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Zircon missile of words: Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev writes :

The US State Department has published a pep talk to the people of Russia, saying, “We love you all.” It ends in their typical vile Jesuit style: “We stand in solidarity with every one of you who seeks to create a more peaceful future.” And the war in Ukraine, they say, is not worthy of everyone’s attention.
Even for these first-rate freaks, this is the height of cynicism and the limit of moral degradation. The United States is spending tens of billions on the war in Ukraine, supplying its weapons on a gigantic scale, and exterminating thousands of people with other people’s hands. This is outrageous cynicism in the best traditions of the Nazis. Yes, in fact, the sons of b*tches, who are such nonsense, are the true heirs of Reich propaganda minister Josef Goebbels.

Only this stillborn nonsense has no effect on anyone. And the answer to it you will not get in official silence.

The main present for the New Year, a set of Zircon missiles, went to the shores of NATO countries yesterday. Their 1,000 km range, a hypersonic speed of Mach 9 and the ability to use any charge are guaranteed to overcome any missile defence. Let it stand about 100 miles offshore, close to the Potomac River. So rejoice!
It will bring to mind anyone who poses a direct threat to Russia and our allies.

You and your henchmen who kill our people will never be forgiven. We will speak to you in the language of force, if you don’t understand otherwise, and produce more advanced weapons. Grind with them the Nazi scum you spawned in the twenty-first century. Avenge every criminal for every murdered citizen of our country.

Notes 1:  Pepe Escobar comments on the Admiral Gorshkov: 


Now that requires some major cojones.

Shoigu announced that Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov, carrying Mr. Zircon hypersonic business card, will be on a just-business journey across the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, of course including the Med, the former Mare Nostrum.

No wonder braindead NATO specimens are livid.

Notes 2:   We need a Medvedev as he speaks out the quiet parts that we think.  

Notes 3:  From SmoothieX12 : Gorshkov Is On Patrol…

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1 month ago

Ambassador MKB has a feel for the shifting winds. These honeyed words by the US State Dep (right after the satanic ritual sacrifice of Russians at Makeyevka on the 1.1.1.) may be assumed to be “a package,” intended to goad. To pour fuel on the building rage. Chaos Ladder has… Read more »