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A little tech talk

We have the problem in the new commenting system identified and it is not an easy one to deal with. Of course, I insist on having the nice commenting system in and up and functional. There are reasons for this, as this system has an extensive social media ability that I want to roll out as soon as we have this current problem sorted.

So, the new system looks like this and has all the commenting tools in the comment window.  (No AHH, at the end of the day you won’t have to put in the p tags 🙂

There still are formatting problems in the comments.  This is what is to be done.

Today I have to go to the designers of our large theme, as the commenting problem is a combination of the commenting system, and the large theme.  It is hopefully, after this weekend’s work, easy to fix.

If your text appears in a long string, simply edit your comment, and put some line breaks in.  That should tide us over, until we’ve got this thing sorted.  Don’t worry about real fancy comment displays.

So I made a decision as follows:  even if the commenting system still has a few problems, I’m going to leave it live for this moment.  We’re very close to a permanent fix.

Why do I insist on this commenting system?

It handles logins differently, and we don’t have to worry about the bad guys stealing your information at least so far.  We don’t keep it on a database as such.

It has a great social media component, which is modern and fits with all the modern internet structures.  What I mean by this, is that you can send your comment to most of the other standard applications .. Twitter, Telegram etc.  So, it makes it very easy for prolific commentators to spread their own work.  It is also dead easy for me, because once I’ve approved a commentator, we don’t need to mess too much with moderation and can depend on the commentators to keep themselves clean.  So, it helps to reduce the trash on the front end.  But I have no tolerance for trash commenting and the buttons for making people go, are truly handy.  I have loads of tolerance for rants, for jokes, for music and those things that make the world go round.   Gotto get some fun out of this!

I have to get this part solved, before I can do the merchandising part.

So the decision for now is to leave it in, even though current commenters may have to edit their comments and enter some line breaks, to avoid longer comments running in one big block.

Bear in mind software is being developed and improved continuously.  I’d like to stay on this curve (but not bleeding edge), so that development is done as we go and we update to newer technologies on a continuous basis.  For this reason, I selected the software very carefully – but this commenting system has never been tried with this wide website presentation.  Yet, for the smaller screens, it faultlessly defaults to whatever you have.

We also have a wonderful designer for merchandise and this is my very next step – to say YES!

It’s off to work I go.

Achmat Sila!

Viva Multipolarity!




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Steve from Oz
11 days ago

Thanks for all the good work !