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Daily Chronicles presents snippets of the most important news across the world for this and each day as it rolls in. Check back frequently.  This world is so busy that it feels like dancing on the ceiling without the joy and fun of the music.

Oh dear, I started crying with this man.

US and British intelligence services are recruiting members of International terrorist organisations with the aim of transferring them to take part in hostilities on the side of the Kiev regime – Russian Security Council Secretary Patrushev.

In addition the GrayZone broke a story:  The Grayzone has obtained leaked documents detailing British military-intelligence operatives inking an agreement with the Security Service of Ukraine’s Odessa branch, to create and train a secret Ukrainian partisan terror army:

Leaked documents: British spies constructing secret terror army in Ukraine

Imran Khan seemingly shot in the leg in an assassination attempt –

Update: Imran Khan is seemingly recovering after the removal of 3 bullets.  The situation looks threatening overall:

🇵🇰 BREAKING: Imran Khan names 3 suspects behind his assassination attempt:

1- Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

2- Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif

3- ISI’s Islamabad sector commander Major General Faisal Naseer.

Country wide protests turning violent. Meanwhile, situation in Peshawar remains critical as key Military headquarters face demonstrators.

Lula’s acceptance speech hand translated into English by Brian Mier, for Brasilwire.  You could take a look at Brian’s credentials on his twitter. and get a fair update of the emotions.  Today I need to take myself out of trouble, because I was one of the ones that said Lula’s victory is thin.  There is a backlash against those words, yet, by the numbers, it is true.  One gets into a bee’s nest these days without wanting to.

Israel : It’s worse than ever.  I don’t talk about it so much as there are so many that can carry this burden.  I find that if I think about the Gaza strip, that brutal prison for young people, I lose it.  But I follow David Sheen.  His ‘Messiah Mode’ lecture was really excellent.  He talks now about the Kahane movement, who just won the election (seems like we have annual elections there now) from inception, a brutal criminal bunch.

RT, quoting the Russian MoD

Ukraine Gives Written Guarantees Not To Use Humanitarian Corridor For Combat Operations — MoD

Russia’s Ministry of Defense comments on reopening of Black Sea Corridor. Main points:

▪️Due to the efforts of Türkiye and the UN, written guarantees from Ukraine were given not to use the humanitarian corridor for combat operations

▪️Assurances were sent to the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) on November 1

▪️The Ukrainian side officially assured that the “Maritime Humanitarian Corridor” will only be used in accordance with the provisions of the Black Sea Initiative

▪️Russia believes the guarantees are sufficient for the time being

Shoigu: Statements early today (summary):

Russia is fully aware of Ukraine’s plans to use ‘Dirty Bomb’.  This action is seemingly beneficial to the United States.

▪️The US and EU are defiantly ignoring elements of nuclear blackmail from Kiev

▪️The Kiev regime is resorting to extremist methods — for example, terrorist attacks, contract killings, and shelling of civilians

▪️Belarus has been and remains a true ally and reliable partner of Moscow

▪️NATO groupings near Russia’s borders have swelled 2.5 times since February and may increase further  (The number that I saw but of course cannot confirm is 30,000 additional ready troops in various EU and NATO countries).

From the various channels and columnists, Russia is now fighting predominantly non-Ukrainian militaries.

Earlier on, Iran raised the red flag of revenge over one of its mosques, vowing revenge against the perpetrators of the attack on the shrine in Iran — Iran accused Saudi Arabia of being responsible.

In turn, the Saudis looked to the United States for protection. The US vowed a (presumably military) response against Iran if it attacks Saudi Arabia or the USA’s “interests”

The last time Iran raised the red flag of revenge, over a dozen ballistic missiles destroyed the United States military base ‘Ayn-Al Assad’ in Iraq

This piece of information, reported in many blogs and sites, is fat with propaganda.  I don’t believe Iran will attack Saudi Arabia in 24 hours or something.  It is just blowing up the chaos meter because the so-called riots are not really working, and the US is ‘punishing’ Iran for consistently saying no to the JPCOA.

North Korea fires 7 more ballistic missiles into the sea near Japan and South Korea — raising todays total to 17 ballistic missiles fired by NK. On top of that, North Korea fired 100+ long range artillery shells into the sea

North Korea launched a ballistic missile to waters off its eastern coast. This launch triggered an Air raid warning in Ulleung-Gun, an island off the coast of South Korea in the Sea of Japan. Siren sounded at 8:55 am local time.  (Mostly from Intelslava Z).

North Korea is not joking and we need to take a look at the South Korea/US war games to find the provocations.

‘WWIII has already effectively begun’ – Nouriel Roubini –

(Pepe’s comment:  The itvw with Der Spiegel is quite revealing. Roubini gets some of the megatrends right; makes a mess of a few, and knows less than zero about geopolitics.)


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1 month ago

Very, very bad news. [So much for IN & MX having a backbone] UN Security Council votes against probe into US-UKR biolabs. The UN Security Council has rejected Russia’s call for an international investigation into claims that the US used laboratories in Ukraine to develop biological weapons. While China backed Russia’s proposal, the US, Britain, and France voted against it, and the ten rotating council members abstained. Russia insists that the US and Ukraine have been violating the 1972 international convention that bans the development, production, and stockpiling of biological weapons. According to Moscow, several laboratories in Ukraine were working… Read more »

Col...'the farmer from NZ'
29 days ago

Just more evidence of what an acutely embarrassing sham the entire edifice is Amarynth!

This organisation will die a slow lingering death now along with the entire Zone A financial blood-sucking parasite that has fed on humanity for centuries.


28 days ago

Wait Col,
Maybe not a slow lingering death after all.. remember that old saying of Russians being slow to saddle, but how hard they do ride once in saddle?

Meyssan says Russia is laying ground for a new UN-like structure

Moscow is contemplating to create a structure separate from the UN for the settlement of international disputes in compliance with international law, in line with what Tsar Nicolas II had done in relation to the Hague conferences.

Col...'the farmer from NZ'
26 days ago
Reply to  AHH

All good @AHH… I obviously didn’t explain this clearly enough…

#1 Zone A’s self-mutilation is spectacular in both its level and its effect. The damage is already terminal, but the remnants of the hegemon will linger on as irrelevant zombies.

#2 As spectacular as the scale of Zone A’s demise is, it is matched by the monumental development of the BRIICS+++ initiatives. The idiocy of the war against Russia in Ukraine is hastening both of these concurrent events.


Col...'the farmer from NZ'
26 days ago

G-SIBS… A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN I just had a quick look at the location of the G-SIBS [Globally Systemically Important Banks] and, my god it’s not hard to work out where the contagion for a systemic global financial meltdown is most likely to emanate from. I took the 15 largest banks [by assets Dec 2021] and looked at their balance sheet leverage. Of these banks that had balance sheet leverage of more than 20:1, 3 of the 5 are Japanese banks, and the other two are French banks using the Euro currency. BANK GLOBAL/ RANK/ ASSETS [US $s]/ BS… Read more »