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Watching Brazil and new information coming in. In the meantime, this artist, and musical giant, Gal Costa died.

“You need to be attentive and strong, we don’t have time to fear death…. Pay attention to the blood on the ground.” – 1969

Russians are not happy. Complete withdrawal from Kherson is considered a defeat.  The Defense Ministry explained that it wants to avoid unnecessary losses among its forces and spare the lives of civilians.

Escobar says: “Let’s cut to the chase.

In the eyes of Russian public opinion, this is a major DEFEAT.

Russia is losing RUSSIAN territories.

The ones responsible are among the ones who planned the SMO.

And now the MFA wants…negotiations!

When Russia is in a weakened position.

Everything may start to change in December – of course. Armageddon is no slouch.

But as it stands, Russia seems to be hobbled by political and military IMPOTENCE.

Because since the beginning, back in February, the Russian Armed Forces have NOT been presented with the necessary means to fulfill their mission.

This is as serious as it gets.”

Putin will join next week’s G20 world leaders’ summit in Indonesia IF situation is possible, or he may ask to join summit VIRTUALLY – Indonesian President Widodo.

Zelensky’s spokesperson says Ukrainian President will attend G20 summit, most likely in online format.  (He is not a member even!)

I’m looking forward to this transcript as this was a seminal meeting!  Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Foreign Minister of India Dr Subrahmanyam Jaishankar had these as main agenda topics:

trade, investment, transport, logistics;
using national currencies in mutual settlements;
prospective energy projects, particularly on the Arctic shelf and in the Russian Far East.

An exchange of views on topical international issues, focusing on interaction within the #UN, the #SCO, #G20, #BRICS and #RIC.

In the joint news conference after the meeting ended, these were Lavrov’s key points:

The Taliban will be made aware of the topics discussed at the Moscow format consultative meeting on Afghanistan, which is scheduled for later this month

Russia and India discussed joint weapons manufacturing efforts

A minimum of 12 nations are interested in joining the BRICS economic bloc

Moscow has hope that determining the criteria for admitting new members into BRICS will not take a long time

Anyone that wants to comment on the US mid-terms may of course do so.  I just ask you to keep an open-minded and multi-polar approach because this is getting less and less important.

This is my comment:

Easy, stop printing money, close your costly 800+ military bases, pay off your debts for the next 300 years and live a more humble but peaceful life in coexistence and respect with other nations. Problem solved.  (Similar wording is making the rounds in the crypto circles – specifically because LBRY lost the court case that the US brought against it, and one of the most popular free platforms, Odysee, runs on the LBRY platform – RT and many others use Odysee because so far, they have not deleted content and taking part in cancel culture – early days here to see what happens).

And dear God!  Save us from another round with Trump.

This is being very widely reported.


Ukraine is center of far-right EXTREMISM, and West is helping Kiev prepare a “dirty bomb (”, if situation is not stopped it will be a DISASTER, and US and UK recruiting international TERRORISTS to participate in hostilities on side of Ukraine – Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

UPDATE: US is studying potential areas of conflict in Central Asia, adjusting digital maps for the use of precision weapons – thus the “partnership” on information security, imposed by the US threatens the sovereignty of the Commonwealth of Indepent States (CIS) countries.

I have not found the formal discussion.  No doubt it is there, is is just that I have not found it – he must have given a speech or produced a paper or an interview somewhere.

I have a problem to get into the Kremlin site at the moment – cannot access it with or without VPN,   Same with MoD which usually I can get into with a VPN.

News from the Ukraine .. Kiev is dark – more and more talking about evacuating all.

Zelenski’s Telegram channel has just lost 30% of subscribers

Russian forces wipe out seven command posts in Ukraine operation .

There are more and more reports such as this from RT:

Top White House official held undisclosed talks with Russia

“According to US and allied officials interviewed by the newspaper, Sullivan has been in touch with Yuri Ushakov, a foreign policy aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and with Nikolay Patrushev, who heads Russia’s Security Council. The aim of the talks has been “to guard against the risk of escalation and keep communications channels open” rather than to discuss a peace settlement for the Ukraine conflict, officials told the Wall Street Journal.”

No, they don’t want a peace settlement, they only want Zelenski to have better optics … To make-believe that he (or the US) is willing to enter into negotiations.

