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Bolivia: In the Building Conflict stage again

We featured a short history of Bolivia here and will not repeat the historical angles for this piece.

Bolivia is again in the crosshairs, where conflict is being deliberately provoked. The cadres being used for this, are fascist groups who play football hooligans, and gang members who are enticed to help enact violence. They are vandalizing offices of worker’s unions, offices of indigenous organizations, and government offices.

The press is being threatened and questions arise about how the police are doing their job. This is deliberate. But why the label ‘fascist’?

We have European paramilitaries on the ground, again as in the Ukraine, generational Nazi’s from an influx from Europe after WW II. And they are being armed by the US. This has been known since the Wikileaks cables.

Ben Norton reports:

Bolivia’s police intercepted a weapons shipment sent from the United States to the separatist region of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is the hub of fascist opposition gangs that led the violent coup in November 2019 that overthrew democratically elected President Evo Morales, of the leftist Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party.

Morales was the first-ever Indigenous president of Bolivia, a country where the majority of the population is of Native heritage.

Internal State Department cables published by WikiLeaks show how the US government has supported far-right separatists in Santa Cruz for years, as journalist Matt Kennard has documented.

A significant number of European fascists fled to the region after losing World War II to the Soviet Union. They then formed paramilitary groups, which regularly use Nazi-style salutes.

The extremist Comité pro Santa Cruz (Pro-Santa Cruz Committee) and its youth wing the Unión Juvenil Cruceñista (Santa Cruz Youth Union) advance an explicitly neo-fascist Christian ideology.

The current governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, who was a main leader of the violent 2019 coup, comes from these far-right groups.

In addition to the violence of the putsch, these US-backed far-right separatists in Santa Cruz also routinely attack Indigenous Bolivians and supporters of the leftist MAS party.

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What is striking is reading the various Twitter reports and seeing the people identifying the playbook as the same as the 2019 ‘lithium’ coup.  This is also all taking place in the 3rd year since the 2019 coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia.

More background_

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