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Provocation: Building Conflict

Chaos has become a policy. Within the western core, there is a great ability to make trouble, but no real ability to actually make a war unless they pile up.  Then enters provocation which is an incitement to get others to act in some predetermined manner. In what is before us, we see Europe acting irrationally, as well as Japan, Australia and others. This is the result of provocation: planned incremental provocation designed to build a future of conflict. It is so easy to see and we actually know that, but within the process, it is hard to keep a level head.

We don’t need to spend a lot of time defining the word provocation. As long as we know the following: provocations incite, instigate, anger, and irritate, either to a hot passion or to chaos and waste of resources. It’s a hook to drag someone or an entity somewhere where they don’t want to be

Provocation is cognitive warfare and this cognitive warfare is against you and me.  It becomes very personal.  I saw one of the soccer commentators say that we cannot allow the gringos to win this one!  For the world cup soccer enthusiasts, this is a war and the multipolar world must win.

This is provocation (It is also BS and it is our task to uncover the BS):

An Australian university has unearthed ( millions of Tweets by fake ‘bot’ accounts pushing disinformation on the Ukraine war.
80 percent of tweets about the 2022 Russia-Ukraine invasion in its early weeks were part of a covert propaganda campaign originating from automated fake ‘bot’ accounts.

Provocative action may be lies, fake news, threats, storytelling, insults, different methods of coercion, personal, threats to family, exclusion from a domain of trade for example, escalation of something not important, but most of all it is the creation of division.  You can always find a messianic dogmatic doctrine based on ideology, left/right, democrat/republican, authoritarian/free, communist/capitalist. The creators of the provocation will tell you where they want you to stand in the dichotomy.

This is not always MSM, but is totally inculcated in specifically English alternative media.  If it results in chaos, it is a win, also for the alternative medias.

IT DOES NOT MATTER what form of provocation is chosen. It does not need to be logical or even make sense. As long as that provocation gets someone else to behave as the provocateur wants it to. There is one word for provocateurs and that is some form of brutal fascism.

The provocations set out with a certain objective but there is always a second objective and that is that chaos is a victory. Provocations in the geopolitical domain are not zero-sum games, but they may turn out that way: no problem though, as a certain amount of failure is budgeted for and absent open victory, and meeting the goal of the redistributing through provocation, and a changed circumstance, chaos is even strived for.

Provocations are usually created by using other people’s hands, and not the hands of the provoker.  This is what people call evil because it is so devastatingly effective that one cannot grok it and it can only be the ‘devil’s work’. This is probably the main signal of sociopathic evil. Biden knows it well and calls it “DARK FORCES THAT THIRST FOR POWER” He surely knows very well who his master is.

A quote by Medvedev epitomizes the lies, fake news, incitement, instigation, illogical thinking, and results of such propaganda. He uses the word that has been seeded in the last +- six months. That word is ‘nuclear’: The ultimate threat and provocation:

“The well-known thesis of Western countries: “Russia cannot be allowed to win the war”. What does it really mean? Follow the simple formal logic. If it is not Russia who wins, then, apparently, it is Ukraine? The goal of Ukraine in the war is named by the Kiev regime – the return of all the territories that previously belonged to it.
That is, to tear them away from Russia.
This is a threat to the existence of our state and the disintegration of today’s Russia.
And hence, a direct reason to apply clause 19 of the Fundamentals of State Policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence.
And then who is planning a nuclear conflict, may I ask? What is this, if not a direct provocation of the world war with the use of nuclear weapons?
Let us call things by their proper names.
Western countries are pushing the world towards a global war. And only a complete and final victory for Russia is a guarantee against world conflict.”

This is provocation:

U.S. speeds up plans to store upgraded nukes in Europe

On the side of China, we get this:
“China Fears Arms Race Over US Plan For Bomber Base Down Under
The Pentagon wants to build a new hub for nuclear-capable B-52 bombers in Australia amid tensions with China, causing Beijing to fear the spark of a new arms race.
And the Swedes and the Fins are coerced to play along with the seeding of the nuclear word, and both of these play along, whether it is mere window dressing or not, but they say they will host US nukes. The next day the story changes, and it is suddenly not necessary. This is provocative and creates chaos.

Douglas McGregor says in one of his earlier pieces: Today the Biden White House is considering using a multinational force against Russia. NATO cannot come to a unanimous decision on military intervention in support of Ukraine in its war with Russia. The President and his generals are assembling their own “coalition of the willing”. The coalition is said to be made up primarily, but not exclusively, of Polish and Romanian forces, with the US Army at its core, for use in Ukraine.

The cost to Americans and Europeans of an escalating conflict should not be underestimated. The president and his generals must appreciate how detrimental a military failure would be to an American society already weakened by 20 years of self-destructive operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The morale of the US military is at a low level. America’s economic performance is fragile. The economic outlook for Europe remains bleak. In his struggle with Russia, Bonaparte not only grossly underestimated his adversary, but grossly overestimated his allies. President Biden and his generals must not repeat the same mistakes in Ukraine.”

Given this, provocation is all they have. But, there is chaos in the wake.  And, they do not care.  They believe that they can snatch a victory from chaos.

