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Exposing the Big Ugly

During December 2022, Angela Merkel let a mad cat out of a dark bag.  Soon after, the previous French president Hollande confirmed that they only signed the Minsk agreements to afford the time for the Ukraine, to build up its warfighting capability.


The Minsk agreements were a series of international agreements which sought to end the shelling into what was called at the time, the Donbass regions of the Ukraine, after these regions (Lugansk and Donetsk) declared that they stand separate from the Ukraine and will not accept the 2014 Maidan color revolution or the overthrow of the then Ukrainian president Yanukovych.  We have such vivid memories of the time, as Victoria Nuland carried cookies to the protestors on the Maidan, and we have her appointing a new leader for the Ukraine:  “Yats is our man!  F the EU”.   Today, the collective west has given this overthrow a name:  The revolution of dignity, they are trying to call it.  There was no dignity, no honesty, no real assistance for the Ukraine.  There was only a cheap overthrow in order to use the Ukraine as a weapon against Russia.  The most mind-blowing during time of the Maidan and now, for me personally, was to see the deep hooks that neonazism and neofascists still have on the collective west.  This is a history of how long this has been so and how easily the enemy is flipped.  The hegemon uses both sides of the fence and the middle.

The Ukraine is a 75-year proxy of the US and specifically through clandestine operations of the CIA and forebears.

“Its task was a carry-over from the World War II covert action agency, the OSS, which had worked with partisan groups resisting the Nazi occupation. In Ukraine, the U.S. simply flipped the enemy by supporting Nazi insurgent organizations fighting the Soviet Union, the country that had just saved Europe from the scourge of Hitler’s Third Reich.

The CIA’s plan, part of its “stay behind” operations in Central and Eastern Europe, was to airdrop Ukrainians from the ultra-nationalist groups, in particular OUN-B, that would involve the smuggling of weapons, the uses of covert communication transmissions, spies, commandos, banditry, assassins and sabotage.”

Nobody is what they seem to be :

Operation Unthinkable recently declassified must still be active. It is the only explanation for the neonazis and neofascists seemingly appearing out of the dust or the air in our world. This is generational.

Minsk I known as the Minsk Protocol was drafted in 2014 by the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine, consisting of Ukraine, Russia, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) with mediation by the leaders of France and Germany in the so-called Normandy Format. After extensive talks in Minsk, Belarus, the agreement was signed on 5 September 2014 by representatives of the Trilateral Contact Group and, without recognition of their status, by the then-leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR). This agreement followed multiple previous attempts to stop the fighting in the region and aimed to implement an immediate ceasefire.

The OSCE was formally assigned to hold a special monitoring mission but soon showed that their actual mission was to keep the killing going and hide the excesses of the major neonazi groups in the Ukraine.

The agreement failed to stop fighting and was followed with a revised and updated agreement, Minsk II, which was signed on 12 February 2015. This agreement consisted of a package of measures, including a ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line, release of prisoners of war, constitutional reform in Ukraine granting self-government to certain areas of Donbass and Lugansk, restoring control of the state border to the Ukrainian government.  A UN resolution 2022 was passed.  This was truly a simple agreement and nobody can say they did not understand it.  It literally said .. Stop Firing, Withdraw Heavy Weapons from the Contact Line, Release Prisoners of War, and Let’s Talk.

While fighting somewhat subsided following the agreement’s signing, it never ended completely, and the agreement’s provisions were never fully implemented.  And then the Ukraine again started massing military forces on the contact line between itself and the two republics.

During the eight years of fighting, we saw Ukrainian soldiers constantly shelling civilians and non-combatants, children and schools in the two republics, the rate of death of non-combatants and civilians increased, and a consistent false message was spread in the west that Russia is not fulfilling Minsk, whereas Russia had no real responsibility.  We saw the collective west being the thief who shouts ‘stop thief,

Then Russia took action and officially recognized the DPR and LPR on 21 February 2022, declared the Minsk agreements null and void, and started their special military operation in the Ukraine on 24 February 2022.  Since then the war has been one of attrition and the endpoint we can only speculate about.

So, with the cat out of the bag and after this very short background, let’s define and call out the major uglies in this story that has certainly not reached its end yet..

