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Andrei Martyanov with Russia as a cat

My suggestion is that you give this one a careful listen.  He of course speaks of the weapons and their abilities which is his strength, but toward the end, he now also questions the refrain that Russia is going to enter into a huge offensive operation, which seems to be a common narrative.  I’ve questioned that a number of times as well.  Martyanov here outlines very well the current western problem.  They cannot move too much, because then they find themselves in direct conflict with Russia.  He states that we are at the point of the west either starting World War III or they can supply Ukraine with whatever they have, which would make no difference to the eventual outcome.  It is stark to see it in those terms.   There is a fragile consensus among Russia/Ukraine commentators and analysis.  Everyone expects something, and if the world’s attention is taken away from Ukraine by an event elsewhere, this may turn out very different that our expectations (see Alexander Mercouris latest video where he expresses this with due caution).  We cannot forget the other processes here.  One is of course the continual weakening of the collective west.  Although they bark frequently and very loudly, they are weakening.