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Yet another religious war

The Ukraine has taken Christian Orthodox churches and ripped both the Russian influence as well as Orthodoxy out of them.

Insanity 🤦🏻‍♂

Those baptized in Ukraine now have to be baptized in a new church.
The old baptism no longer works.

“Dear parishioners!
In connection with the latest events, all baptismal rites performed by the priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are canceled!
You can sign up for re-baptism at the OCU with the priest.”

Of course the Christian Orthodox are in travail as a result of this religious war.

At the fútbal world cup, we’ve seen Brits walking around in chain mailed crusader costumes.

Reading some of the US ‘patriot’ news sources, we see the most bloodthirsty and vile statements hidden under a cloak of ‘Christian Nationalism’.

We are a brutal and unkind species.

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2 months ago

I swear by my balls (in the ‘other’ site) I will never touch this issue since it was extra sensitive there… but here? emmmm …. you know when I was at theological college (seeking ‘truth’ through white man’s religion therefore claim of GOD) I learned smth astonishing…. emmmm…. let’s call… Read more »

2 months ago
Reply to  QC?

okie one of them Christ or Jesus ‘punished’ me 😀 and wont let me edit… There is Only ONE Christ but many Jesus …esp if one include the Apocrypha?!? be well be safe p/s interesting 🙂 if you accept that, its actually what Taoism and Buddhism expound thousand of years… Read more »