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In the Great Hall of the People … Elections

We have the outcome and it feels good.  Some commentators suggest that Xi Jinping wanted a younger representation as the South China Morning Post suggests here:

And then, others hold that Xi Jinping purged by removing “Americanists”.

If one looks at the changes and amendments to the new CPC constitution, any of those two thoughts, or both, may be accurate.  The major constitutional changes are first a resolution on the amendment to the CPC Constitution, including statements on gradually realizing the goal of common prosperity for all, having an accurate understanding of the new state of development, and applying a new philosophy of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, called in general dual circulation.  Global Times talks more about that. 

The second most major constitutional change is the issue of Taiwan.  It seems clear that China is doing everything in its power to stop the trajectory being imposed, following the Ukraine model.  Another amendment to the Chinese constitution will reflect this more clearly and specifically.  “The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Saturday passed a resolution on an amendment to the CPC Constitution. Fully, faithfully, and resolutely implementing the policy of One Country, Two Systems; resolutely opposing and deterring separatists seeking “Taiwan independence” will be added to the amended Party Constitution. ”

Russia, with all its ability, could not stop the physical fact of kinetic action in Ukraine.  It remains to be seen if China can dance around these dangerous waters and stop action around Taiwan.

I am glad to see Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the Central Committee as I’ve always liked him because of the quality of his work.

And here they are plus Xi Jinping’s short speech.  (Note, English translation follows after each comment): Xi Jinping – General secretary of the CPC Central Committee as well as Chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission,  Li Qiang, Zhao Leji, Wang Huning, Cai Qi, Ding Xuexiang, Li Xi

This page should be kept for reference:

Having watched this play out during the past week, the most striking for me is the focus on rejuvenation.  They are building, they are on a journey, they rely on their people, and they create NEW historic achievements.  The focus on new developmental paths is heartening.  Xi gave an uncluttered and very clear speech and he illustrates the back-to-back nature of Chinese governance and Chinese people.  But I must admit, the major power now centralized in Xi Jingping is somewhat worrying.  He nevertheless says that China has created the twin miracles of fast economic growth and social stability.   That is true, and China insists that if they prosper, the world will prosper.  He ends his speech in simple words with an invitation to visit China.

I’m watching the Chip fiasco closely and some years ago said that China will leapfrog current technology if their trajectory stays the same in terms of developing new engineering.  Take a look at the photonic chip production line which is slated to be ready in 2023.

I hope China prospers and I hope they share their twin miracles appropriately across the board.  I know in Latin America they are welcome and in some countries, lifting the population out of poverty is being studied and localized to fit local circumstances.

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1 month ago

“I am glad to see Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the Central Committee as I’ve always liked him because of the quality of his work.” Ya I was also quietly very pleased… he is seated 2nd row, right behind XJP!!! I wonder what role will they groom him to be??? In the thousand years emperor history, we all learn, the emperor is nothing without a bloody good diplomat! The diplomat is refer to as the neck, which turns the head and let it see whatever the neck wish it to see, without, saying a word!!! Yup a class diplomat… can… Read more »

1 month ago
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WooHoo I get to reply to myself 😀

Finding Common Values (chi-com propaganda according to open society!)

btw there are lots lots and lots of chinese made eng-translated-ready materials out there now…
chi-com decide to fight the white western media… it seems…
… that is to say, the RIGHT to SPEAK (thus define the definition, such as, what is ‘human rights’ what is ‘money’ what is ‘democracy’….)

be well be safe