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Good Monday Morning all these Kind Humans!

I hope for a slow week.  There is nothing earthshattering so far today.

(it did not last long – not even a full 24 hours 🙂

What does it mean when both Mr Lavrov and Mr Putin attends the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) summit?  It is seldom that they travel together.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Arrives In Yerevan For CSTO Summit

President Putin is expected to arrive in the Armenian capital as well to hold a meeting with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan regarding his country’s recent border tensions with Azerbaijan.




This may shatter the Ukraine and Europe a little more.  In fact, I hope they do it!  Paul from the Sirius Reports says that:

“Gazprom might be about to terminate gas transit across Ukraine”

He also states on his Twitter this morning:  “Russia continues to state that it will not sell oil to nations who attempt to cap price and will reduce oil production if necessary. In doing so they will spike the oil price. So in trying to financially impact Russia again and failing they instead once again damage themselves.”

Comrade Fidel is standing in Moscow.  El Comandante!

Some of us know Nat South.  Well, Nat has a Telegram channel which is regularly updated and has all things shipping, ships and so on, routes, airplane routes, anything sailing or flying.  The channel is here:

So, the idea of a price cap on Russian oil:  It is of course on the face of it stupid, but if one looks at the whole plan, under the hood is a ban on Russian tanker insurance.  This is of course not made visible to these human beings that watch these things.  A similar ‘under the hood’ issue operates in Iran.  It is said that Iran sanctions do not include medications and food, so the empire tries to make itself look good.  But, the banks have been warned and this has been operational for a long time .. Do not Deal!  We now have to open up everything from the west to see what is under the hood.

So, with what is under the hood on the price cap, Turkey has no option.

🇹🇷Turkey will close the Bosporus Strait and the Dardanelles for tankers with Russian oil without insurance from December 1 – Bloomberg (

📍Turkey is quietly joining the new sanctions on Russian oil, which include a “price ceiling” and a ban on tanker insurance.

📍It will become almost impossible for Russian oilmen to freely receive insurance under the new sanctions regime: from December 5, it will be available only to tankers that transport oil at a price below the established “ceiling”.

Nat also tells us:

The State Duma obliges foreign military vessels to notify Russia of passage through the NSR within 90 days.  At a meeting on Tuesday, the State Duma adopted in the second, main reading a bill according to which foreign military vessels following the Northern Sea Route for non-commercial purposes will be required to notify the Russian Federation about this through diplomatic channels 90 days before the expected date of passage.

Paul from the Sirius Report has this short message:

Global South needs to recognise that for now it needs to go it alone. At some point and relatively soon, the west will follow suit. The problem is things have to be eviscerated here for that to happen. That’s the unfortunate consequence of collective stupidity and arrogance.

The NYT has a piece out which seemingly says, and then backtracks, that the videos of Russian soldiers where they lie shot in the back of the head, are valid and genuine.  Oh, but do they try to backtrack – and of course, the Ukraine is going to investigate itself again.

Videos of Alleged Execution of Russian POWs in Ukraine are Authentic – NYT Report

The New York Times says it has verified the authenticity of videos that surfaced online last week, allegedly showing the execution of captive Russian soldiers by Ukrainian troops.

“At least 11 Russians… appear to have been shot dead at close range after one of their fellow fighters suddenly opened fire on Ukrainian soldiers standing nearby,” the newspaper reported.

In one of the grisly videos, which appeared on social media, the Russian servicemen were shown surrendering to Kiev troops and lying down on the ground, before a second clip showed their bodies lying motionless in pools of blood.

Russia has described the clips as proof of “deliberate and methodical murder” of its soldiers by Ukraine. The UN has urged an investigation into the videos, with Kiev promising to carry out a probe.

Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev was re-elected.

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11 days ago

SO SORRY 🙁 your hope of “I hope for a slow week. There is nothing earthshattering so far today.” HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY DENIED!!! I dunno who started it first – the provocation then the counter provocation then the counter counter provocation…. but chairman KIM just launch a SUCCESSFUL ICBM (nuk capable) test and NOW NOBODY CAN DENY (the last one went bust and somebody in the west was happy) IT CAN REACH ANYWHERE of AMERICA!!! YUP!! IT’S OFFICIALLY THE ENTIRE USA IS UNDER nuk THREAT FROM… tada… NK!!! so USA sent 2 nuk bombers with the whole war porn show team… Read more »

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11 days ago
Reply to  QC?

emmm…. why????? no funnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!? you know some say, ‘rest’ is for the dead! 😀 HA HA 😀 okie… story time YaY! 1) it aint us, ma! swear its true!!! maybe smoothie has a hot line to his ‘friends’ for confirmation?! 🙂 2) chi-com is only the front-page BIG bro but there is another REAL deep decades (century?) old old ‘closet’ relationship b4 da modern-CCP came into existence/power 3) SK military mid rank dude openly said and it was reported in their press openly, something like, the launch pad is just like S200, maybe even S300 – USSA did NOT deny… Read more »

11 days ago

Interesting re the insurance on Russian oil tankers. Dont you think the Russian Government or Gaszprom would provide insurance directly for anyone willing to carry thier oil. Seems an obvious solution to me or am l being niave? Something hidden under the surface?

11 days ago

today, Nov 22 (2211), is the 60th anniversary of the Dealey Plaza shot(s) heard around the world. What many do not know is this was an elaborate ritual — satanists love their stacked function and to boast by pasting all over their self-identifying signs and numbers. 2211 is like 222111, which happens to have significant meaning for them, being the 66th triangular # of 666, the Number of the Beast.. note in this linked brief lecture, how Israel’s symbols are intertwined with the JFK hit. Among reasons for his assassination was denying Ben Gurion access to nuclear weapons technology. Ben… Read more »

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10 days ago
Reply to  AHH

Sorry, it is the 59th anniversary. Will be 60th in a year..

10 days ago

5 Billion Vaccinated Worldwide.
And They’re Dying Suddenly.
This is the greatest orchestrated die off in the history of the world.
We’re in a battle for the hearts and minds of the people.

Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe

Watch the #DiedSuddenly full movie Now, and share!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

10 days ago

Sobering sitrep from heart of “Old Europe:” the crisis has arrived. Blackouts in Germany, inflation, rising interest rates, on top of ridiculous taxes, cut supply chains, falling wages, lying politicians still shielding reality from most. Folks are starting to sink. The middle class dissolves in formerly prosperous Austria. The young woman is not panicked at all — she’s a long-time gung-ho prepper who sees all her checkboxes being ticked and is adapting deftly. She races to pay off mortgage and debts before losing her property; and she circles wagons with her neighbors, all very smart moves. Is she the exception to the rule? It… Read more »

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