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Transformative Z..oomerangs of 2022

We are not seeing Boomerangs returning on the sanctions and repression policies.  They turn and come back at a tremendous Zoomerang speed.  A Zoomerang is a karma boomerang and as we know, karma is a beetch.

“Sanctions against Russia ‘boomeranged’ “– Lukashenko

Last year around this time, we were looking on in stunned amazement while Russia gave draft agreements, new treaties, and new security structures to repair the security balance in Europe and repair indivisible security where the security of one cannot be suborned by the security of another. Both NATO and the collective west, specifically the US broke all treaties in existence and the Ukraine kept shelling the Donbass. We heard the words from Russia that they will take military-technical action and nobody at the time could explain that. I remember so well one of Lavrov’s speeches: “Yes, I do discuss this with Blinken, he knows, but he shakes his shoulders and walks away.” That shoulder-shaking zoomed back into a transformative military technical operation that is still today called an SMO (special military operation) and which will end in the Ukraine having lost its status as a country, while Russia corrects the imbalance of security and indivisible security completely, up until the point that Russia as a nation, as a civilization, feels secure.  This of course is also technical – unless Russia considers modern weaponry not a threat to itself.    Currently, we cannot fully grasp the magnitude of the size of this change that we will see further flesh out, in the new year.

In February, Xi Jinping and China hosted a spectacular Olympics after a request that there should be peace during the proceedings. The final closing ceremony was held on February 20th. The Russian Special Military Operation started on February 27th. They worked together.  The best of Russia’s skating talent, a young woman that would have had the skating world in her hands for years (Kamila Valieva), was accused of doping via a very strange procedure and with a test that should have been assessed long before the Olympics. It is on the sidelines of the change to multipolarity that we can see the incredible hellish hatred of the collective west and they do not count the cost of who is hurt by their incessant messianic belief in their own supremacism, out of which all their policy flows.  This goes hand in hand with a hyper-sick hypersexualization of the communities of the collective west.  It is a signal of deep disease on all levels of their human existence and it becomes more diseased as the collective west use concepts such as human rights against anything that moves.

The rest of this year contained more knowledge on multipolarity, the green shoots of a new economic system, and of course, the Ukraine with short interruptions like Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and China stopping diplomatic interaction with the US, on four tracks.  The deathly backdrop of all was still Covid.

In one year, we saw and are still seeing Europe fading into a dark age. Take a look at the supposed oil price cap and the refusal of Europe to keep buying cheap and reliable Russian gas of various kinds.  It takes only a few words from Qatar after the ‘Qatargate’ scandal, and this cap zoomerangs back to the ones who dreamt it up:  Qatar: EU probe to ‘negatively’ affect relations, natural gas supplies

We saw and are still seeing the incredible rise of open neo-nazism, and far-right fascism, but worse than that we see the complete ‘free world’, now known as the collective west, enthusiastically support this.

We saw the rise of the biggest-ever censorship and hate campaign against Russia and its media, orchestrated by the collective west, and censorship and economic war ramping up into the stratosphere against China.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answer to a question from Belarus 1 television channel, Minsk, December 19, 2022

💬 “Let them invent what they want to suit their self-serving internal political interests. They are doing this to prop up their shaky positions on the international stage.   We do not look up to those who have been proved incompetent and feeble, or who consciously encouraged Nazi trends in Ukraine.”

During this year, we saw the popularity of a new kind of coup culminating in 2 coups in 2 days in Latin America: Peru and Argentina.  These are visible as a parliamentary coup or judicial lawfare.   Trade wars must be so passe.  In Peru now they are calling protestors terrorists and the right-wing government is becoming visibly fascist.  It is worth mentioning that in previous years, the type of coup that we saw, was the replacement of a sitting president with another one a la Guido in Venezuela.  The joy with which the collective west took Guido to their breasts, is now overtaken by the joy of the increase in neo-nazism and fascism.

What we see is that Mr.Putin and Mr.Xi Jinping seriously outline their National Development Goals and adjust their policy and economies to meet those.  Both of these countries and the ones coming into this family of legal multipolarity are building in a positive and productive manner.  In sharp contrast, we see the color revolutions of the collective west and their insistent grasping for what they call their national security but it is rather their messianic belief in their own supremacy.  They plunder all across this world, as well as create new conquistadores via color revolutions, and not even they themselves are hiding this any longer.  This unproductive tack and extreme timewaster are zoomeranging back onto them as even Europe now understands that they form part of the current empirical prey.


The current political establishment in the collective west is an abysmal failure. The Reps or Dems, Cons or Labradors or Greens etc, are not the answer. They deliver nothing when in office. What they do achieve is to create endless amounts of meaningless babble which they call debate about who is better and divide/conquer people in the process.  The closet right is slowly revealing itself as being the purported saviors of the west. Only they make up most of what they claim to be standing against and if they were to have representation, they would seek to have maximum control themselves, Don’t get seduced by their faux charm.


And now, we are growing out of the stage of empire.  Only now do we have the tools and the mechanisms with SCO, BRICS, ASEAN, CELAC and the raft of new mechanisms to use for productive and positive international interaction in our world.

If you think we’ve been through a year of immense changes (which we have), the coming immense changes will become reality in greater manifestations.

The diplomats of Russia and China and even the DPRK are slowly creating a fraying process against the strength of the western media.  I’ve said this before and will say it again.  Most news now is created by the militaries and distributed by the diplomats, strange to say.

The larger emerging markets may have large differences in economics and politics, but countries such as China, India, Turkey, and Indonesia all have the viewpoint that a market also needs government intervention to solve market anomalies.  It is “market and government” instead of “market versus government.” They do not believe in the so-called Washington Consensus but are moving toward the Beijing Consensus.

