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Thunder heard from downunder

Our own Col .. the farmer from New Zealand testifies that there is not enough space in the commenting section for his writings and he is doing the right thing, and putting them in posts!   You are welcome Col.

A view from the Antipodes of an existential war with monumental implications

While I have been languishing and gagged in Farsebook jail for the majority of the last few months, the globe has been witnessing the Western Hegemon shooting itself multiple times in both feet… to the stage that economically and diplomatically they have now isolated themselves from ~90% of the population of the world.

There is a tidal wave of at least 150 countries that are sick to death of the habits of the old Zone A kleptocrats. In droves, they are queueing up to join the new Zone B group that is based around the huge BRIICS+ collective.

BRIICS = Brazil/Russia/India/Iran/China/South Africa

The “+” equals virtually the entire global south including Africa, Latin America and South America… with the notable absence of NZ and Aus, who suicidally persist in economically aligning themselves with Natostan the vicious global hegemon.
… for an explanation of the other acronyms in this monumental new initiative, see the addendum underneath…

This new construct is equal to ~75% of the countries of the world and this number is still growing. In terms of population, it is already a staggering 90% of the globe.

This is a monumental shakeup of the existing and completely outmoded global financial/security/military/trading/currency paradigms and is arguably the biggest socio-economic turning point in the history of our species. This is a massive socio-economic renaissance.

Of course, this development doesn’t even make the LSM news… no surprises there. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot… why am I the only person in NZ wanting to shout this incredibly liberating news from the rooftops?

A key component of this development includes de-dollarisation which means the beginning of the end of the US dollar as the global reserve and default currency.

By definition, this will mean the end of thieving institutions like the BIS [Bank of International Settlements] the IMF, and the WB, which are all opportunistic, parasitic and predatory arms of the old western based, City of London/Wall Street, Zone A thieves.

Remember too that NZ’s Reserve Bank is a member of the BIS group and by definition is absolutely not independent. The only thing the RBNZ is independent of is working for the common good of the everyday citizens of our country. They are part of the cabal that actually robs us on a daily basis and stifles the development and long-term wealth of this country.

The BIS is a bank formed by German interests in the 1930s leading into WW2. Its overriding function quickly morphed into laundering Nazi loot that was tragically and opportunistically plundered from most of Europe throughout the war.

In reality, the BIS is a tyrannically inspired Nazi construct that has become nothing more than an outrageous opportunistic parasite. NZ is one of the 63 member countries of this group and as such we are being thieved from as well. All of this money goes to a minuscule number of kleptocrats and finances the perpetual global war machine.

Under this privately owned central banking system, where money is created out of thin air as debt, all financial charges are multiples of what they could be using equitable Coop-style sovereign state models, where parasitic banking cabals are not taking a huge cut.

It has been proven time and time again that the current system causes all infrastructural spending to be between 300-400% more costly over a 30-40 year period, simply because of this completely unnecessary interest burden.

NZ now has the chance to completely divorce itself from the Nazi-inspired Western Central baking racket and to reinvent all its banking models from Central bank level right down to localised coops. If this is done properly, NZ could eliminate its external debt and become one of the wealthiest countries in the world, all within a few short years.

We should be joining the new Zone B system and moving into a new non-fiat currency that is commodity-backed and not subject to destructive inflationary influences. History provides examples of the stability of tangibly backed currencies.

One of the most outstanding was the Mexican Peso which was silver backed, hence the nic-name “pieces of eight” which had negligible inflation for 350 years.

The visionary new Zone B sovereign currencies will be backed by multiple commodities, probably around 20, including precious metals, foods such as grain, and industrial metals. The sheer number will give an added layer of stability that will be vastly superior to a single commodity backing like gold or silver which can be so easily manipulated by modern derivative-type/casino speculation.

So we now know why none of this utterly exhilarating and uplifting news makes it into the MSM. Simply put, it is because these lying merchants of misinformation are all part of the Zone A machine that is right now going down the gurgler. If they did inform us of these developments, they would in effect be commentating on their own debt death spiral.

Instead, their strategy is to pretend this is not happening and hope it will go quietly into the night… ain’t gonna happen… that train was long gone from the station when Putin began his SMO in Ukraine.

The war was already raging and in its different guises had been ongoing since 2014. One of these battles was the entire West trying to cripple and loot Russia after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Well, guess what, in spite of the combined efforts of the Western Hegemon, Russia now has the strongest balance sheet of any country on earth as well as far and away the most natural resources.

Putin has the most popular support of any leader in the world at 90% and most of the remaining 10% maintain that position only because they believe that to date he hasn’t been anywhere near hard enough in his negotiations with despotic western imbeciles.

Two of the loudest voices in the western Chorus calling for Putin’s head were the imbecilic UK PM Bojo, and the toadlike thieving bankster PM of Italy ‘Not So Super Mario Draghi’… both of these shill braggarts are gone from office… how many more western “leaders” will join that sorry and pathetic procession?

The “war” in Ukraine is not a local battle. It is a proxy front for the East vs West and financial/military unipolarity vs multipolarity movements. It is an existential battle of these two paradigms and in particular for the survival of Russian civilisation.

Don’t be under any illusions Russia will prevail in Ukraine and will be the winner… UNLESS of course, this turns nuclear, in which case, there will be ZERO winners.Yesterday Russia decided to mobilise a further 1.2% [yes 1.2%… not a typo!] of their potential 25 million soldiers.…/

Don’t believe any of the Western presstitute crap about Ukraine making giant strides. This is all complete bollacks designed simply to feed the murderous western military-industrial complex.

The problem is of course that the Western leaders are so moronic that they actually believe their own self-sponsored propaganda. This is what makes the situation so dangerous and will add massively to the death toll of innocent Ukrainian citizens. NZ underwrites this carnage too in our pathetic misrepresentation of the historical facts of this war.

And to think all of this tragedy was completely avoidable… if Ukraine had honoured the Minsk Treaty and not been goaded into this war by the US, NATO and UK, it could have been business as usual… albeit bad business, with a continuation of the western, mafia-like, parasitic and racketeering habits of old.

So in the financial arena what do we have in a nutshell? Realistically the West is committing financial suicide by indulging in such outrageous behaviour that 90% of the world’s population will be isolating itself from what is in effect a parasitic and hegemonic casino.

The new vision is a cooperative model where all state members will have complete individual sovereignty and autonomy but will enjoy the security of an alliance that is so monumental in its scale that these states will be able to get on with the business of trade, and cooperative creation of long term wealth which will benefit all sectors of society… what an extraordinarily novel concept in today’s dog eat dog world.

How incredibly idiotic is the behaviour of the West… and all based on century-old rabid Russiaphobia and Yellow-man bad syndrome. And what has this achieved? Well, quite clearly the bringing together of all these contrived and imagined foes. They have now been forced into combining their resources into powerful alliances that will make the influence of the old western hegemonic block nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

Which wagon has NZ hitched itself to?

No surprises there… “our” completely idiotic Govt has expressed solidarity and support for the US-installed maniacal Ukrainian Neo-Nazis led by an ex-comedian creature with an IQ that would barely reach room temperature, even on a mild day, and whose favourite hobby is dancing in black tights and women’s stilettos.

NZ is supporting the complete destruction of Ukraine and by extension the impending impoverishment of most of Europe. Absolutely no surprises there, as the Labour Govt is itself a genocidal Nazi-inspired tyrannical regime anyway. Of course, they are inspired by the idiotically dangerous President Ze and the resulting latest global 404 state.

Sergey Lavrov the Russian FM who has more between his ears than all the idiotic western FMs combined mapped it all out just in the last few days when he said… quoted from this link…

“Question: The mutual distrust that has emerged since the conflict began has led many to consider that the previous level of economic integration between Russia and the West may not be achieved for some time, if ever, even if the conflict were to be resolved. Is Russia prepared for this scenario in the long term and if so, what does that mean for Russia’s economic and geopolitical future? Might we see more investment in alternative frameworks such as BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization?

Sergey Lavrov: The frenzied response of the United States and its allies to Russia’s special military operation has basically drawn the line under a whole era of interaction between our country and the West. Those whom we believed to be trustworthy economic partners have chosen illegitimate sanctions and a unilateral break-off of business ties.

Russia is not happy about it: what had been built by decades of hard work was destroyed virtually overnight. Well, we will draw our own conclusions from the behaviour of our Western colleagues – I do not think that in the foreseeable future they will be able to restore their credibility as business counterparts.

We will continue working with those partners who are ready for equal, mutually beneficial cooperation, who have not been affected by anti-Russian hysteria. And they constitute the vast majority of the international community. We see wide interest in the expanded cooperation with us from the countries of Eurasia, Africa, and Latin America, members and participants in the EEU, the CSTO, the CIS, the SCO, BRICS, and many other non-Western countries.

We will continue to adapt to new foreign trade and financial realities, intensify import phase-out. Together with our friends, we will decrease the share of U.S. dollar in mutual trade and use national currencies in mutual settlements. We intend to make use of all available opportunities and instruments to protect our interests. I have no doubts that Russia will withstand any sanctions pressure.

