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A wonderful gathering of people in New Zealand, contributed by our own Colin Maxwell


What a lineup of absolute superstar freedom fighters on this panel. This was a wonderful spine-tingling event with such a powerful and uplifting take-home message.

A huge bravo to Kelvyn and Hannah of Counterspin Media and the team for organising this wonderful meeting that calls out the disgraceful tyrannical regime that is currently systematically destroying this country.

At the 2hr 27min mark an old farmer asks the panel a very curly question… BTW, none of them could answer it.

It relates to the current idiocy that Trump is some sort of saviour who if, given the chance, is going to save the world. Also to Damien’s very powerful point, that no one from the outside is going to save us all from this Fourth Reich tyranny…we the people have to do this ourselves.

Newsflash… this blundering swamp creature in drag is not going to save anyone… all he is interested in is saving his own gigantic ego and selfish fat arse … nothing else… least of all a paltry 5 million Kiwis based far away in the South Seas.

Trump is also so completely delusional, that to this day, he still claims credit as the godfather of the mRNA toxins and their “warp speed” rollout.

All in all this imbecile had more clout than anybody on earth in pushing these disastrously toxic experimental products on billions of people right around the globe.

He still can’t grasp the simple fact that by the time this all plays out these toxins will have done exponentially more damage to humanity than a mostly innocuous wild virus that poses no more threat to anyone than the seasonal flu.

Clinging to this narrative will be Trump’s nemesis for his entire political future, let alone his chance of winning the GOP ticket for 2024.

The dude with the shocking hairdo is also very busy at the moment trying, in his normal imbecilic wrecking ball fashion, to destroy Florida Gov. Ron DeSantos’s chance at running for the POTUS presidential Republican ticket in the 2024 election. In doing so he is very busy destroying what is left of his own rapidly deteriorating reputation.

Disclaimer… DeSantos is clearly very suspect too, as he has a publically stated MIGA [Make Israel Great Again] fixation, that rivals even that of the feckless Trump.…/pfbid0Utzu9TtisbCNQGu93H7JvCxqsP…



Comment by Amarynth: If there is one message that I can pass to those friends down under, it is the message that the most leaders from western countries are in the jobs for their own enrichment. It is sad, but there are very few in the combined west that still has a level of decent morals.  We can say a lot about this. Mike Prysner who used to work with Abby Martin (probably still does) did the investigative journalism on DeSantis. This exposé of the shadowy military past of Ron DeSantis reveals disturbing new details about his participation in illegal torture at Guantanamo—likely earning him a job doing war crime cover-ups in Iraq next.

Here is the direct SoundCloud link:

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Col...'the farmer from NZ'
13 days ago

It looks like big-tech has blocked the link Amarynth… far too many home truths.Re DeSantos…lots coming out about him too… and not the least he is a self-confessed MIGA nut as well.

12 days ago

The direct Soundcloud link still works for me.

13 days ago

The MIGA fanatics are called “Christian Zionists”, that’s how they describe themselves as. There are a lot of Evangelical Pentecostals in Amewrecka as well as in LATAM who do support the pro-Israel lobby. As a young man I used to be one and they tried to brainwash me with such an ideology by connecting it with the Second coming of Christ, part of the “end times” which supposedly is happening right now because of Russia. Painting Trump as some sort of Messianic figure is completely insane.

Last edited 13 days ago by Ersim
12 days ago
Reply to  Ersim

A comment from Paul at the Sirius Report: “If Republicans were elected tomorrow in US they would immediately seek to create Ukraine 2.0 wrt to China and Taiwan, including massive sanctions People in US currently criticising Biden wrt Russia will be praising Ukraine 2.0 to take down China. Communism is their trigger word.”

And yes, I grew up in an evangelical environment. It is completely cultish.

Last edited 12 days ago by amarynth
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
12 days ago

They have tidied up the video after all of the big tech’s attempts to wreck the live feed etc. and here is the final cut… yours truly’s question was at the 1:55 mark…