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October 23, 2022

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  • Dire Straits – A rant on global finances

    by Colin Maxwell


    Ah yes… behold the thieving parasitic money changers and their millennia of antics in various guises, bases, and proxies, as they continue to this day to ply their trade on Mainstreet.

    Methinks not for long, and oh my word, such poetic and ironic justice if the…

  • George Yeo on US-China tensions

    The most interesting from George Yeo is that he says in Asean there is no ‘market’ for the US attempts to control. He says the smaller countries are being threatened but there are not many buyers for the rules-based international order. Hence China is getting stronger and it knows it is getting…

  • Medvedev: theses on the international situation

    A friend sent me this and I’ve machine translated.  The comment that the five collective short abstracts came with, is interesting:  “DM has become the philosopher-ideologue of the Kremlin”.

    Saturday abstracts. Five relevant comments on the international situation

    1. Any country puts at the forefront of the most important priorities-the protection of its citizens and state independence. Moreover, this…

  • Daily Chronicles

    Daily Chronicles presents snippets of the most important news across the world for this and each day as it rolls in. Check back frequently. To find the previous Daily Chronicles, use the search function on the top line and search for Daily Chronicles.

    Feel free to use the Daily Chronicles as an open thread.

    If this is…

  • In the Great Hall of the People … Elections

    We have the outcome and it feels good.  Some commentators suggest that Xi Jinping wanted a younger representation as the South China Morning Post suggests here:

    And then, others hold that Xi Jinping purged by removing “Americanists”.

    If one looks at the changes and amendments to the new CPC constitution, any of those two thoughts, or…