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Bombs away: in Jerusalem

The first blast was during the morning rush hour close to the Central Bus Station in the city.  The second, just a scant 30 minutes after the first, happened near the Ramon intersection in northern Jerusalem with a bus as target.  There are injuries and deaths.  These were nail bombs.  This has not happened in Jerusalem for many years and now the city is being searched for more.

This is not a surprise.  The only surprise is that it took so long.  Hamas said that this was a retaliatory attack for the mistreatment of Muslims at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.  Israeli security forces looked on and took part.   To my count, and I watch this carefully, there is a weekly killing of a Palestinian by the Israeli forces, usually a young person to maximize the horror.

In the last few years, Israeli extra-judicial territorial theft and occupation by Israel of Palestinian lands have only increased.  They have had warnings from Russia to quit land theft and the occupations, but it is increasing.  There are daily attacks on Palestinians.  The leaders in the Levant have all warned that this situation cannot continue.  It is probably now a powder keg and if I look at the warnings from the leaders in the area over the past two years, a 4th threatening war front has been opened.  These are the Ukraine, China and Taiwan, the threatening situation in Serbia wrt Kosovo, and the announcement by Erdogan that they will put their feet on the ground in Syria to deal with growing terrorism.  I would not count the DPRK as a ‘war front’ per se, as they will stop shooting their missiles once the war games with South Korea and the US end (if they ever end).

Israel is also still harshly provoking Iran and of course, the JPCOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) is likely now dead in the water.  Israel is begging for a ‘lil war against Iran, but actually, they want to create chaos in the whole area.

RT reported:
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The featured image is one of the comments on the RT report and there are many similar types of comments.


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