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Russia & Asia: the Emerging Order

The Valdai Club is hosting their end-of-year conference titled Russia and Asia:  the Emerging International Order.  These are expert discussions and all worth looking at.  You can find the various live videos on the program and transcripts will become available:

Dynamics of Asia’s Development Amidst Rebuilding the International Order (live)

Future of Energy and Food Markets (live)

Potential of Free Trade Agreements in Asia and Russias Participation

International Connectivity: Changing Existing and Creating New Transportation, Logistics, and Financial Systems(live)

Asia’s Conflict Potential and Prospects for Reducing It

In terms of the principles of multi-polarity, there is one double-edged sword.  It is so that the expectation is that we will be(are) dealing with honest brokers.  If we look at what multipolarity is, it is in essence a shift in power balance, and when I wrote the first article on What is Multipolarity back in August (it feels like a century), and reread it just now, it already needs an update.