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Ukraine’s descent into chaos

Douglas MacGregor makes good comments:

Russian Government in Exile

The sudden US interest in accountability via an ‘advance party’ that may precede a build-up of US/NATO – a multinational force

Nato has no independent command and control he says (which I knew but it is nice to see confirmation of it)

The many reports of mercenaries – Isis fighters being hired to fight

Fantasy Island

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24 days ago

Somewhat related…

… but its too fun not to share this –>
Wall Street Silver 在 Twitter: “History of Europe 1500-2022 in Country balls 🔊music …🔥

Whoever made that deserves a 🎖️

and this –>
What’s the media hiding? 在 Twitter: “Ukrainian soldiers got a hold of a Russian military ration and started making jokes about giving to animals. The laughing stopped real quick as they opened the box… Poor guys were literally shocked, probably the best meal they’ve seen in months lol

Enjoy 🙂

be well be safe