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Covid and aftermath

One of the physicians that I really like, Dr. Peter McCullough, is being stripped of this credentials.

This is the story:

We used the old Saker Community site for a very valuable discussion about Covid.  For reasons, we got rid of the hysteria, but everyone could comment according to their own viewpoint.  Nobody was fighting and it was a good information exchange.  We do not have that any longer and I must admit, because we personally followed what China did, and in our country we were not put under stress to jab, I’ve lost a little bit of the cycle.  McCullough says that ‘they won’t stop unless there is a needle in every arm’ and I followed how the Covid jabs now are scheduled within the childhood schedule of jabs.

My own view here is that I don’t like jabs, I’ve never liked them, I don’t like the people who make them, and having grown up for part of my younger life in Africa, I am fully aware of how drugs are tested and pushed on poor populations to save the cost for the pharmaceutical industry for proper testing.

Can we have an update on what is happening?  Besides the continual reports of how many people are dying because of jabs, reports that I question as I question the original counts of everything, and I am convinced that we’ve lost all realism and honesty and accuracy in the medical field, I don’t know what is what today.

Are you still under stress in your country to take jabs?

Btw, take a look:

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1 month ago

I cannot give exact update as I started to avert my eyes in summer of 2020.. I realized then the whole system had been corrupted and/or subjected to inorganic controls. External agendas triumphed. There was also incredible dumbing down of many professionals and management, just as with politicians worldwide. Careerism, peer-pressure, salaries were the sad top concerns.. Many trend-setting top journals/hospitals/public health institutions/”intellectual influencers” were also part of a potent “pre-positioned” Club members.. See the current head of WHO – not trained as doctor at all, and who covered up at least three cholera epidemics in Ethiopia! He shockingly and… Read more »

1 month ago

Do u have a link fot this? “A Changing of Elites” will occur soon. Cant believe i missed that.

1 month ago
Reply to  SoUtH

Hi South, VVP said it in June during a talk at SPIEF. It is inevitable really and he merely highlights one endpoint of ongoing processes. Western elites are crazed and have driven their people to unmitigated catastrophes

24 days ago

My theory is they are selectively culling the herd. The true sheep will get the gab and go down babbling. Those who can stand up to authority will live. Who would you allow to stay in your genetic pool? Those who you obviously despise or those you respect and fear. Seems to me all the nutjobs who brought about this latest scam are still in place, only much richer. They are losing their grip on the narrative, who admits to watching tv anymore? So, let’s gin up WW III Also, more than a few folks do realize that yeah man… Read more »