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Brazil attempted coup d’état

Situation report:  Brazil at the start of 9 January.

1. A state of emergency is declared in the Brazilian capital until 30 January. Various citizens’ rights will be restricted in accordance with the law on emergencies.

2. Brazilian President Lula da Silva announces the start of an intervention of federal troops in the capital to suppress an insurgency.

3. Argentina and Chile formally offer Brazil an offer to send police special forces to the capital to help the Brazilian police suppress the riots.

4. Brazilian authorities promise to bring those responsible for the riots to the harshest possible accountability and Lula said that he will seek where their money and resources come from.

5. Venezuelan President Maduro calls the attempted coup in Brazil a neo-fascist insurgency.

6. Most leaders in Latin America send supportive messages to Lula and they all know it is an attempted right-wing coup, so they condemn it.  Lula has incredible support in the region.

7. Lula has been out and about, assessing the damage as the presidential palace, congress buildings, and supreme court buildings in the area called Brazilia, have been vandalized.

8. I cannot confirm but seemingly the previous minister of Justice is in Orlando, Florida and that is where Bolsonaro is.

9. In the general language, the neo-fascist rioters are being called Fascist Trump-Nuts.

10.  Reports are filtering in now that Brazilian authorities said the riots in the capital are over. Ricardo Cappelli, the spokesman for the Capital Federal District, said the situation in the region, including the country’s capital, Brasilia, was “under control.” Government offices will resume work in the coming hours.  According to preliminary data, more than 400 supporters of ex-president Jair Bolsonaro were detained during the protests.

11.  I noticed the lack of Israeli flags among the rioters.  During the election, the Bolsonaro factions carried Brazilian flags, Israeli flags and USA flags.  I did not see one video where they are continuing to carry Israeli flags.

12.  This attempted coup d’état will not remove Lula as president.

We keep watching as we see such an overt attempt at recreating a January 6th (US) situation.  Russian channels are calling this a Maidan, and Escobar, crisp as always says:


CIA rat lines NEVER sleep.

The background in the region is that there are riots in Bolivia (regional) and in Peru, the people are still in the streets after their recent coup where their president was arrested.  The empire is striking back in this region that is working hard to take its own power back.  AMLO in Mexico has meetings with Justin Trudeau and Biden at the moment, and he stated that he will approach Biden to remove the remnants of the hated Monroe Doctrine.  More to follow.

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28 days ago

A rhythm is being established. Tensions being ratcheted up, especially in “Monroe lands.” Get Lula to focus on his weaker domestic flank and not turbocharge the Global South.. And defenses being probed ahead of the serious push. If 2023 has the big war, a preparatory period softening up all regions… Read more »

28 days ago
Reply to  amarynth

Lol! The crazed general would be at home on a privateer flying the Jolly Roger, such as pirate Drake’s Golden Hinde, which actually raided both Brazil and Ecuador, helping spark a generational war with Spain including the infamous 1588 Armada. So Anglo piracy against Latin America is well entrenched for… Read more »