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UNGA: Latin America

The Central and South Americas were not quiet at this past UNGA and this is perhaps the most striking feature, the number of countries openly speaking out against the hegemon.  Following is a list of statements, drawn together by Ben Norton on his Twitter.

Colombia’s first ever left-wing President Gustavo Petro gave a historic UN speech declaring, “The war on drugs has failed” He warned capitalism is destroying the environment, with its “addiction to money and oil,” and called for Global South debt relief

Some background here:  Colombia’s new left-wing government officially re-opened its border with Venezuela, after the previous right-wing regimes had closed it for 7 years Colombia was the most important asset in the US empire’s coup attempt against Venezuela. It’s long gone now.

Bolivia at the UN: “As we face multiple systemic crisis of capitalism, we see the final chapter of the unipolar world” “However, unfortunately we see the deterioration of the multilateral system due to the capitalist powers’ refusal to accept the existence of a multipolar world”

Nicaragua delivered the most revolutionary speech at the UN: “It’s time to reject criminal blockades; all illegal, arbitrary, aggressive sanctions,” which expose “the perversion of an imperialist and capitalist system” that is “bleeding the world dry”

Nicaragua‘s Foreign Minister Denis Moncada at the UN: “The assault, the robbery, the ignoble and abominable plunder, the larceny and genocides unleashed by the colonialists and imperialists of Earth, those are the true crimes, and those are the true criminals against humanity”

Cuba said the Caribbean must have “reparations for the damaging effects of colonialism and slavery” – Cuba called for independence for Puerto Rico from US colonialism – Cuba said Haiti needs international support, and humanity owes a debt to the Haitian Revolution

Venezuela at the UN: “After the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, trust was lost in the international community” “What followed was imperialism and supremacism. We saw blood shed unnecessarily with impunity in Iraq, Yemen, Haiti, Somalia, Libya, & Syria, just to mention a few”

In her first UN speech, Honduras’ leftist President Xiomara Castro denounced colonialism, “neoliberal injustice,” and exploitative corporations. Calling for multipolarity, she declared, “Never again will we carry the stereotype of a banana republic.”

The value of this specific UNGA and the value of the whole United Nations can be questioned.  Yet, this session gave a platform for these countries to state their positions very clearly. If that was the only value, it was a good one.

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2 months ago

Cuba’s call “for independence of PR from US colonialism” is a good start. It’s just a matter of to decolonize the mind of the great majority of people of PR, both in the Island as well as the diaspora. The majority have a schizophrenic fear of independence. They prefer to complete the colonization by becoming just another star in the U.S. flag.

Col...'the farmer from NZ'
2 months ago

There is a definite pattern here Amarynth. So many smaller countries are increasingly emboldening one another as they call out the behaviour of the Western Hegemon and the Mr Global agendas. This is the legacy of humanity witnessing the leadership of the Western world degenerating to such a degree of appalling incompetence. The likes of Biden, the despotic Liz Truss, and of course countless others, lead the way to such a degree that the world simply cannot overlook or make excuses for this outrageous behaviour any longer. The Ukraine situation with the contrived energy crisis as a corollary is the… Read more »