Russia and India will merge their tanker fleets.  The Indian government doesn’t care about European ‘price ceilings’ on Russian oil and will continue to buy the required quantity by supplying raw materials to Asia from Russia.  The west tried an old canard that worked so effectively against Iran.  Iran could do anything, excepting no bank would take their transactions, so, they suffered under sanctions.  In this case, Russian ships could go anywhere, except no insurer would insure them.  India took one look at this and zoomed back .. saying, oh, is that all?  There is a massive opportunity here.  India will develop a new insurance industry.  (Lloyds of London?  Bye!)  This illustrates the nimble and quick movements of the new multipolarista countries in solving problems communally and gives the old English institutions a kick in the you-know-where.

The advantages of creating a sanctions defying single fleet:

▪️The purchase price of oil for Asia will allow the Indians to take over the rental and insurance coverage.

▪️India will be able to buy oil and oil products from Russia without any restrictions.

▪️Asia will separate itself from Western ship insurance and gain independence from financial and transport services.

The emerging markets have rockets behind them now in terms of a new economic system.

Moscow Exchange Plans To Launch Trading In Multiple Currencies — According to the Chairman of the Moscow Exchange, the UAE dirham, Azerbaijani manat and Egyptian pound will all be available for trading in 2023.

Major Russian Bank Launches New Service In Iran – Russia’s second largest bank, VTB, has launched a new service allowing both individuals and businesses to transfer money to and from Iran.  State-owned VTB, which has been subject to sweeping Western sanctions since late February, has thus become the first lender to provide banking services to Iran, a country that has been under international restrictions for decades.  The new service will allow money to be sent between Russia and Iran using account details, within a day.

Sri Lanka is to use the rupee in international trade. Other countries including, Tajikistan, Cuba and Luxembourg are in talks about using this rupee settlement mechanism. The ongoing de-dollarisation in international transactions continues.

Who are these imperialists?  Here is one answer.

Kismet … This empire is dead.  Nevertheless, the empire hits back.

In the new year, debt repudiation and debt default will become commonplace with the concomitant chaos.  As Michael Hudson reminds us, debt that cannot be paid, will not be paid.  What do you think will happen to organizations such as the World Bank and IMF when they cannot suck any longer on the teat of countries that are unable to pay their debts.  Who is going to fall down first?  This is with the background of a new financial system being stood up in front of our eyes.  I ask again, who is going to fall down first?  Perhaps the EU splinters.

In the new year, we will see even more new methodologies of attempted color revolutions.  Yet, the people are savvy now, and these will fail and fail again.

In the new year, we will see even more attempts by the West to simply appoint Presidents or leaders for the smaller countries.  They of course did that just a week or two ago in Peru.

In the new year, we will see the size of the utilization of the US dollar fall at the rate of knots, and the rise of the new economy increase at the rate of knots.  The US and Europe will now be forced by technical means to use their currencies as they are designed, and not as a tool and cudgel to beat up anyone that they choose to beat up.

In the new year, we will see the concept of multi-polarity become more real and we will see practical implementation.

In the new year, we will see large multi-national organizations such as the WTO being gutted and rebuilt, without an outsize western influence.  Maria Zakharova said that the G20 has lost its western influence.  Here is a thread:

Of course, if these pesky anglo-Saxon imperialists do not shout ‘human rights violations’ it shouts ‘national security’.  On Dec. 9, the WTO dispute-settlement panel said the 25% tariffs on global steel imports and 10% import taxes on global aluminum instituted under former President Donald Trump violated the body’s rules. It said US national-security claims “are not justified” because they were not “taken in time of war or other emergency in international relations.”

This is not an example of the strength of the collective west, but is an example of the WTO being reformed from the inside by the multipolaristas simply saying NO!

I cannot even think what we will see in the US and perhaps the UK as they are pressing their own self-destruct button.

There is much discussion on where Russia will stop in the Ukraine?  You know what I think?  Russia might just decide to stop at the site of the original Berlin Wall right in the middle of Germany.

Mao Zedong quote on Founding of the CPC Day in 1971, about USA bioweapons and the fall of imperialism

In another 50 years China will be very strong, and by that time the Chinese Communist Party will be a hundred years old. Amerika will most likely be very envious and restless, but it doesn’t dare attack China, not even with a single bullet. It will research germ contamination instead. That is very unconscionable. After it finishes with this unconscionable deed, imperialism will self-destruct.

Talk about a prescient person!

Amarynth – with warm wishes to all for good holidays and merry Christmas, however or whenever you celebrate, and I know we will have a fast start to the new year.  Welcome to our test of strength and our own history-making epoch.  We hope we do as well as Lula, Nicholas Maduro, Bashar al-Assad and a long list of people who said NO to the empire.

Kadupul Flower

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Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
11 months ago

This is a wonderful summary of an enormous topic Amarynth – I will be giving this lots of air Downunder. This is what I wrote just for starters on my FB page… it will cause something of a stir simply because 90%+ NZers simply can’t even countenance the thought of… Read more »

11 months ago

Russia might just decide to stop at the site of the original Berlin Wall right in the middle of Germany.’

Nah… not a chance!!!
The ruski are stopping at Alaska! 😛

be well be safe
p/s Richard D. Wolff | DECLINE of Amerian Empire is short but supreme!!!

Last edited 11 months ago by QC?
11 months ago

When I saw the word “zoomarang”, the word “b*itch slap” pops up in my head. It seems that the “collective West” hasn’t got enough of it.