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COP27: No Commitments on Climate Change

Climate change is a hot topic.  We know of course that there is a portion, a large percentage of the climate change playbook that is pure twaddle and pure commoditizing of climate in order to be able to sell it, and trade on it.  But our climate changes all the time.  Currently, it is measured in ’emissions’ which, in my book is a correct descriptor as it epitomizes the part of climate change that is twaddle.  (Anyone wants to join me in some ‘carbon emitting’ today?)

Nevertheless, on a geopolitical level, it is an issue and the world leadership community seems to have a dog in this fight.  The only worth-while aspect that I can see, is when countries start cleaning up their environment when they start caring for their forests, earth and waters and reduce their trash ’emissions’, gmo usage and usage of poisonous products on growing food.

This is what happened at the COP 27 meeting.  It is of course also a methodology to pillage the poorer countries and this issue came to the forefront.

No Commitments on Climate Change as US Obstructs Global South Proposals

Yet another COP on Climate Change passed, again with scant commitments from the Global North and the US attempt to obstruct proposals from the Global South.

After much pressure from the countries of the Global South, Europe and the US agreed on the creation of a damages fund, but stipulating in the agreement that rich nations cannot be legally responsible for payments.

USA returned to the Paris Agreement after 4 years of Trump administration. At this COP27, the country relaxed its historic rejection of “compensation for damages” to developing countries, but demanded that China also pay it.

“Developed countries, especially the US, are cynically shifting the blame for their own inaction in reducing emissions onto countries that are historically less responsible for climate change. They are trying to erase equity & historical responsibility,” said Sara Shaw of @FoEint

“The story that developed countries will tell in the coming days is that larger developing countries like China and India are to blame for any lack of progress in Sharm-el Sheikh. This is not the story of what happened here,” the environmentalist further said.

“It is quite obvious that there is a lack of emphasis on per capita emissions when it comes to China’s contribution to climate change,” says Xu Qinduo, an analyst at the Chinese think tank Pangoal Institution. China’s per capita carbon footprint is less than half that of the US.

China’s Special Envoy for Climate Change Xie Zhenhua said “Developed countries must deliver on their pledge to provide $100 billion in climate finance as soon as possible and chart a roadmap to double the adaptation fund.”

The same demand was made at the COP by Brazilian president-elect Lula, with whom Xie met in Sharm El-Sheikh

Despite U.S.-China differences, after Xi and Biden endorsed the resumption of communications on climate change, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry and China’s top climate official Xie Zhenhua met for about 45 minutes at COP27

In 2020, China announced that it aims to reach its peak of carbon emissions in 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2060.

COP27: No Commitments on Climate Change as US Obstructs Global South Proposals – Part 4

In a report presented before the COP, the Chinese government stated that CO2 emissions per unit of GDP in the country decreased by 50 .8% compared to 2005. It also stated that the share of non-fossil energy consumption increased to 16.6%.

China has become the leader in hydropower, with 30.1% of global production, in wind, with 28.4% and solar, with 2/3.

Watch our video where we discuss how China has been working to develop an Ecological Civilization by transitioning to carbon neutrality:

This is mostly from

My comment is that as a species, as an earth, and with the technological developments in different ways of producing power, we will slowly change to a more technological way of producing power for our needs.  This will however take decades.

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9 days ago

“China has become the leader in hydropower, with 30.1% of global production, in wind, with 28.4% and solar, with 2/3.” Seriously I didnt think XJP-led CCP can do it, though they say they will and want to do it… I mean the actual environmental results! Watched a doco the other day and it reported that BeiJing now has no more sand/dust storm as they have successfully ‘treated’ the near-by desert – ALL OF THEM by planting trees in desert sand (amarynth has previously shared this b4 in some blog) BeiJing now is full of high rise building, over populated, and… Read more »