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Latest propaganda: There has been a coup in China and Xi Jinping is under house arrest.

Latest propaganda debunked:  Of course, there has not been a coup in China and of course, Xi Jinping is not under house arrest.  This is propaganda.  It is a pity to see how many alt media push this.

He’s back!

On Tuesday, Xi Jinping made his first public appearance since returning to China from Central Asia on September 16.
Xi’s reappearance definitively quashed the (ridiculous) rumor that a coup d’etat had toppled him. He was in quarantine in line with China’s regulations. On his first day out of quarantine, he and a bunch of the Politburo, took a trip to the Beijing Exhibition Center to see the new Forging Ahead in the New Era exhibition.

Despite the criticism and public frustration in recent months with Xi’s more controversial policies, notably zero-COVID, the prevailing narrative remains that Xi is the only man to lead China through challenging times. Xi will emerge in an even stronger position from the 20th Party Congress.

The biggest event on the Chinese agenda is the 20th Party Congress starting on October 16th, generally one week behind closed doors.  If you have a moment to amuse yourself, do a search for China 20th party congress and you will see that all the western propaganda refers to Chinese Communist Party.  They have to get the communist descriptor in there to scare everyone as I know in the US, using the word ‘communist’ makes people’s heads start swiveling around and scrambles their brains.    In reality this is called The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The body will elect the 20th Central Committee.

It is not the CCP, but the CPC, and anyone that uses CCP is putting a spin on it, bracketing China and Communist.

NPC Calendar: October 2022

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opens on October 16; it will elect the 20th Central Committee. The day after the Party Congress closes, the new Central Committee will meet for its First Plenum to select members of the next Politburo (among other positions). The second- or third-ranking member of the new Politburo Standing Committee is expected to become the Chairperson of the 14th NPCSC next spring.

The 13th NPCSC is expected to convene for its 37th session shortly after October 23, when the First Plenum is expected to close. The Council of Chairpersons will likely meet immediately after the National Day holiday (ending on October 7) or after the final plenum of the outgoing 19th Central Committee (expected to end on October 12) to decide on the agenda and dates of the session.

The session is expected to review the following bills:

It is also likely to review a draft revision to the Administrative Reconsideration Law [行政复议法]. The draft revision to the Company Law [公司法] and the draft Emergency Response and Management Law [突发事件应对管理法] may return for further review as well.

So the next wave of propaganda will most probably be something to do with the ordinary and everyday legal work of any government.  “China buries Women’s Rights in the Yellow River”.  I kid you not.  If you think the Ukrainian propaganda is over the top, it is equally bad for China.  Listen to Tucker Carlson manufacture pretext on the China Bad theme.

The Property Sector.

Ongoing propaganda: China’s real estate bubble will bring their whole economy down.

The sector is in crisis following a multi-year campaign to rein in developers’ massive debts and deflate a price bubble. Many developers had taken on sky-high levels of debt, creating risks for the sector, the banking system, and the bond market. Rampant speculation and easy access to loans had pushed housing prices out of reach for millions of potential homeowners and diverted credit from the real economy, leading to a high concentration of financial risk.

Let’s just look at that last sentence in context:  Home ownership in China is at 93%, with 97% of rural and 85% of urban residents owning their homes. In America, US banks and vulture funds now own a greater share of housing net worth than do individual Americans.  (Remember Xi Jinping’s statement:  Houses are for living in! meaning that property speculation may not touch the security and ability of any Chinese person to own his or her own home.) Regulators want a property sector with “moderate, sustainable growth”, and they have set about to curb the excesses. In March 2022, the regulators said that the excesses were now “fundamentally reversed”.  The way China went about this, was quite different.  Remember EverGrande, China’s second largest property development company?  Do yourself a favor and do a search on EverGrande to see how the west called this the gates of hell opening for China and its whole economy.  Then, take a look at this, to see what China really did which structurally is to move away from debt financing to equity financing.  When EverGrande ownership could not fulfill, a correction team from the regulators sat down with them.  First, the owners had to use their own assets to make good to the buyers, i.e., the people.  Investors and bond holders simply had to wait.  Then, some help was given to the owners, until they could continue with their development program, and make good to each and everyone that they made promises to, or signed contracts with.  Then and only then was the continuance of the company taken as a priority and the investors received their share.  The company could not declare bankruptcy and leave the buyers (ordinary Chinese people) high and dry, they had to fix their mistakes.

Lying Flat Movement

According to government data, there are currently more than 33,000 Buddhist temples in China. An increasing number of them find themselves hosting urban youth who seek an escape from the rat race.

Temple excursions booming among Chinese youth

Buddism is quite on the front pages these days in China.  In addition to tired young people visiting Buddist Temples for a break, Chinese Central Government’s jurisdiction over Dalai Lama’s reincarnation is reaffirmed at an international seminar.  Interesting for me, as this may be a real contender in the Christian vs other religious wars.

Wang Yi at the UNGA in a non-emotional address

Wang Yi said that China is fully implementing a new development philosophy featuring innovative, coordinated, green and open development for all, and it is pursuing high-quality development and fostering a new development paradigm. China will enjoy sustained and sound development, usher in even brighter prospects, and make more splendid miracles come true. As China has one-fifth of the global population, its march toward modernization has important and far-reaching significance for the world. The path that China pursues is one of peace and development, not one of plunder and colonialism; it is a path of win-win cooperation, not one of zero-sum game; and it is one of harmony between man and Nature, not one of destructive exploitation of resources. We will continue to contribute our input to meeting the challenges facing human development, and make our contribution to creating a new form of human advancement.