Question: Russia and China have strengthened their comprehensive strategic partnership for years and both sides say they will continue to do so even amid the conflict in Ukraine, during which some major Chinese companies and institutions have been cautious not to trigger U.S. sanctions by dealing with Russian markets. What do the events since February 24 mean for the relationship between Moscow and Beijing and the multipolar international order both governments have sought to promote?

Sergey Lavrov: Strategic partnership with China remains an absolute foreign policy priority for Russia. It is sustainable, long-term, and does not depend on the volatility of the international environment. The relationship between Russia and China is characterized by deep mutual trust, mutual support in the protection of each other’s fundamental national interests, and willingness to expand mutually beneficial ties.

Intensive and trust-based dialogue between the leaders – President Putin and President Xi – plays a key role. This February, the Russian leader visited Beijing, and on 15 September top-level negotiations were held in Samarkand on the margins of the Meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the SCO.

In the context of heightened international tensions, the responsible approach adopted by Russia and China – permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – towards pressing issues is becoming increasingly relevant. Together with our Chinese friends, we will keep working on improving the world situation, facilitate the creation of a just multi-polar system based on the UN Charter, and, first of all, on the fundamental principle of the sovereign equality of states.”

So there we have it. This month will be the major millennial turning point and the perfect storm that will capsize the boat that all the Western Kleptocrats sail in… good riddance.

Here’s part of a very long list of ingredients for this impending hurricane…
#1 The monumentally powerful alliance of Zone B countries that are breaking free from the old construct and are in the process of de-dollarisation. This will render western financial institutions increasingly irrelevant.
#2 The ripple effects of the Ukraine war will cripple the economies of the EU, and the UK, leading to a global systemic domino-type meltdown of banks. The new international Cyprus-inspired bail-in laws will mean that millions of depositors all over the world could lose their funds almost overnight.
#3 The fact that the Vatican sent out a global directive that it wanted all its liquid assets back in its local bank by the end of Sept [just 7 days away]… a sure signal that a major economic event is pending.
#4 Collective global debt is 350% of global GDP, which means the global economy is effectively insolvent… NB, this figure doesn’t even include a mountain of unfunded liabilities!
#5 The US mid-terms where the Demons are set to lose both houses… in effect, they cannot go ahead with these November elections… they need a major war, a financial catastrophe, or a false flag of some sort so that they don’t have to front up at the ballot box. The gap is so wide that even cheating with their programmable electronic Dominion devices won’t get it done this time around.
#6 Remember that in the so-called great depression the US stock market lost 90% of its value and yet the underlying fundamental causes were relatively minor and localised within the US banking system. The destructive fundamentals this time around are global and exponentially worse than 1929… lesson… no paper assets will be safe this time around.

And last of all some good news. The old system is broken. Any fiat monetary system is a self-destructive certainty anyway. The fact that the Zone B system, which is the polar opposite, is already in place means that much of the world can now go forward with confidence.

It is a fantastic scenario that this parallel system has evolved whilst the West self-mutilates into insolvency. This means only a portion of the world economy will crash and burn.

The huge losers will be the Natostan group who stay on the financial Titanic and refuse to believe that the ship is sinking.

Sadly both NZ and Aus are trapped in this idiocy. Commissar Vaxcinder and her despotic tyrannical comrades are cheering it all on and entirely comfortable with the fact that we as a country are nothing more than a pathetic yapping Natostan lapdog.

The collective so-called opposition in Parliament is likewise despotic and completely clueless as to this monumental global event and the dire future ramifications of our stance.

The Fourth Estate is a complicit pied piper as they lead the Natostan countries over a financial cliff. Meanwhile the RBNZ fiddles with tools that are hopelessly inadequate in dealing with looming stagflation.

The now sidelined Don Brash and John Keys of this world remain paid-up life members of the bankster club. They continue to facilitate this destruction with a blend of willful dissonance and plain old garden variety dishonesty.

Same old, same old… no one in high places in NZ dares to go near this subject… hence our current predicament and the fact, that as a country, we backed a terminally ill horse.


ADDENDUM… an explanation of the many acronyms…

This is music to my ears as the vast number of components of the Zone B financial/trade/security morph into a relentless monumental juggernaut.
The acronyms are so utterly numerous and confusing that it is difficult to comprehend their combined momentum, especially as they begin to align more closely in their common goals and agendas.

The Zone A City of London/Wall Street [AKA Natostan racketeers] are dead meat… all they have to offer is the pathetic Warshington con launched by, of all people, the imbecilic Biden.

