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A number of articles – We Fight!

It seems we are getting busier across our world. Here are a few articles each introduced with comments from me. Enjoy. It is a weekend’s reading.

First, we have Xi Jinping’s formal and written speech at APEC CEO Summit:

He consistently repeats the main and major Chinese message. First he describes the world:
Currently, the Asia-Pacific enjoys overall stability. Cooperation in our region has been steadily advanced, and peace, development and win-win cooperation remain the underlying trend in this region. On the other hand, the world has entered a new period of fluidity and change. Both geopolitical tensions and the evolving economic dynamics have exerted negative impact on the development environment and cooperation structure of the Asia-Pacific. The COVID-19 pandemic keeps resurging. The global economy faces mounting downward pressure and growing risk of recession. Food, energy and debt crises are emerging together. Many countries are encountering considerable difficulties in economic and social development. Various factors of uncertainty and instability are growing. The Cold War mentality, hegemonism, unilateralism and protectionism are mounting. Acts that distort international norms, disrupt economic linkages, inflate conflicts in regions, and impede development cooperation are all too common. All these pose a serious challenge to peace and development in the Asia-Pacific.

And then, he proposes what to do, and how the Asia Pacific is already doing it, point by point. Read it, it makes a whole lot of sense.

We move to Iran, which is under stress and attack internally. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Iran, if only for their ability to say a clear and consistent NO.  So, Why, and Why Now? I agree with Elijah Magnier when he says: “Since thousands of sanctions imposed by the US failed to make Iran submit at the negotiating table, it became necessary to turn the Iranian society against its leaders with a “color revolution” that the US had already experimented with in other countries.”

Absolutely worth reading and taking cognisance of:

The next is a Ben Norton (Multipolarista) piece that sketches two roads forward. World at dangerous crossroads, only two paths forward: anti-imperialist socialism or fascist barbarism

Smoothie has a video where he says that most everyone in the media (Us and west) are like modern day Goebbels types. This is what made me think of the Ben Norton article. Again, well worth taking in while we are talking about imperialsm, which is fascism if you push it a little.

The Hermit Kingdom is truly coming out of the closet and I see regular Twitter feeds from North Koreans. Something will give in that area in a not too long a time in the future. The DPRK announced themselves with the bangs of copious missiles. Is it that they thought that coming out of the closet will support multipolarity and getting rid of the hegemonic powers? One cannot say, but this makes sense to me.

Biden needs to accept that the US can’t intimidate North Korea
A flurry of North Korean missile tests has captured international attention, but a longer view of US military threats and diplomatic obstinacy is missing from the picture.

“ter the most recent North Korean missile launch on Nov. 9, one State Department official claimed, “We continue to seek serious and sustained dialogue with the DPRK, but the DPRK refuses to engage.” Taken in view of the longer history of US-North Korea relations, this is an incredibly self-serving statement. A closer look at the aforementioned 2022 Nuclear Posture Review recently released by the Department of Defense offers some insight into why US claims to openness have failed to bear fruit: “With respect to reducing or eliminating the threat from North Korea, our goal remains the complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” Any mention of a peaceful resolution to the Korean War or normalization of relations with North Korea is notably absent from this position. The problem for the US is not the absence of a just peace, but North Korea’s capacity for deterrence in a situation of unfinished war. With this in mind, North Korea’s unwillingness to engage in negotiations at this time makes sense in the context of its own interests and historical logic. After all, what Biden is offering is ultimately no different than what Trump did: a demand for surrender, rather than a commitment to detente.”

Following is a wonderful database of military bases, that has been spread around.  (One of those that you can bang in front of someone else’s face and make them go green and keep quiet. )

Most of this selection of reading became important to me after Trump announced that he will run for president again. I listened to his speech and this gave rise to much venting and ranting, which will be written up soon – not because it is Trump, but because it epitomizes the hegemon even though Trump tried to keep it clean.  He even says he is trying to keep his speech ‘elegant’.  Well, kiss my A … All that I can say now, is that we have to get rid of the hegemon and the one who says .. “Yes, I know they don’t want our help, but we will help them anyway whether they want our help or not.”   Right on, USA, this is a quote from Trump’s speech.  Please just try and help yourselves first.

Finally, and I truly do not want to fight the climate change fight and have said too much about that throughout the years, but take a look at this realism.  Goody goody .. How many idiots have we seen in this topic?

Earth can regulate its own temperature over millennia, new study finds –



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Steve from Oz
12 days ago

Ben Norton’s quote from Rosa Luxemburg that we have only two choices- socialism or barbarism – might seem to be somewhat overstated, but that is not the case.The average onlooker might wonder why we cannot have a humane version of liberalism, why we can’t all just get along, but that is not possible while liberalism is influential.Liberalism is based on the perverted philosophy of Thomas Hobbes, who believed that “The origin of all society is to be found in the mutual fear of all its members;” because “All in their natural condition are possessed of the will to injure others.”… Read more »