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There is not a lot happening that is world changing.  Its almost same old same old but lots of little things are in between.   There is a little time to breathe and make some progress, for example, this Rich Burnt Basque cheesecake

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) held a series of emergency meetings with Chinese chipmakers to assess the damage from the latest US export controls. 

Some context: Last week, several US equipment suppliers critical to the chipmaking process abruptly halted their entire customer support to Chinese chipmakers.

This is major news and can change the state of the world materially.  I have not had time to study this in dept and this report comes from a lukewarm China watcher.  So, we have to wait for more.   In addition, it is Bloomberg, so it is grain of salt time.  A reminder that Andrei Martyanov said that Russia is self-sufficient in chip manufacturing  and chip technology for military purposes only, and not commercially or for general commerce.

During MIIT’s closed-door meetings, China’s best NAND memory chipmaker, YMTC, targeted by the latest US rules, warned MIIT that “its future may be in jeopardy.”

Bloomberg reports that MIIT officials seemed clueless about what to do next:

  • “MIIT officials appeared uncertain about the way forward and at times appeared to have as many questions as answers for the chipmakers.”
  • “While they refrained from hinting about counter-measures, officials stressed the domestic IT market would provide sufficient demand for affected companies to keep operating.”

Our take: MIIT doesn’t know any magic tricks.

  • What Chinese chipmakers desperately need is domestic alternatives to advanced semiconductor equipment banned by the export controls – and they need them right now.

The bottom line: There’s no quick fix here.

We seem to have some truth slipping out here and there.

US Navy should prepare for an invasion of Taiwan as soon as this year, fleet chief says

US needs to plan for ‘a 2022 window or potentially a 2023 window’ in which Beijing might force unification, Admiral Michael Gilday, chief of US naval operations, says
Threats from China and Russia have created the need for a ‘fight tonight’ posture, Gilday adds

This may seem completely impossible, but if you take a look at what else is happening, one has to become really concerned.

Tokyo in Arms Race Not Seen Since WWII

Between now and 2027 Japan will increase spending to Second World War levels – in order to protect regional interests.

🇯🇵 sees 🇨🇳 as enemy #1 as concerns grow over aspects such as major oil supply routes.

In July, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida won elections promising to double military spending to $68 billion by 2027, when the next CCP congress takes place.

“We will need to give priority to things that we can deploy within five years,” a govt official stated.

It was the lettuce that won! Truss has just resigned after only six weeks.

The new chip rules from the US are completely bonkers.  China will take the whole chip market.  That is how they work.

I’m working on a summary of the 20th Party Congress in China.

The presented document in itself for the next 5 years of Chinese planning is much longer than the summaries and even Xi Jingping’s speech.  It is a massive structural policy document, the way they should be done.  It slots in with historical progress, and paints the road forward.   A nutshell that I remember, is: “We must develop our country and our nation with our own strength.”

When in doubt, ask General Armageddon:

“I don’t want to sacrifice the lives of Russian soldiers in a partisan war of hoards of fanatics armed by NATO.”

“We’ve got enough power and technical means to lead Ukraine to total capitulation.”

Strikes are continuing in Ukraine.  The latest that I saw is that over 580 Ukrainian cities, towns and villages are now left without electricity after Russian strikes ( earlier today on key infrastructure facilities – Ukrainian Deputy Internal Affairs Minister.

This though I found both funny and sad as well .. that us, the normal people are considered to be so absolutely stupid, that we will buy this story.

It means it wasn’t Russia, and it’s too dangerous for the German government to call out the perpetrator (the US). Democracy in the West…

Sahra Wagenknecht, opposition politician in the German parliament, asked the German government for information on the attack on the Northstream pipelines, and got this reply:

«”For reasons of the state’s well-being” no further information will be provided

“After careful consideration, the federal Government has come to the conclusion that further information cannot be provided – not even in classified form – for reasons of the state’s well-being.” The reason for this is the “third-party rule” for international cooperation of the intelligence services. According to this, the international exchange of knowledge is subject to particularly strict secrecy requirements. “The information requested thus affects confidentiality interests that are so in need of protection that the state’s well-being outweighs the parliamentary right to information and the right of members of Parliament to ask questions must exceptionally take precedence over the confidentiality interest of the federal government.“ In plain language: there are probably findings that the members of the Bundestag are not allowed to learn.
For this reason, the German government does not answer Wagenknecht’s question “which NATO ships and troops” have been in the areas where the damage occurred since the suspension of gas supplies by Nord Stream 1, and which Russian ships and troops were sighted during that period. This answer, too, “would involve the disclosure of information that would have a particular impact on the welfare of the state,” writes the Federal Foreign Office. Therefore, a classification and deposit of the requested information is also out of the question, “since even the low risk of becoming known cannot be accepted”.»

