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Where did the Nazis come from

Maria Zakharova published a detailed note on this a number of months ago.  This one I lost, and could never find it again as the purge of Russian sites and informational sources was in full swing.  She has published a new note.  Of course there are bunches of history where Nazi scientists and other educated classes were taken to the US and they were given jobs in the US State Department.  This is not all, there is more.  Jeffrey Kaye is probably a source that one can search for more info.  Here is the modern version of ‘Where did the Nazis come from?”

Here is Maria’s note:

#Opinion by Maria Zakharova

💬 At the briefing on September 29, we spoke at length about the 81st anniversary of the #BabiYar massacre, when the Nazis and their henchmen started the execution of Kiev civilians, mainly Jews, Roma, Soviet civil servants, underground resistance fighters and prisoners of war. We said that, decades later, in 2014, as a result of an armed anti-constitutional coup, the power in Ukraine was taken over by forces openly promoting the ideas of national exclusivity and glorifying the Nazis’ accomplices who were involved in the execution of hundreds of thousands of people.

We could not ignore the statement made on the same day by the “envoys for Holocaust issues” on behalf of the governments of the UK, Germany, Greece, Canada, the Netherlands, Romania, the United States, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Clearly, they used the Babi Yar event to attack the Soviet Union and Russia once again.

Quote: “For 45 years after the end of the Second World War, the Soviet Union censored documentation of the Holocaust, including accurate research and records of the massacre of Jews at Babyn Yar.” This is a fake and blatant lie.

Three months after the incident, On January 7, 1942, the Pravda newspaper published a note by USSR Minister of Foreign Affairs Vyacheslav Molotov to all governments and missions of the countries that were not at war with the Soviet Union. The note described in great detail the atrocities committed by the Germans on the occupied Soviet territories: “A horrific massacre and pogroms were committed by Nazi occupiers in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Over several days, Nazi thugs killed and tormented 52,000 men, women, seniors and children, ruthlessly getting rid of all Ukrainians, Russians, Jews who somehow showed their loyalty to the Soviet Union. The Soviet citizens who made it out of Kiev described a striking scene at one of the mass execution sites: a great number of Jews were brought to a Jewish cemetery in Kiev, including women and children of all ages. Before the execution, everybody was forced to take off their clothes and subjected to beating. The first group selected for execution was forced to lie on the bottom of a pit face down. They were shot dead from machine guns and covered with soil. Then the next group of people were forced to lie on top and shot dead from machine guns. The Nazi occupiers committed many mass murders in other Ukrainian cities, largely targeting unarmed and helpless Jewish workers in their bloodthirsty executions.”

The “envoys” went beyond fakes by making a cynical accusation against our country of “distorting and misappropriating Holocaust history.” Meanwhile, they could not find a word of judgement for the Kiev regime that has openly and consistently built a halo of national heroes around all Nazi henchmen since 2014.

And what kind of judgment could we expect if the major trio of the signatories, the UK, Canada and the United States, sheltered the majority of Bandera followers and other Holocaust accomplices from Eastern Europe after World War II?

The Anglo-Saxons and their satellites are covering up the war against memorials to Soviet soldiers – the soldiers who actually stopped the Holocaust – started by Poland, Baltic states and the Kiev regime.

Sadly, the truth about those times is of no concern in the West even to those whose job it is to actually focus on the problems of genocides. They want to smear the heroism of our soldiers during the Great Patriotic War and now, when Russia had to protect the Russian-speaking population against the ideological successors of Nazi collaborators.

The answer is that Nazis probably grow on a grassroots level (the nature vs nurture debate), and then the types are taken to the bosom of the previous generations and fed with milk that is not the milk of human kindness.   I don’t as a rule post horrific pictures because in reality, we all have to sleep.   But compare your own humanity.  Getty (the imaging people but nothing much else) has the images.  

Do you understand that even if everything can be fixed right now, the brains of the those children will remain in an almost frozen state.  We are not killing a few kids, we are killing generations.

And then, we have just started.  We still have other areas of our world to go to, for example, Gaza.

Just sometimes, if I open my heart wide, and I don’t sleep.  Usually, we have to keep our hearts open just a sliver, just to be able to maintain.  I call down full hades, the gates are not good enough, for each child being starved in Yemen.  Tell me, which grain or oil ship is going to Yemen?  And how is the organization so that those in need are being served?

And this is what we have from the US.

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Steve from Oz
1 month ago

The Russian parliamentary system must have features lacking in Western parliaments.

We produce mediocrity.

The Russians produce talent.