Pepe Escobar has an interesting update:



By my friend Peter Koenig in Geneva, former WB and WHO, who knows the Western institutional system inside out:

“When both Scholz and von der Leyen, two Germans, were chosen to destroy Europe, beginning with Germany, they were indeed vetted for months by the neoliberal hegemons in Washington and Pentagon /NATO.

When eventually they qualified, they started lying and cheating the European people, with energy shortages, food shortages – imposing energy saving program despite the fact that German gas tanks are full to 94 % the most they have ever been in the last 5 years…

But all went well so far, since the dumbfounded European public went along. But the German industrialists didn’t go along.

They didn’t go along since a while and made semi-secret pacts with Moscow. But destroying their country economically is now going too far.

As you said, they now control Scholz; they now call the shots, no longer the WEF, or Brussels, at least not on Germany.

And Scholz with his little disguised record of high corruption especially as mayor of Hamburg… was kind of easy to turn around.

The “goodies” he may expect form the German industrialists sound for sure more realistic than the for the faltering empire.

The 25% concession of the Hamburg port to China, was a first step – a sign that Germany was ready to sign up to the New Silk Road, the BRI, the same as did Italy and Greece with Piraeus.”

I am not sure that Germany will form a multipolar entity in the short term.   The whole place will need to be combed through like with an old fashioned lice comb, to get all the lice out of their society.

Many people are scared of Telegram.

Here are recommended privacy settings for Telegram as published by Kaspersky (partial list):

• Phone Number → Who can see my phone number — Nobody.

• Phone Number → Who can find me by my number — My Contacts.

• Last Seen & Online → Who can see my timestamp — Nobody.

• Profile photo → Who can see my profile photo — My Contacts.

• Calls → Who can call me — My Contacts (or Nobody, if you prefer).

• Calls→ Peer-to-peer — My contacts (or Nobody, if you prefer not to share your IP address with chat partners).


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25 days ago

Exquisite combs.. its artisans will be in high demand soon.. sad how the most refined tools in human civilizations invariably involve the hunting, killing or defense against diverse vermin. I agree about German short term prospects.. As so many have remarked, the damage to Germany is done. Twisting little Scholz at this point is too little too late. Big Industrialists are fubared every which way. The European endstop of the BRI is now a Black Hole. After effects will last these coming generation(s). It is easy to destroy, especially fixed infrastructure such as pipes, silk roads and other connections —… Read more »

25 days ago

“I have not found the formal discussion. No doubt it is there, is is just that I have not found it – he must have given a speech or produced a paper somewhere.” I can’t either – it appears something in Rusnet yet to be translated or more likely consistent talking points since September 30 which were pieced together. Note the date, of the massive VVP Speech. Masks are increasingly being dropped by both sides. Even Nazism openly indulged in by 65+ vassals at the UN! Humans need constant reminders to get anything done or stay focused, so these circulars… Read more »

25 days ago

Ah dear Pepe 🙂 you hold too many secrets friend 🙂 and of many many MANY (opposing) worlds 🙂

be well be safe

24 days ago
Reply to  amarynth

emmm…. no dear there is no more ‘german industry’ … and perhaps never have (I was wrong here too) see –> Germany‘s Moral Collapse Inside China: Scholz‘s 11-hours Visit to Beijing Spells Catastrophe By Thorsten J. Pattberg p/s if you dont like to visit ‘there’, try here –> from the beginning, I always like his work, and that japanification series too! now I know why 🙂 (see the photo – OMG!!! black and white too?!!! :p ) Gossip time yay!!!! 🙂 Now come around and place your bets 🙂 I am betting that the coming G20 will be a… Read more »

24 days ago

Well worth the read — the recipe for gaining the highest office in the United Sociopaths of Amerwrecka (credit to Ersim)

23 days ago

Oh boy.. like the “Great Successful Kharkov Offensive,” which saw Ukies charge into deliberately abandoned farm lands, I see this temporary tactical retreat of Kherson will unleash an orgy of FUD and ecstatic AZE Optics.. enough to keep bringing canon-fodder into the Grinder for a few more months.. This is an era where having short attention spans and being too connected to social media or western MSM can be a massive liability.. nevertheless, this step back should make the December forward thrust all the more shocking when it is unleashed. In a way Russians are cruel, not necessarily in toying… Read more »

