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20th CPC National Congress

It’s on and it is huge.  Make no mistake, this sets the tone for China for the next five years, but it is also solidly based on historical values.

The Report to the Party Congress looks back over the past five years—but most of it will be looking forward. The Report to Congress is ‘the most authoritative public recitation of Party policy on all major matters’ and the basis from which all other documents should flow. After the Congress, a long, comprehensive campaign will begin guiding the entire Party membership, government, and beyond in studying it. Theorists will expand on it and policy makers will implement policies guided by its spirit. Expect sections on an articulation of key principles of the ‘Thought’ which will guide the Party going forward, and an articulation of the goals for the coming five years (and possibly beyond).

Xi Jinping made the ever important opening speech:





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