More major business heading to China:

German and EU businesses are looking at China as an escape from their problems with energy.  Yes, some are trying to move to the US, but the underground says that many more are heading to China and other destinations east.  We have to see.

Why is it that according to all metrics and according to their own testimonies, China and Russia are buddies, joined at the hip?  It is because they are experiencing the same tensions in the world and both are pressurized to pay the hegemon’s rent and both refuse and in this way present a whole different option for the Operation Z countries.

Here is an example from trading.  This was the WTO’s Nordstream I and II as the US simply broke the organization.  It is also the case that international trade rules are incomplete. But with respect to many common grievances, such as Beijing’s use of industrial subsidies, trade law scholars argue existing rules already enable challenges to China’s practices. Rather than pursue this channel, the US sought to coerce China by imposing tariffs that the WTO subsequently judged to be illegal. The US drove the WTO’s appeals body into dysfunction, preventing Beijing from seeking legal recourse.  Take a look, it does not matter what China does, similar to Russia as it does not matter what Russia does.  The pressure simply continues on all levels.

A quote from President Putin’s speech at the signing of the documents to bring the new territories back to Russia:

The West is ready to cross every line to preserve the neo-colonial system which allows it to live off the world, to plunder it thanks to the domination of the dollar and technology, to collect an actual tribute from humanity, to extract its primary source of unearned prosperity, the rent paid to the hegemon. The preservation of this annuity is their main, real and absolutely self-serving motivation. This is why total de-sovereignisation is in their interest. This explains their aggression towards independent states, traditional values and authentic cultures, their attempts to undermine international and integration processes, new global currencies and technological development centres they cannot control. It is critically important for them to force all countries to surrender their sovereignty to the United States.

Does it then surprise you in current times, that Russia and China do not care any longer about the collective west and they are in the process of decoupling as fast as they can, without dumping the world into an economic catastrophe?  We have many comments that the US/Nato/Collective West cannot win a kinetic war against China and Russia, singularly or collectively.  And we have many people that say the US/Nato/Collective West is truly stupid.  That may be so, but where they are exceedingly smart, is with color revolution technology.  So, when the appeals body of the WTO ruled against them, they simply color revolutionized the WTO.  They broke it.

China’s disagreements with Japan are not coming to any good conclusion. This is because Japan is a satrap of the US. The major issue here is that Japan has not done anything to fulfill agreements after the 2nd WW.  China also says (and this I have from following Chinese conversations), that Japan is by no means sorry for what they did. The conflict is often termed the Second Sino-Japanese War, and is known in China as the War of Resistance to Japan. There are arguments that the conflict began with the invasion of Manchuria in 1931, but between 1937 and 1945, China and Japan were at total war. When Japan was finally defeated in 1945, China was on the winning side but lay devastated, having suffered some 15 million deaths, massive destruction of industrial infrastructure and agricultural production, and the shattering of the tentative modernization.

I also do not see that Russia’s disagreements with Japan regarding Southern Kuril Islands, also known in Japan as the Northern Territories come to any conclusion.  Japan reinstated a reference to Russia’s “illegal occupation” of disputed islands in its annual diplomatic report for the first time in 19 years, while relations turn increasingly hostile.  Russia suspended an agreement with Japan that allowed Japanese fishermen to fish near the islands.  Russia simply said, pay or go!

Taiwan?  The pressure continues with everyone that visists Zelenski, also going to visit Taiwan.  I have it from a local person that the three 3 Chinese Destroyers on the east side of the island may just stay there permanently.

In the last three weeks, Russia & China completed joint Pacific Navy Drills.   Chinese and Russian warships have carried out live firing drills, helicopter deck flights, tactical maneuvering, and communications to help secure peace and stability in the region and protect economic activity.

It is difficult to talk about China without talking about its space program.  In a nutshell:

On a totally different and sweeter track.

A 1,000 year old mooncake.  China is doing deep studies into its historical record.  This is just one of the interesting items now on display.



As always, much of the material above has been gleaned from Godfree Robert’s very good Here Comes China newsletter and if you want to follow the developments, it is a dirt cheap newsletter and absolutely worth the small cost.  You can get it here and the first few may be free:

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Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
5 months ago

Great work Amarynth, especially in dispelling the outrageous myths in regard to the EverGrande situation. I have a huge challenge trying to explain things like this down here in New Sheepland. They also habitually insist that China is a pure communist model to this day. They love the “communist” label… Read more »

5 months ago

thank you, i’ve missed godfree roberts, various sites have let his newsletter slide & his purview & snippets are always a welcome purview. in my 20s i researched mao for a play on an existential moment (i was in my 20s). plot: mao invariably had security when he met others,… Read more »

Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
5 months ago
Reply to  amarynth

The story raced around NZ like wildfire… it was exactly what some people wanted to hear.

Steve from Oz
Steve from Oz
5 months ago

Great report, thank you.

I have been wondering for some time why we have not heard much from, or about, the WTO. Subversive acts like this from the US must eventually weaken its hegemonic grasp, but boy oh boy, some people are slow learners !