23 days ago

thank you, ahh, for introducing good sense into the kherson debate. patrushev’s comments on the risk of a dirty bomb, along with the putin’s comments on continuing attacks on the dam, all are reason enough to pull back & make use of what is on russia’s side: time & patience allowing her to consider & watch the empire’s next move, ready of course, but with the population evacuated & the troops well rested & alive. as for pepe’s supposition the russian populace will see it as a defeat…i wonder…russians have evacuated moscow in order to win, surely no nation understands… Read more »

23 days ago

Hi Mrs. A and emerson, I am not so sure this a freeze at all. Ebbs and flows in war are normal. Sometimes in the rush to advance, one ends up in an untenable position, which this apparently was. They were not only exposed across the major river before the mobilization forces were ready, but once Anglos blow the dam they would be totally encircled. They could have lost more in a single blow than all so far combined. And as emerson astutely reminds us, Russians always trade space for time. Unlikely Europeans who never expected Moscow to be sacrificed… Read more »

22 days ago
Reply to  AHH

As we thought, it is a temporary stratagem, one step back to take two steps forward soon. And was politics the top consideration after all? Pepe says secret deals were reached “to retreat” to Dnieper. “The collective aim in the short term is towards a sort of Minsk 3 – with Istanbul/Riyadh attached.. ..No illusions in Moscow that this crypto-Minsk 3 will be respected.” AZE is losing too fast and so deep in the muddy that it finds itself unable to swivel to explode the Chinese front. For the second reason alone they must have dangled a concession significant enough… Read more »

22 days ago
Reply to  AHH

And note, repositioning on one side of the Dnieper for transient purposes does not mean offensive operations on other side stops for an instant! Modern shells and missiles can reach dozens of kilometers. Hunter teams can be sent across on sabotage. Drones and eyes in the Sky hover 24/7. And worst for the suicide squads who now yap and howl with glee, they forget they parked themselves on official territory of Russian Federation. So nevermind Odessa and Nikolaev (which will also return to Mother) — even parts of Kherson are located across the Dniepr, obligating Russians to shortly end this… Read more »

22 days ago

Each time Russia makes a strategic move to save as many lives as possible, it’s immediately a “defeat” or “impotence”. Since when Hollywood propaganda movies about war gives “standards” of how wars are fought???

22 days ago

thank you, ahh & amarynth, for continuing to help clear our way through this fog. i continue to circle the supposed ‘deal’; while china has repeatedly said she wishes for a peaceful settlement in the ukraine, & i’m sure she does, like russia & the rest of us, it doesn’t really serve china. unless, china now sees, as russia has, that confrontation is inevitable & best begun sooner rather than later. i suppose beginning to fight the drunk from all sides, allows mother to continue to distract nato on her border whilst china retrieves taiwan & her seas. no doubt… Read more »

22 days ago
Reply to  amarynth

thank you, amarynth, mandarin in saudi schools, fascinating. as you said above things are moving @ blinding speed. the empire launched a missile near the arctic circle, a day after russia had delivered her 2nd tanker to china via the arctic silk road. & yes the chinese weapon show has been impressive as well as the navigation satellites. thank you for helping us keep up.

22 days ago

Forwarded from Andrew Medvedev and reposted by Older than Edda : What now to say about Kherson? Yes, I’m not happy either, like many of you. Yes, I also thought that there would be a different solution. That a fortified area will be made from the city. But this is hardly the decision of General Surovikin. I think that without the approval of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, this decision would not have been made. I don’t really like the solution. But we are at war. And the decision of the Supreme in such a situation is not accepted to challenge. In… Read more »

22 days ago
Reply to  Sudhi

Well posted Sudhi. We tend to forget many (not just Russians) are emotionally involved and taking this hard.. it is a test of faith, no? But Russians have no alternative available except to win. They face a merciless and demented foe out for total victory at their expense. This awareness (and it is widely prevalent now, according to many Russians themselves) steels a combatant in extraordinary ways, like having your back to the sea or wall without an escape route. Smoothie recently posted words which succinctly express what many have known (and should remember) regarding Operation Z.. It will help… Read more »