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A small personal story: + Mexico update

So today was a good day.  Here in our little Latin American country, we have some excellent people.  Today I was chatting with a Mexican fellow, an all-rounder with all kinds of practical technology.  His real job is to work on high-performance vehicles but the idea here is that people continue studying.  So, he is a fount of knowledge in modern practical technical anything and he continues studying, like solar power, in which he is certified on many systems.  His wife and I don’t have a good touch point.  She is Peruvian and a nail tech, always perfectly turned out, with big hair and long painted nails and stick-on lashes and oodles of face paint.  She is sweet and roundly pretty, and she does not need all of that really, but I don’t worry about big hair and long painted nails – I cannot type too fast with those and could not bear pretty little daisy flowers on my short nails or the glue and toxins that go with that.  So we stick to food and children in conversation and how well the kids are doing in fútball and in school.

We chatted about solar power and the major changes in this industry.

And we chatted about Mexico.

It so happens that yesterday there were marches in Mexico City in support of AMLO.  And AMLO in his concluding speech again called for the release of Julian Assange and played the Wikileaks Collateral Murder (Iraq, 2007) video for the crowds, with his own commentary.  Norton says: Amazing things are happening in Mexico: Left-wing President AMLO just held a historic rally and march featuring 1.2 MILLION supporters, celebrating 4 years in government. Basically the entire corporate media is against AMLO, but he’s one of the most popular leaders in the world

This Mexican friend is not an AMLO supporter, and calls him a populist.  Yet, I joked and said I still like AMLO and he joked back and said why am I not in Mexico City taking part in the marches. That is the moment that I learned a new Spanish word — You know when we throw our hands up in the air and say Meh?  The Spanish word for meme is MehMeh.  The non-AMLO supporters say .. We don’t want to march, we want you (meaning AMLO) to march right out of here.  That is the MehMeh of the opposition.

Mexico nationalized its lithium resources under AMLO, in order to stop international thieves from grabbing ’em.  And a few months ago, Ben Norton updated us on Mexico, solidly part of the multipolar world, and yet, they have to be very careful of the Northern Neighbor.  I do love where I live in Latin America.  I get to talk to a Mexican, and a Peruvian, I’m a white African and the husband critter is an American.  We maintain our individual and national identities and there is no racism here.


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2 months ago

What a great story. I’m coming to visit you. According to this account, you guys down there talk about food — real food. Take a look at the top story here in the belly of the beast that I found this very morning (have seen others prior to this time… Read more »

2 months ago
Reply to  SoUtH

Actually, your Pres is also on record as being anti-gmo and has stood up to his northerners and said, “No more gmo corn in MX.” Here we have a real leader for his people. So I truly wonder why he could not take a stand, as did his southern neighbor… Read more »