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Daily Chronicles: Updated – Massive Strikes!

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Oct.14 – This is hilarious:

One cannot make this stuff up!

NATO “we are not part of this conflict in Ukraine” – Also NATO: A defeat in Ukraine would be a defeat for NATO – You can’t make this shit up

So, now we know – Major strikes are continuing:

Today, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue launching the massive attack using high-precision long-range air- and sea-based armament at the facilities of military control and energy system of Ukraine.

◽️ The goal of the attack has been reached, all the assigned targets have been neutralised.

Oct. 10 – After a lot of rumors about Starlink in the Ukraine being non-functional, the Russian MoD officially announced it disabled the “Starlink” devices, “this caused a lot of chaos in the ranks of the Ukrainian forces”.

Oct. 10 – Massive strikes on area of the Ukraine in this last night.  Mr Putin’s initial comments from his security council meeting this morning:

🔺Putin informed the members of the investigation of the incident on the Crimean bridge – this is a terrorist attack aimed at destroying civilian infrastructure

🔺The Kiev regime has long used terrorist methods.
The SBU has committed three terrorist attacks against a nuclear power plant.

🔺Putin accused Kyiv of acts of nuclear terrorism

🔺Ukraine tried to undermine the “Turkish stream”

🔺Kyiv attacks against the Kursk nuclear power plant were prevented

🔺It is simply impossible to leave the crimes of the Kyiv regime unanswered

🔺According to the proposal of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and according to the plan of the General Staff, a massive strike was carried out with long-range precision weapons on energy, military command and communications facilities of Ukraine

Oct. 10 – Kadyrov this morning:

“Zelensky complains about arrivals in Kyiv and other cities.
And how did you, sucker-Zelensky, think: you can, but others can’t?
That is, for eight years it was possible to bomb civilians, destroy the infrastructure of the cities of the LDNR, cover a nuclear power plant with shells, blow up bridges, fire at important objects, but how did it fly on your head, so suddenly it became impossible for anyone?

We warned you, Zelensky, that Russia hasn’t really started yet, so stop complaining like cheap stuff, but better, run before it arrives. Run, Zelensky, run without looking back towards the West.

Now I am 100% satisfied with the SMO.”

Oct. 10 – Russian MoD:

Today, Russian Armed Forces launched a massive high-precision long-range attack at the facilities of military control, communications and energy systems of Ukraine.

The goal of the attack has been reached. All the assigned targets have been neutralised.

Oct. 9th – Crimean Bridge up and Patrick Lancaster just crossed it.

Trains are now running on schedule and vehicular traffic

Crimean Bridge attacked – truck explosion (ISIS style truck bomb?. Ukraine took responsibility.)

This is of course for Putin’s birthday, with the Crimean Bridge being a symbol of his time.

The Daily Mail (UK Paper) is flagrantly rejoicing in the damage to the bridge.

This is the kind of comment that is out there:

Yesterday was Putin’s birthday. It is good that Putin received such a gift, and may he receive more of them : Robert Biedron, member of the European Parliament about the Crimean bridge

It is quite amazing how fast the Ukrainians can work up their propaganda. So fast that one cannot but conclude that they had it ready to go.

Better confirmation of this is needed:  I am not questioning the representative, I am questioning the reporter.  But if true, it would take the sting out of it somewhat.

“According to representatives of the Russian Ministry of Transport, the railway communication on the Crimean bridge will be resumed today.”

Now confirmed:  Russian Transport Ministry Says Rail To Crimea Will Resume By 20:00 Local Time Saturday Evening

General of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Sergey Surovikin, was put in charge of Russia’s “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine

Sladkov’s nickname within the Russian Armed Forces is Cannibal. He’s known as a tough MF@R, a hardliner

He’s currently in charge of southern group of the Russian Army & led several offensives which saw Ukrainian troops encircled and destroyed in LPR

He’s also largely accredited as the sole reason why the Syrian government was able to regain its territory from ISIS

He does not believe in retreats & does not favour surgical approach to strikes. In Syria, we noticed that his approach was rather “go big or go home” — huge aerial bombardments were his thing

He’s also rumoured to be next in-line to eventually retire Gerasimov as the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces


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1 month ago

Inevitable event. The obsession of the Ukies is profoundly pathological and genocidal.

The war will never end until Ukraine is totally gone from the face of the Earth, and the diaspora of former Ukie citizens is spread to asylums where chemicals and straight jackets can calm the madness.

Meanwhile, the entire infrastructure that supports Kiev and its psychotic military and SBU has to be pulverized and all forms of resistance liquidated.

Rabid canines have only one destiny. So too, sick nations.

1 month ago

“Sladkov’s nickname within the Russian Armed Forces is Cannibal. He’s known as a tough MF@R, a hardliner”

I think this refers to another soldier?? Even the name is different.
RT and other sources say his nickname is “General Armageddon.” Although I would prefer the milder “Cannibal” all things considered!
Regardless, HELL COMETH to put the agonizing Ukies and their handlers outta their misery.

Steve from Oz
1 month ago

it’s only economic support from the West that allows Ukraine to be troublesome as it disintegrates. And so we will see the same pattern of random chaos from The Empire as it in turn disintegrates. As long as they have the economic strength, their chaos and destruction will continue no matter what common-sense or logic dictates. We will be living with terrorism now until the US economy is destroyed. Decades. Perhaps centuries.

1 month ago

Polish and Murican mercs bottom feeder statistics in Ukraine chased perks what dim psychedelic mystics Iskander eaten for breakfast Geraniums smelt at noon X-101s served as snacks Sucking zucchinis N Zircons a long night’s task their appetite how vast! State terrorism, quite a leap an admission of sublime defeat. The Sandhurst pip-squeak circle jerking hide and seek in Wembley fitted complete Terrorists cheap and sneak what a feat the weak creep Bleak, outta their league with men rugged and replete who Shock N Awe mete Degeneracy & imbecility organizational fragility Erectile dysfunctionality & cretinous obstinacy; the SMO did expose so-called… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  AHH

Truss has trashed the Pound,
Where does England head,
The Queen is quite dead,
The King lives in dread
BOE becomes the bond

Inflation is reigning
Toilet paper be missing
Longing for days of Karono
When everyone was sleeping
While Pfizer kept stealing

1 month ago
Reply to  Sudhi

Ahhh. I just saw this! Please dear Amarynth, remember to activate response emails (and a Dashboard) so we can follow up with friends. It is otherwise hard to keep up. Can we also edit?

Sudhi, I left a pained piece in the new post on the Pfizer scandal.. the tsunami of heartbroken betrayal by the lemmings is going to be sad to see.. it should break the Social Contract, along with Cold Dark and Hunger. Absolute criminals in charge in the west

1 month ago

Maria then Lavrov then some members of Duma has come out and publicly ‘accuse’ usa as the committed war party… SO? … when is VVP gonna certified that and then… our comrade Dmitry Medvedev just happily push the buttons … and we shall all, by the light speed, be transferred into another world? The way I see, with me smiley chinese eyes, is that ussa is fighting this war, this global war, with 16th century ‘rule by sea’ war ‘strategy’… and VVP, if you havent noticed, deliberately keep it ‘dry’, SUPER DRY!!!! I, being in and from the east, want… Read more »

1 month ago

A musing: perhaps Iran should reevaluate their stance on a nuclear deterrent. Seems like a good insurance policy, all things considered. They’re getting all the flack of a nuclear power and none of the benefits. There’s no shame in reversing course with their chin up. Circumstances change. Iran did much more than it was required to uphold it’s end of the deal. 2025 isn’t that far away: