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If this is true and as represented, it is good.

Lebanon and Israel have signed a US-brokered deal that ends a dispute over gas-rich waters in the Mediterranean, paving the way for the development of energy resources



This is a good video by SmoothieX12.  He picks up on what is important and stresses again that this ‘war’ is a war against the collective west.

Europe wants to seize, not freeze, Russian assets.  Common thievery!  They have to literally rewrite their laws to try and make thieving legal.

According to von der Leyen, the EU has created a task force that includes various international experts “not only to map out what has been frozen,” but also to see what the legal preconditions would be for seizing Russian assets and using them for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“The will is there, but legally it is not trivial, there is still a lot of work to reach that goal,” she reiterated, noting that the EU adheres to the rule of law, and therefore this process has to be “legally sound.”

Dirty Bomb

RT:  West has remained dismissive. In a joint statement on Sunday, the foreign ministers of France, the UK, and US said they “reject Russia’s transparently false allegations that Ukraine is preparing to use a dirty bomb on its own territory.” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg dismissed the allegations as “absurd.”

Please bear in mind that Russia has no need for dirty bombs and no reason to want to use such crude methods.

Dirty Bomb – Russia is making a lot of noise. 

@RT  Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Gerasimov had a telephone conversation with the Chief of the British Defense Staff Radakin.

During the conversation, the discussion with the British side of the situation related to the possible use of a “dirty bomb” by Ukraine was continued.

The Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces – First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation General of the Army Valery Gerasimov has held telephone talks with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. Armed Forces General Mark Milley.

◽️ The parties carried on discussing the situation concerning Ukraine’s possible use of a ‘dirty bomb’.

Briefing on radiation security threats by the chief of nuclear, biological and chemical protection troops Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov

◽️ The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has information about Kiev regime’s planning to commit a provocation by exploding the so-called ‘dirty bomb’ or low-power nuclear warhead.

◽️ The provocation is aimed at accusing Russia of using mass destruction weapon at the Ukrainian theatre of operations that would launch a powerful anti-Russian campaign in order to undermine the confidence in Moscow.

And this happening on the same day?

JUST IN – U.S. Justice Department to hold a press conference on “significant national security matter” later today.

Attorney General Garland et al will address “malign influence schemes and alleged criminal activity by a nation-state actor in the United States.”

It is pouring in from everywhere:

Peskov: The threat of Kiev using a “dirty bomb” is real, it’s up to the US, UK and France to believe in it or not


Oct.24 – A very popular war journalist Semyon Pegov from channel Wargonzo was wounded yesterday, luckily not terribly seriously.  He must have kicked a petal mine.

Here is a photo of the boot Semyon Pegov was wearing at the moment of the explosion. As you can see, the sole remains intact: this means that Semyon did not step on the mine, but simply kicked it while running. As a result, most of the striking element missed the foot.

Otherwise, the consequences could have been much more serious. If a person stepped on the “petal,” most often he or she would lose a foot; in some cases the leg would be torn off all the way to the knee.

Nothing else can be added lol.

From RT telegram

Russia Slams US Claims About Iranian Support For Drone Strikes In Ukraine

Washington has accused Tehran of “directly engaging on the ground in Crimea,” with US National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby claiming that Iran is providing drones, and training Russian troops to use them.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed the allegations as groundless.

(And all the while Washington pours weapons into Ukraine – this is the rules-based international order).

I’m in two minds about this (from RT telegram)

Russia Urges UN To Prevent Ukraine’s ‘Terrible Provocation’

Russia has formally asked the United Nations Security Council to prevent Ukraine from destroying the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam in Kherson Region.

Such a disaster could result in the deaths of thousands of civilians, Moscow’s ambassador to the UN warned on Friday.

According to the envoy, most of the missiles are being launched from US-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

Surely by now, Russia knows they will get nothing out of the UN?  So, are they simply using the opportunity to advertise the matter?

