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Means, Motive, Opportunity?: NS I and II

How about Nord Stream I and II?  I have no idea. Consensus in the alternative media is the US did the sabotage, and thereby ‘declared war’ on Europe.  There of course is no reason for Russia to sabotage the lines, because they can simply close everything down.

Here is MoA:

Here is Nat South:

Here is Maria Zakharova with a very strange message from Poland:

and Gonzalo Lira:

It is dangerous to be an enemy of Washington, and deadly to be an ally.


#Opinion by Maria #Zakharova:

💬 On February 7, 2022, Joe Biden said that Nord Stream would be done for if Russia invades Ukraine: “If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the … border of Ukraine again, then there will be … no longer a Nord Stream 2. We, we will bring an end to it. <…> I promise you, we’ll be able to do it.”

US President Joe Biden must answer whether the United States acted on its threat on September 25 and 26, 2022, when an incident occurred on three branches of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, preliminarily qualified as pipeline ruptures, possibly as a result of explosions.

The statement of intent was backed with a pledge. One must take responsibility for one’s words. Failing to understand the meaning of what one is saying does not release one from liability. Europe must know the truth.

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2 months ago

Henry Kissinger said it best “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal”

2 months ago

To review the situation. It is impossible to consider Russia as the culprit. That would be like investigating the JFK assassination and focusing on JFK as the culprit shooting himself several times from two directions. It is impossible. Ditto: Russia. Impossible. It’s elementary. The US wanted it blown up during construction. The US wanted it blown upon completion. The US wanted it blown up when the pipes were filled, though the valves in Germany were shut tight. The US wanted no possible return for Germany to take NS-2 gas this winter. Doesn’t matter who the actual explosives came from, who… Read more »

2 months ago
Reply to  Larchmonter445

Exactly Larch! Everybody knows.. Watch most be distracted now with intrigue and whodunnits and sleights of hand.. Sometimes stepping back with perspective, and reviewing the panorama is sufficient. Finding the specific patsy (probably will be found to be 3-4 countries removed, involving Brits/Poles and other disposables) is academic. The buck stops with Empire boss. The ill-will for Dark Winters was crystal clear, long-planned, and involving all western countries, as part of Guidestones and other satanic objectives. And USA merely lags Europe slightly in the grand design.. I also agree the Russians knew what was coming, as you said, indicated by:… Read more »

Steve from Oz
2 months ago

The contempt held by the US for peaceful co-existence and mutual development and prosperity is based simply on pure evil. That evil motivator has been successfully obscured by propaganda, but now that their system has been finally challenged, actions such as this that are prompted by panic, will become more frequent and will slowly expose the rot at the core.

2 months ago

Pepe has an interesting link on his telegram, some hints point to the poles as the main culprits.

2 months ago

Sorry Amarynth, here is the link which Pepe provided with his comment :

I thought that everybody here read it already. He even provided a link to this website.