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Lula’s win …

… looks thin to me. Take a look at the final count:

At this time Bolonsaro has not said anything but before the election, he vowed to fight, even if Lula wins. As the Electoral College granted the election to Lula, Jair Bolsonaro refused to talk or take calls.  It is reported that the media was waiting outside the presidential palace for him but the palace lights were turned off and Bolsonaro took no calls.

Brazil’s elected left-wing Workers’ Party government was overthrown in 2016 in a US-backed soft coup.  In 2018 Lula was imprisoned on false charges by corrupt US puppets, handing power to fascist Bolsonaro.

Congratulations are pouring in for Lula.  His own people are partying in the streets and the L sign with the fingers is all over.

In his first speech, he announced that his first objective is to fight hunger in Brazil.  His top priority is that  “No Brazilian goes hungry”.  He will lead for all Brazilians.  He must know that the stark division in the country needs immediate attention.   Lula is slated to be inaugurated in January.

Internationally of course om about 85% of the world there is jubilation and this is the type of quick visuals that are being created and distributed:

The ‘come-back’ Kings!

The leaders of the anti-Venezuela ‘Lima Group’ are gone but Maduro is still there.

What can we expect from Lula in the big scheme of things?:

  • He said in the runup to the election that he supports Argentina joining BRICS and wants to keep expanding BRICS
  • He also wants to strengthen Latin American regional integration like UNASUR, CELAC, MERCOSUR
  • In 2020 already Lula called for “the creation of a multipolar world, free from unilateral hegemony and from sterile bipolar confrontation” This was a clear rejection of both US imperialist hegemony and Washington’s new cold war.
  • He proposed a pan-Latin American currency, to “be freed of the dollar”.  Of course Bolsonaro backed US coups/attempts in Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba. 

I think we have to sleep with one eye open until Bolsonaro shows his colors.  It may very well be that the plans for a coup or to make it impossible for Lula to govern, are well advanced at this stage.  Brazil is an important country for multipolarity and its structures and for Latin American leadership.

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1 month ago

Amarynth, you say, “I think we have to sleep with one eye open until Bolsonaro shows his colors.  It may very well be that he plans for a coup or to make it impossible for Lula to govern.” I say, “I think we have to sleep with one eye open until Lula shows his colors.  It may very well be that the Noodlehead team has plans for something truly heinous (even a coup) or to make it impossible for Lula to govern or to implement policies that are independent of control by their northern neighbor — who has already gotten… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  SoUtH

Yes, additonally Pepe was not impressed at all with Lula’s incoming team.. …The absolutely key vector is that the international financial system and the “Washington Consensus”, already controlling Bolsonaro’s agenda, have captured Lula’s administration even before it begins… …Much will depend on who Lula appoints as his finance minister. The top candidate is Henrique Meirelles, former CEO of FleetBoston, Brazil’s second largest external creditor after CitiGroup. Meirelles has expressed unrestricted support for Lula, for whom he previously worked as central bank chief. Meirelles is likely to prescribe the exact same economic policies as Bolsonaro’s top economic enforcer, investment banker Paulo… Read more »

Col...'the farmer from NZ'
1 month ago
Reply to  AHH

Thanks for finding this AHH! I had been looking out for Pepe’s take… boy oh boy, this is looking like a minefield. Henrique Meirelles WEF profile certainly makes for fascinating reading. Brazil’s choice is looking like a choice between the thinly disguised neoliberal or neocon puppets who ply the private bankster business of perpetual human butchery. It’s the same old tattered script…the Western Elites control both left and right… thankfully though, they are soon to become the Western Obsoletes. I don’t envy Lula in this journey. How on earth is he going to juggle the impossible task of surviving… Read more »

1 month ago

You’re welcome Col, credit goes to bonbon who has sharp instincts. He posted it @ the Cafe even before Pepe did so on his TG. Regarding your earlier observations on Switzerland — it does appear central. I’ve been thinking about this nation a lot in last three years. Even more than the Banksters’ control system as eloquently written by Professor Quigley, I find myself riveted by its myriad spiritual scenes and geopolitical significance and central fortress location. (1) is it nexus 101 for the secret societies? A century before Herzl and the Zionists gathered to inaugurate their assault on mankind… Read more »