This is labelled the IPEF… the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, which they claim is based on… “resilience, sustainability, inclusiveness, economic growth, fairness, and competitiveness for our economies.”
Yeah right… so these pigs are about to fly!… far too little and way too late now for at least 90% of the countries of the globe [by population] to swallow this one, even if they plaster lipstick on this pig with a shovel.

And in stark contrast, ZONE B’s offerings…
SCO… The Shanghai Cooperative Organisation [2013], successor to the Shanghai Five, is a permanent intergovernmental international organization, the establishment of which was announced on June 15, 2001, in Shanghai by the Republic of Kazakhstan, the People’s Republic of China, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan, and the Republic of Uzbekistan. It was preceded by the mechanism of the Shanghai Five.In June 2002, the Charter of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was signed at a meeting of the Council of Heads of State in St. Petersburg, and on September 19, 2003, it entered into force. This is a basic statutory document that fixes the goals and principles of the organization, its structure and main activities.On June 8-9, 2017, Astana hosted a historic meeting of the Council of Heads of States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, during which the status of a member State of the Organization was granted to the Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
It now has some 22 countries as members/observers/dialogue partners and ASEAN, CIS, and UN are guest attendees.

CHOS… The Council of Heads of State is the top decision-making body in the SCO. This council meets at the SCO summits, which are held each year in one of the member states’ capital cities. Current council…
Xi Jinping (China)
Narendra Modi (India)
Kassym-Jomart Tokayev (Kazakhstan)
Sadyr Japarov (Kyrgyzstan)
Shehbaz Sharif (Pakistan)
Vladimir Putin (Russia)

Shavkat Mirziyoyev (Uzbekistan)

CHOG… The Council of Heads of Government is the second-highest council in the organisation. This council also holds annual summits, at which time members discuss issues of multilateral cooperation. The council also approves the organisation’s budget. The current Council of Heads of Government consists of…

Li Keqiang (China)
Narendra Modi (India)
Alihan Smaiylov (Kazakhstan)
Akylbek Japarov (Kyrgyzstan)
Shehbaz Sharif (Pakistan)
Mikhail Mishustin (Russia)
Qohir Rasulzoda (Tajikistan)
Abdulla Aripov (Uzbekistan]

RICS… Russia China India [AKA Drivers of the Eurasian century]
Conceived by Russian foreign minister Yevgeny Primakov in 1998.
The group was founded on the basis of ending its subservient foreign policy guided by the US, and “renewing old ties with India and fostering the newly discovered friendship with China.”

CSTO… Collective Security Treaty Organisation is an intergovernmental military alliance in Eurasia consisting of six post-Soviet states: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan.

Similar to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, Article 4 of the CSTO establishes that aggression against one signatory would be perceived as aggression against all. The charter reaffirmed the desire of all participating states to abstain from the use or threat of force. Signatories are prohibited from joining other military alliances.

CRRF… Collective Rapid Reaction Force… a joint combined arms task force comprising independent military units from the CSTO member states. CRRF was created in 2009 with the aim to counter limited military aggression against CSTO member states and to fight against terrorism and drug trafficking.

INSTC… Institution of North-South Transport Corridor… a paltry little [7,200-km-long] multi-mode network of ship, rail, and road routes for moving freight between India, Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Central Asia and Europe.

EAEU… The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is an international economic union and free trade zone comprising countries located in central and northern Asia and Eastern Europe. The founding member states of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia established the union by treaty in 2014 and officially implemented the agreement beginning on Jan. 1, 2015. It is estimated that nearly 200 million people live within the member states and that EAEU countries have $5 trillion in combined GDP.

RCSA… Russia and China Strategic Alliance… an informal alliance that was cemented when Chinese President Xi Jinping hosted Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Beijing Olympics. In a joint statement, the two said that “friendship between the two states has no limits” and “there are no forbidden areas of cooperation.”

There is such a lot happening! The infrastructural investments in the new BRI [Belt and Road Initiatives] are already around $3.5 trillion, or equal to around 600 times the annual GDP of NZ. Their aim is to invest at least $40 trillion in these projects in the next couple of decades.

This literally terrifies the Western Hegemon… hence the desire to throw every spanner that they can lay their filthy hand on, into the works to destroy this massive long-term wealth-creating initiative.

How sad is that?

Case in point… was it Gandhi, who when asked what he thought of Western Civilisation replied… “I think it would be a good idea”.

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Tereza Coraggio
1 year ago

What a comprehensive analysis, Colin! You put so many conclusions I’ve come to into one post. I really appreciate having this as a reference and a list of all the acronyms. I certainly agree with your perspective and you’ve added some data (90% of people!) that I didn’t have before.… Read more »