And this is my joke for the day.  Go Lettuce Go!  Will Lizz Truss lose her post before a specific head of lettuce wilts.  There is a competition out there and everyone in parts of the twitter-sphere is rooting for the lettuce.  Go Lettuce Go!    It’s day two of Liz vs the lettuce and I can confirm it’s already gone limp and soggy as it rapidly loses its integrity. The lettuce is still perfectly fresh though

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1 month ago

“the state’s well being”. That says a lot how the German government gives a lot more value to the national security of their Overlord in Washington.

1 month ago

Hi Col gd mate 🙂 nice to see you here I assumed its the same pic… for those who wont or cant go into FB, I have it here… for da history records… immortality!!! HA HA 😀 it wont be so sad if queen mama have … been more wise to relinquish ‘royal power’ … Apparently UK may and can go bankrupt and secretly applying for IMF’s bailout of some sort but there are also whispers, prob fake news, that chi-com CB is offering a ‘better’ deal… to city of L0nd0n… say in Yuan??!! Reverse Colonization Accomplished?!!! Btw in… Read more »

Col...'the farmer from NZ'
1 month ago
Reply to  ?

U2 ? Yep, same pic… you could hardly blame anyone for not wanting to have anything whatsoever to do with the murderous FarseBook platform. I only use it opportunistically as a tool to help expose it for the criminal obscenity that it is. IMF “bailouts” as you know should be renamed as predatory financial death spiral packages, but I would hazard a guess that the City of London, and in particular Threadneedle Street, would consider China the very last place on earth the that their private banking cabal would ever go to for funding, regardless of what deal they were… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  ?

The government made their position 1,000,000 x worse by the mind-numbing excuse of “For reasons of the state’s well-being.” This was the icing on the cake — telling everyone in the world Germany is owned property… Undoubtedly Scholz and his ilk do not use the bathroom without permission, so this is also directed at submitting Germans too. Telling them the wolves’ reps control their farm.. to further demoralize through this crazy humiliation. Many more will die quietly now this winter out of cold, too ashamed to even protest. What for to complain to these House slaves? And as the face… Read more »

1 month ago

So.. the current government in power in Germany has capitulated to de-industrialization when presented with ‘the choice’. Germany’s energy lifeline was trashed by their supposed ‘ally’ in front of the entire world and the cabinet is too timid to reveal what everybody already knows. Other than how badly the government reflects on the cumulative judgments of the German electorate, what more can be said? Some other nation in the east will fill the spot [shoulder shrug]

1 month ago
Reply to  amarynth

Indeed. I worry about western nation forming looting gangs as they themselves are getting looted by the US. They have to cover their debts. Think it’s safe to say that one way or the other, the foreign reserves of the developing world are forfeit in the west. A bail-in of western banks using their funds. Maybe the cargo in EU ports and the container ship as well. For sure any LNG shipowner that sells to Asia should be nervous about port calls under EU jurisdiction. – ship very well might get put under state-control. I can confidently say that Russia… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  North East

I dont know what happened! First comment on Germany was in reply to North East.. didn’t mean to crash Chucky Bride thread

1 month ago
Reply to  AHH

??..??..? Chucky Bride ? You mean Lizz Truss? Can’t help but feel sorry for her because of her ‘date-with-an-executioner’ stare. Totally and completely out of her depth, flailing around. The hits (for cause, btw) being delivered are merciless and coming from every direction – no referee to call it off. Maybe it’s karma from her meeting with S. Lavrov.

1 month ago
Reply to  AHH

Yes, Least Trusst. Re: “her ‘date-with-an-executioner’ stare” I do not watch her enough to tell.. and most photos show her recently pretend-laughing or grimacing, but she may have slight “sanpaku eyes” with three white sclera showing?? This is an old Japanese term for wierd eyes, indicating severe imbalance with natural order, deviance, and/or psychopathy. And considered so in many other Asian/old cultures too (the eyes being windows into the soul). It is feared to see in people. Many associate it with demonic possession. The raging energy and heat of the evil spirit causes bulging of eyes, to various degrees. And… Read more »

1 month ago

Geraniums have blossomed in autumn
they have an affinity for the Mediterranean

Their flowers having five petals
coloured white, pink, blue or purple

The english name is cranesbill
resembling a crane’s head and bill

Crested cranesbill grows in Iran
which is often used as a medicine

The species being very hardy
should not be taken ever so lightly

They will keep flowering until spring
when its time for the necessary leavening