The Russian MFA has to deal with this chaos as they have to protect Russians everywhere:

Due to unprecedented pressure from the collective West on Russia, the rights of our citizens – to freedom of movement, freedom of business activity, and the right to property – are put at risk.  Since the beginning of the year the number of appeals from foreign compatriots has increased fivefold.
That is why the topic of protection of our citizens’ rights, which is discussed today at the thematic conference in Moscow, is more relevant than ever. I believe it is necessary to continue interaction with international human rights institutions, as well as to look for new external platforms for the interaction of ombudsmen.
📍I am introducing an initiative to the government to issue internal passports to our citizens through Russian consulates in the country of residence. I am asking the Federal Assembly to consider the issue of recognizing as Russian citizen’s children born abroad in mixed marriages without the consent of one-half of the family.

The ultimate objective of all provocations is that the provocateur wants to consume the provoked and they don’t care which method is used.  One cannot dissent (or you can, but then you must do what Medvedev says to do).

Take a look at the tone of Germany who just told Serbia to choose between Russia and the EU. Both Brussels and Washington are getting increasingly irate with Serbia. It is neither part of the EU or NATO, yet as Europe’s situation worsens, the Western establishment is pushing for all the support it can get. Let’s take a look…

In addition, further coercion: South Korea and US kick off major war games and DPRK is shooting off missiles in numbers of 10’s. But, in this geopolitical climate, they feel completely irritated and incited. North Korea is an area (country) that is now trying to join the human race and come out of hermit status. See what they say:

I like the North Korean fierceness. Take a look at the unnecessary provocation.

DPRK Foreign Ministry: “We are still in great surprise to find that the U.S. and the West’s mindset for global supremacy has gone so far as to be unable to see the danger of head-on nuclear clash with Russia which will, in turn, lead to an unimaginably terrible nuclear holocaust”
“If the U.S. and the West still have a shred of reason, it would be a wise step for them, before it is too late, to wake up from their anachronistic paranoia of supremacy, look clearly at the reality and think twice.

Provocations are dangerous. It is an organized process. The provocateur does not stop until he has to, in a sense like a serial murderer. It is not an unintelligent process .. I cannot agree fully with those that state that the empire forces are stupid.

Provocation is what forced Russia into the Ukrainian conflict….. Yes I know many will disagree with that, but Russia did not walk in to take another country, Russia was provoked and could only deal with the provocation in a new way, i.e., SMO, which is not a war of conquest, but a war to annihilate the Ukraine as an entity.

Provocateurs do not stop. So, what is to do?  Do we walk into an armageddon with these provocateurs and their proxies?

We can call it out.  We can turn it around and with this, I refer to an example with Erdogan and the new plan of a new gas hub.  OK, Erdogan will benefit, but the provocations will have been called and neutralized.

India is walking a staunchly sovereign, diplomatically autonomous, economically strong path.  But so did Iran, and color revolutions are being attempted there.

China is walking a road of continual and good diplomacy.  Yet, the sanctions against the chip-making industry are rolling in.

China is working with Japan but yet, Tokyo is in an Arms Race planning to spend on weapons at a rate not seen since WWII

This messianic dogmatic doctrine of provocation and ideological hate speech needs to stop in our world. It leads to mass infantilization of each country and its citizens.

I’m beginning to think that Medvedev has the last word.  “And only a complete and final victory for Russia is a guarantee against world conflict.”  We can rephrase that to saying only a complete and final victory for all of us would be a guarantee against world conflict.  We have to continue speaking out! looking behind the Curtain of Deception! and each to our own ability to gather in a complete and final victory.  We cannot negotiate with the empirical forces as they currently are like cockroaches all over the world seeing what they can destroy, rape and pillage while they take pride in their own corruption.  “We had whole training courses” says Pompeo.  And who negotiates with a cockroach.  I see and respect China’s process, but I don’t think they will really change anything.  We have to remove the hegemonic ability to provoke and build conflict on three realms of power, militarily, economically and media. (4 minute video)

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Steve from Oz
10 days ago

They certainly seem to revel in chaos as you say, but when dealing with a peer opponent, or in some respects a superior opponent, creating chaos usually does not end well.

Steve from Oz
10 days ago
Reply to  Steve from Oz

Just came across a beautiful phrase that can impact on those who create chaos and provocations – “the justice of unintended consequences.”

10 days ago
Reply to  amarynth

sorry dear 🙂 space force that rules from earth surface is a cruel JOKE! 😀

… but than again, that kind of BS that stinks to heaven?! its POSSIBLE for AMERICA!!!

be well be safe
p/s does that mean OTAN is officially ‘killed’ in Global South?!! dead in the womb?!!

10 days ago
Reply to  amarynth

HA HA 😀 Beware DA KRAKEN!!! OMFG! Where does it end? btw just for you dear… lil Blinkie is schedule to go to BEIJING! WoW!!! Is he tithing a peace offering? or ‘I was here too in BeiJing so suck it hard grandma Pelosi’? or as a swing-by cardboard-person stand-up (those you see in the grocery store of some actors/entertainers paid for advertisement) for US domestic consumption? or offer himself as sacrificial lamb on the alter (then blamed CCP for the murder on da scene)? Are they gonna serve him with the finest PeKing Duck? or will he be DA… Read more »

Last edited 10 days ago by QC?
10 days ago
Reply to  amarynth

The “space provocation” has been around since Reagan’s infamous “Star Wars Defense Program”. It’s seems that it’s on its way to become “reality”.

10 days ago
Reply to  amarynth

Trump did make such a scifi defense program a supposed “reality”. If it’s actually “functional” or continues to be a Hollywood style propaganda from the MIC, is another matter.