the nature of whatever left.  Here are only a few of the socialists elected on the 1st of February, so this point is moot and does not stand in terms of actuality.  Here is but a few:

  • 6 members of Brazil’s legendary Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) were sworn in as state and federal lawmakers today. Here in Recife Rosa Amorim, 24 made history as the first MST member in Pernambuco’s state congress.
Brian Mier, actually on the ground, reports that lots of young, new leftist Federal lawmakers were sworn in today in Brazil.
Peter continues:
  • In a recent CNN interview question on whether he would agree that the patrimony of the Amazon was a world patrimony and should therefore be managed by the UN, Lula replied without hesitation that he agrees transferring the Amazon area to a UN protectorate organization (the reference has since been removed from internet.)
  • Another blow for Brazil’s anti-democratic far right. Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD) has been reelected Senate President. Bolsonaro’s allies had rallied behind Rogèrio Marinho, who promised to launch (arbitrary) impeachment procedures against Supreme Court Ministers -but he lost.

The ‘admission to globalism’ actually made me laugh.  Yes, the dog ate my homework too.  The admission to globalism has been removed from the internet – oh dear, what does this even mean, and which one?  Which one of Brazil’s CNN Lula speeches has been removed?  Was it the one where he tells that he can still not move into the Presidential Palace, because there is not even a bed left there as everything was stolen, and he still lives in a hotel?  Was it the scandal that the previous presidential wife removed the water from the fish pond in the presidential palace to collect the coins that visitors put into the pond?  And killed the Japanse Koi that was given as a gift from the Japanse leader.  Apparently she got 100 bucks from the ceremonial fish pond and killed a bunch of Koi that cost 5,000 bucks each.  Was it the one that he talks about stopping the illegal gold mining in certain Amazon areas because people got sick with the rivers contaminated?  Was it the one that tells that no budgets are fully effective yet because the budgets are in such a poor state that they had to start with 2019 budgets?  Lula is doing what he needs to do, and even the millionaires are worried.

So, why should Peter Koenig write these articles that I am sure he knows are horribly slanted?  Let me answer the question with a question.  Why should he also support the coup government in Peru?

He is a high-level planner in the agricultural field, high-level enough to have worked his full career for the world bank in exactly this sphere.  He probably has a tremendous list of contacts.  Let me ask some more questions.  If he has joined the ranks of the anti-imperialists (let’s lose the ‘globalism’ nomenclature as it means different things to different people), why does he not use his expertise for Cuba?  He did it once.  Is that now abandoned?  Why has he not offered a country plan to Afghanistan for their agriculture?  Why is he absent in Syria which is an agricultural country?  Why is he writing this for – A Russian publication?   And Russia gets along well enough with Lula, although Lula believes Putin made an error with the SMO.

Enough questions for all?  Can you perceive the answer?

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Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
1 month ago

Yeah, Amarynth, absolutely…Koenig is all over the place in this article. Half of it is patently false, and in the remainder, he is arguing against himself anyway. He openly admits… “The 2008 crash of Wall Street, was an economic blow for the US and Europe, but Brazil continued to enjoy… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
1 month ago

US LAWFARE AND THE DESTABILISATION OF LATAM An excellent article by Brian Mier on how “law” is used as a weapon of war to eliminate political enemies. This makes the Koenig article look even more outrageous in its mis/disinformation and gaslighting. … quoted… “Lawfare is the weaponized use of… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  amarynth

reading koenig (i invariably used to skim or ignore & only read b/c you’d posted it) i kept returning to thoughts of china, & how china continued to trade with brazil & maintain some communication with bolsonaro (agreed for obvious material reasons bt others too)…waiting for the return of lula.… Read more »

Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
1 month ago

A very powerful and profound observation made by Bryan Pitts Bryan is assistant director of the UCLA Latin American Institute. His book, Until the Storm Passes: Politicians, Democracy, and the Demise of Brazil’s Military Dictatorship, was published in 2023 by University of California Press. … quoted… “Lula’s favorable position… Read more »