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A few site comments

Technical – Somewhere over the weekend we’re installing an image smusher – that is a thing to get my over-the-top imaging habits a little under control – I’m eating up disk space!   So, if strange things happen, it is the image smusher/smasher/to decrease size in kB and any strange thing will be fixed.

Someone somewhere sometime in the past gave me a link to the archive of the old Saker Community Site.  Could that someone give it to me again pretty please.  We had such a good library of health stuff there and I want to go and get it.

I want to change site name early next year.  I’ll buy a new one and forward this one to the new one and it will be seamless.  So, names???? Ideas???  Some minds on this and ideas would be so welcome.  Ben Norton was a wise fellow grabbing the best name out there!  Multipolarista.  Ben is also happy for us to use anything from his Multipolarista site, but I may not use the name on merch!  Grrrr, but it is fair.

After smushing images, it is all systems go on merch.  Slogans please .. good slogans.  The idea is to open discussion, while we are drinking a coffee somewhere.  It is not to open fights.  So,

Its OK to love…

  • China,
  • North Korea,
  • Even the US,
  • and so on …

I’ve been through too many fights these past six years.  Let’s be kind!

Slowly we’re beginning to reach out to others.  We have permission to use Ben Norton’s writings on the site as well as anything from the Greanville post and Patrice from there is such a charming scholar and gentleman!  In addition, we are members of a quite technical economics group as well as a China writer’s group.  Next year we will work a little on some new commenting members.

One thing I hate with a passion is moderation.  Thank You All, for participating without giving me a moderation load whatsoever.  Thus far I have not deleted any one post, or had to remove anyone.  Bless You ALL With Most High Blessings!

Final question:  Those of you that remember the old Saker Community site – We had the normal place for articles and then we had a forum, where the discussion could be free form.  So, my question is, is it time to place a forum here for us?  Some people wanted to make some improvement comments.  Feel free to make them here.

Final comment:  I just received a note from the server monitor that the site is slow or the response is intermittent.  If we ever go down, or something crazy happens, I will report on the Telegram Channel here:







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2 months ago

Re: “Someone somewhere sometime in the past gave me a link to the archive of the old Saker Community Site.”  Sure, here are several. Apparently if you click a link within the archived page you can open other lost ones too. I am not sure how to access the full… Read more »