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October 31, 2022

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  • Covid and aftermath

    One of the physicians that I really like, Dr. Peter McCullough, is being stripped of this credentials.

    This is the story:

    We used the old Saker Community site for a very valuable discussion about Covid.  For reasons, we got rid of the hysteria, but everyone could comment according to their own viewpoint.  Nobody was fighting and…

  • Here Comes China

    I have had a few questions about China and have been slow to do the usual combination of my own geopolitical commentary and Godfree Robert’s newsletter extracts.  This time I want to dedicate the Here Comes China essay to two people.  This will both answer the questions as well as highlight superb work that has…

  • Comeback kid Lula in the eye of a volcano

    Lula wins but his room for maneuver will be limited by powerful forces aligned against his Global South agenda

    By Pepe Escobar and he describes this as A special for Asia Times in a very special day.  Usually we use Pepe’s work with his permission.

    Luis Ignacio “Lula” da Silva may be the ultimate 21st century political…

  • Lula’s win …

    … looks thin to me. Take a look at the final count:

    At this time Bolonsaro has not said anything but before the election, he vowed to fight, even if Lula wins. As the Electoral College granted the election to Lula, Jair Bolsonaro refused to talk or take calls.  It is reported that the media was…