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George Yeo on US-China tensions

The most interesting from George Yeo is that he says in Asean there is no ‘market’ for the US attempts to control. He says the smaller countries are being threatened but there are not many buyers for the rules-based international order. Hence China is getting stronger and it knows it is getting stronger. This is what also stood out for me during this week’s National Congress. I sense a resolve that is based on feeling secure within oneself. All of a sudden China is not presenting itself as an insecure country.

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Col...'the farmer from NZ'
1 month ago

Thank you for posting Amarynth… Yeo is such a breath of fresh air when you see first-hand clarity of thought, knowledge of history, and experience in diplomacy. Once again this just serves to amplify the woeful lack of these qualities amongst current western leaders and visionaries. His explanation of how we cannot think of the US as being an entity that can be deemed predictable to any degree because it is many things, including the Presidency, Congress, and the Deep State, none of which pull together, let alone have a common goal of working for US citizens and for the… Read more »

1 month ago

thank you, amarynth, for posting this, i take exception with his initial statement, ‘putin thought it would be a cakewalk.’ no one knows, certainly most especially me, what putin or the elite RF thought—but the reluctance of russia to engage forcefully, her many attempts to negotiate & come to the table for discussions attests to russia’s desire to reach a peaceful solution, knowing the confrontation would result in a confrontation between nato & the RF. the west steadfastly refused, ignored & disrupted those discussions & attempts. i should’ve thought mr. yeo would have observed & noted the RT’s efforts to… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  emersonreturn

Hi emerson, Yeo is consummate professional. I think all know the real score and that a man of VVP’s intelligence wouldn’t take it lightly to confront the combined West. But all have to pretend, to give the dying Hegemon a fig leaf, right? As Singaporean he has to balance with Big Brother China’s approach and also respect giving face to both overmatched former Hegemon (reduced to a nuclear gun) and asians who do not want global conflagration. None want Armageddon except the insane and wildly despairing western elites. So I’ve seen some talk up western capabilities and minimize Russian abilities… Read more »

1 month ago

thank you, amarynth, ahh & via twitter mjacques. your collective response is undoubtedly true. we all must work to continue to talk down the drunk in the corner lashing the air with his broken bottle. my admiration for russia’s patience, most especially putin & the array of sterling elites, grows exponentially.