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1 month ago

amaryanth, i understand your reticence & share it somewhat but i temper it with several russian diplomats recently openly mentioning a possible withdrawal from the UN, & i believe medvedev (please correct me if it was some other) said if there was a deliberate move to alter the UNSC, russia would have no other choice. certainly, the axis of evil/chaos/lies & plunder have trampled all the fundamentals. no nation has worked more assiduously to honour & hold the foundations & vision of the UN than russia, but it’s not improbable she may be beginning to see the 80% must naturally… Read more »

Col...'the farmer from NZ'
1 month ago

“Surely by now, Russia knows they will get nothing out of the UN? So, are they simply using the opportunity to advertise the matter?”

Yes absolutely… but this is not all that Russia has left in negotiating its way through this gigantic mess. As Emersonreturn notes, this is yet another footnote in the journey of establishing a brand new security entity that will eventually render the UN an irrelevant relic, and little more than a sychophantic-like servant of the dying western hegemon.

1 month ago

There is a major ongoing push-and-pull on India.. (A) Rishi Sunak is a bouquet thrown their way by Empire. Even usually sober analysts are smitten. There is open schadenfreude a brown boy of the Raj now putatively runs the Raj. They forget he is a billionaire emplaced to protect his entire class’s globalist assets, especially Israeli-connected Infosys. I remember an interview by Yuval Nosferatu Harari where he boasted the future of transhumanism and the Big Tech driving it is divided between Silicon Valley and a city in India (lubricated by dual citizen usual suspects of course). So they are pulling… Read more »

1 month ago

ahh, thank you for a fascinating post. not too long ago, in this time of lightening fast changing events, probably december last, i viewed modi as a wanna be erdogan. lol. even erdogan is playing with the sco & putin & laughing as he begins to parade his turkpipline headquarters…so i’ve had to step back & observe modi/india more closely sans my quick brush. i like india’s foreign minister very much & read whatsoever speeches/comments float to the western surface, he reminds me of lavrov & wu in his intelligence & sage insights. i hope he guides the govt &… Read more »

1 month ago

Hi emerson, the issue of India is so deep. They are as complicated as Russia. I used to know it much better decades ago – i studied their history in university, had excellent Indian professors, and some of my closest friends were Indian and they all taught me much.. I lost touch, so not sure how their elites have evolved more recently. But can a leopard change spots? They do appear to be on the knife’s edge, in an age where NAM or impartiality cannot exist.. Yet a healthy segment of their people (including elites and bureaucracy) is staunchly against… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  AHH

thank you, ahh, for yet another fascinating bon bon. indeed, india is complicated & yes, you are correct, thank you, jaishankar is the external affairs minister. my once pretty mind is fast becoming shot silk & i can’t really blame the sun simply time & perhaps repeated bouts of covid. jaishankar like lavrov brings truth to an argument or event with such elegance i find it similar to staring @ immaculate inlaid marble or a carpet which suddenly springs to life with antelopes & archers. i too spent much time in my youth touring india; visiting ruins, temples, gardens, museums,… Read more »

1 month ago

“seize, not freeze” is just PIRACY. Since European colonization from the 16th century to the present, euphemisms like “mercantilism” and “free trade” have been used to give PIRACY a legitimate facade. It became “legal” when the European nation states make up “laws”, which gives THIEVERY some wiggling room. Honor among thieves, indeed. 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

1 month ago


Toussaint Louverture or civilized Louvre?
Low sovereignty or high vassalage?
The Samarkhand Spirit twist maneuver
of Ruskie hypersonic fuselage
or the blood bank of Clinton Foundation?

1 month ago

No problem emerson, it isn’t important the specific designation of Foreign Minister for most countries – Jaishankar essentially functions as such. But India has a confusing array of similar titles, which to us unaware foreigners can seem the same; (1) the primary Foreign Minister (Jaishankar), (2) his deputies called “Minister of State for External Affairs” and (3) the Foreign Secretary, heading their civil service.. ! And the excessive grandiose term the EU gives the fast floundering Borrell! Will the EU even exist this time next year given its catastrophes?? What a discredited trojan horse of the USA.. I agree, India… Read more »