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Xi, Scholz: a view by formal pic analysis

This is also a woman’s view:  A woman that is a farmer.

Take a good look at the first formal picture:

Look at Scholz’s arms and shoulders – arms fluffed out like a cockerel and shoulders drawn up to make himself look bigger and if you do that, your feet must point to the front, otherwise it is really difficult.

What is a cockerel?  Well, it is not a Rooster – it is young male chicken.  But Scholz is not young, so from this picture, to farmer’s eyes, it looks like he never outgrew adolescence.  It is a caricature.  Scholz is physically stressed and stands as if he has to protect the maleness!

Xi Jinping is calm, and physically not stressed whatsoever.  He is totally cool, calm and collected.

Now may I ask, knowing that there were hundreds of formal photos taken, why did Xinhua choose this one?

On the second formal photo, Xi Jinping reaches out a hand, completely in control, and the look in Scholz’s eyes is like he is imminently expecting to be assigned self-punishment, Dobbie the house-elf style.  He has also forgotten to fluff his feathers up, to look bigger.

Is this a tongue-in-cheek short essay, or is it not?  There may be one, but I have not seen any pic of the two of them shaking hands.

In seriousness, these are the German businesses that are traveling with Scholz.  In a sense, this is an emergency visit, pretending to be an equal summit.

China will welcome them in, but China will drive a hard bargain and not leave space for the west to crawl in.

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28 days ago

In the first picture Scholz is trying to be like the Hogan’s Heroes” character called “Schultz” who has a similar body type of that of Xi Jinxing.

28 days ago

Should China or even Russia admit these cowardly supplicants? They allowed themselves to be driven off their native land, with the world’s best [piped] cheap-gas and oil deals.. who can wholly trust these characters now?? Note many trojan horses in his delegation — BioNtech makes the mRNA in collaboration with Pfizer. Merck and Bayer are also Big Pharma. What advantages do the auto companies provide, except name? Asian engineering has caught up for low and medium-end vehicles. Anglo pressure (emissions extortions and carbon craze) has stifled innovation and R&D. Increasingly overpriced and high-end, not ideal for Global South. Siemens and… Read more »

28 days ago

nope I wont gossip … this time 🙂

be well be safe

27 days ago

Can someone explain to me why a person of Xi’s intelligence, education, experience, and (presumble) character would make any “cooperative globally-oriented commercial deals” with the heinous devil himself, who is transparently presenting in muenster costume? And what are the implications of this “allegiance” or “cooperative partnering” for Xi’s relationships with his other presumed and well advertised allies? Is one to infer duplicity? This is the man that is providing weapons, money, and sundry aid to murder and poison the citizens of one of Xi’s staunchest allies — and, so let’s make some trade deals??? Why, also, wouldn’t such allegiance cornerstone… Read more »

27 days ago