The First Ugly: Would be the OSCE which did not fulfill its task of Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM).  This was a consensus decision by all 57 OSCE participating States.  The main tasks were to observe and report in an impartial and objective manner on the security situation in Ukraine; and to facilitate dialogue   After Russia started its SMO, we heard about Russian findings of Biolabs in the Ukraine, directly relating to the US.  The excuses by the OSCE during these eight years made it clear that their mission was to safeguard the killing.  Russia continually encouraged them to carry out their task, but they did not and their reporting was, if present, just poor.   This is one of the most heinous acts of betrayal, lying, and criminal misdirection in the last 20 years.  Not only did they lie to their own 57 participating states, but they also lied to the world, including you and me.  This continued throughout the period of shelling the Donbass and the actions of the OSCE can probably be counted as one of the most heinous and cold-blooded acts of terror in our modern history.-

This level of deceit is of course not new.  In operation Unthinkable, classified for 60 years, just after the 2nd World War, the opening paragraph states:

  • The undertaking has the full support of public opinion in the British Empire and the United States and consequently, the morale of British and American troops continues high.
  • Great Britain and the United States have full assistance from the Polish armed forces and can count upon the use of German manpower and what remains of German industrial capacity.  (Note:  the war was hardly over yet when German manpower and industrial capacity was recruited to start a new war against Russia  Yalta was 4–11 February 1945.)
  • No credit is taken for assistance from the forces of the other Western Powers, although any bases in their territory, or other facilities which may be required, are made available
  • Russia allies herself with Japan (Note:  this was a lie and deception).
  • The date for the opening of hostilities is 1st July, 1945.
  • Redeployment and release schemes continue till 1st July and then stop

The stated object was “to impose upon Russia the will of the United States and British Empire. The goal was “the elimination of Russia” as a country. Winston Churchill was trying to start WW III.

The second Uglies:  The likes of Merkel and Hollande fit into the annals of war criminals.  Not only did they lie to the UN, they lied to you and me and the world.  Here are the people that were openly deceived.
The Minsk agreements were to be implemented as part of international law according to Resolution 2022.  Merkel and Hollande stated that these agreements were entered into purely to buy time for the Ukraine.  In any reasonable legal system, this would be classified as breach of contract on steriods.  Besides civil law, there is sufficient criminal law to hold them accountable.  Is this perhaps why both of them are spilling the beans? Do they think this little bit of honesty at this stage would bring forgiveness for all the lives lost? But that is speculation for another time.

The third Ugly:  NATO is lying to the world. According to Stoltenberg war is indeed peace. The more weapons we give to the Ukraine, he says, the more they shoot, the more peace there will be.  But compare with Minsk.  Ceasefire in war happens when the shooting stops.

Let’s see, who did the OSCE and Merkel and Hollande, and currently NATO, lie to and who did they betray?  The Russian government for sure, the European union and the rest of Europe, the UN because, and you and me, peaceful people, who had hope for a resolution without war in the Ukraine and for Russia in terms of its security needs.

Europe is falling into cold storage because of its own betrayal.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave… After Angela Merkel bragged about Western perfidy: “’The West lied about peace but was preparing for aggression’ ‘cynically using Ukraine and its people to weaken and divide Russia,’ Putin said.

Look at them, and when you see them … shout out!  Call them what they are …. You lie, you cheat, you steal, and you have entire training courses in order to carry out deception.  You deceive an entire world.


Some mini-Uglies:  Israeli diplomats admitted that they cannot yet influence the problem of glorifying the ideologue of Ukrainian nationalism Stepan Bandera in Ukraine, Haaretz reported.

What can be done?  It surprises me that China, and Russia and others do not remove US, British, French and German embassies and ambassadors completely in their countries.  Surely a small consular office can take care of passports and travel documents and do the paperwork.  Is it not time that we get the message that the current hegemon will bite fast to whatever it can, and will not be displaced by any normal methods.

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1 month ago

RE: Is it not time that we get the message that the current hegemon will bite fast to whatever it can, and will not be displaced by any normal methods. well dear 🙂 just chatting here by no mean I am serious at all ya 🙂 emmm.. bite fast to… Read more »

1 month ago

Amarynth, 30 years ago the powers that run the West had the perfect opportunity to to create a world to their liking, Russia was on her knees, China had not yet risen, Iran was recovering from the war with Iraq, North Korea was starving because of a drought. This is… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  amarynth

agree. the empire misused, abused their win, wholly. rather than embracing russia their pleonexia (as karlof calls it) consumed them & like crazed maniacs they devoured whatsoever was within reach. they lost themselves completely to their greed & blood lust, lower even then hyenas finding a wounded antelope. to reach… Read more »

1 month ago

Re: “The main tasks were to observe and report in an impartial and objective manner on the security situation in Ukraine; and to facilitate dialogue” The deceit by the western powers was expected and consistent with their history. What saddens is what was done to OSCE, as with the UN,… Read more »

1 month ago

In relation to the so called Minsk Protocol, once the Amewreckans didn’t directly participate in it, such a farce was dead on arrival. Germany and France were just useful idiots. Russian “good faith” amounted to jack to those pro-Amewreckan sociopaths.

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