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Putin and Shoigu speak

After a flurry of security council meetings, a visit by Putin to the front lines of the SMO,  Medvedev visiting Xi Jinping, Putin and Shoigu are giving their speeches.

I’ve taken this from a Russian reporter that wrote down the basics.  We will have to wait for a professional and accurate transcript.

Collegium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation with the participation of Putin started in Moscow

Today, the military potential of almost all NATO countries is used against Russia – Putin

In all territories of the Russian Federation, including new ones, the safe life of our citizens will be ensured – Putin

All information about NATO forces and means is well known, it should be analyzed and used for the adjustment of the Russian Armed Forces – Putin

Russian servicemen fight like heroes of previous wars, including WWII – Putin

Officers and sergeants who have gained experience in the SMO should be appointed to new positions as a matter of priority – Putin

In the near future “Sarmat” will be put on combat duty – Putin

Putin: “Admiral Gorshkov” with the latest Zircon Missiles will enter combat service in January

We will maintain combat readiness and improve the nuclear triad – this is the main guarantee of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation – Putin

Everything a fighter needs must be modern and reliable – Putin

We need to hear those who do not hush up problems – Putin

Putin said that it is necessary to expand the arsenal of modern shock weapons in the Russian army.

Drones need to be widespread.

Shoigu’s statements:

◾️Western countries are trying not to notice the “elements of nuclear blackmail” by Kiev, including provocations against the ZNPP;

◾️The revelations of Merkel and other politicians showed that it was not the Russian Federation that was the source of the conflict in Ukraine;

◾️The Russian Federation, during a special operation, is carrying out actions to save the population from genocide and terror;

◾️The Ukrainian side resorts to prohibited methods of struggle during the special operation, including terrorist attacks and contract killings;

Necessary To Increase Size Of Russian Armed Forces To 1.5 Million Military Personnel, Including 695K Contract Soldiers — Sergey Shoigu

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are taking comprehensive measures to prevent the death of the civilian population during the special operation.

It is good to remember that Mr.Putin made another major speech just yesterday, to his security council.  The major take-away was this:

Putin urged the country’s counterintelligence agencies, including military ones, to show “utmost readiness and concentration. It is necessary to put an end once and for all to the activities of foreign special services, and to promptly identify traitors, spies and saboteurs,” he said.

I have only seen snippets of Xi Jinping’s meeting with Medvedev, but this one already speaks volumes:

China is ready to move closer to Russia for a fairer global governance – Xi Jinping

My comment:  This is Mr.Putin’s response on the rejection of the security proposals put to NATO and the US at the end of last year.  The real declaration is that the funeral of the The Collective West as an influence in our world is being prepared.