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Move at the Speed of Science – oh dear!

The idiocy that we live in.

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1 month ago

Heart was broken Spring 2020
most lack Truth elementary
I pity disillusionment plenty
many trusted system so gently

1 month ago
Reply to  AHH

Please understand, I’m not criticizing the poem. More like wondering if a portion of those who had a real choice and chose to trust their systems deserve as much pity as those who didn’t have any choice at all.

P.S. please give Mr. P my regards for the two CoffeeandCovid and the ‘It’s 5 past 12’ links that he posted. Still poring over them.

1 month ago

[Amarynth], was it really idiocy? Looks to me like like a very calculated way to change the development of human beings and society forever by a nameless group of elites. I don’t recall voting on that. I also find it a very calculated way to inflict as much damage as possible to the present human civilization in a way that will hurt the most, on multiple levels. And in ways very difficult to rehabilitate – ie there are going to be horrible scars that will shape human society for a very long time. . [AHH], pity is much too precious… Read more »

1 month ago

Truth elementary everywhere
In each heart ethereal

Even through hardships
despite off the horde
can we not continue
on our difficult journey

Should one’s odyssey
change because of others
If you can change yourself
it can be a change aplenty

Who will bring about
this illumination
When only we can bring
ourselves out of gloom

1 month ago

I wouldn’t know which is more idiotic,the speed of “science” or the speed of the market, which causes of the speed of “science”

1 month ago

North East, yes you are technically right. All good points as usual. Many have brought it upon themselves. But the scale of criminality in motion is quite shaking.. and many good people are swept along with the lost majority. The least we can do is pity all.. we do have endless store of pity, it will not exhaust, and which heals and benefits us foremost too, such as in coming to acceptance of what unfolds. Cherish all brother human greedy, suicidal or gruesome cursed or simply noisome even crazed Governor Newsome the potential each awesome Repentance simple solution awaits inner… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  AHH

[Apologies in advance for my deadpan writing] AHH, I do pity. I just weight it according to individual circumstances, is all. With a generous benefit of doubt when I don’t know – a full measure by default. No pleasure is taken in the suffering (anxiety included) because it’s painful watching the aftereffects of the lock downs to the good and not-so-good alike. Everyone was harmed one way or another. “…and many good people are swept along with the lost majority.” Yes, I know it. We all had our lapses and picked our fights judiciously. The people who – being flawed… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  North East

Oops! Measure several times, cut once. The tone is more judgmental than I’d like. to clarify: ‘..recognition of a coordinated media ‘shock-and-awe’ in the collective. ” …a test of empathy for people with differing viewpoints rather than a test for intelligence/ knowledge..” I left out the acknowledgment that luck played a huge role: where a person resided, their job, finances, support of their families and pattern recognition ability at the right place, right time, and right context to draw the right conclusions. And the sources that a person drew their information from at the time. And if they had time… Read more »