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First SCO, now RCEP (and ASEAN)

The regional organizations are building strength and confidence, and they are cooperating.  All of Mr Lavrov’s speeches and Mr Putin’s speeches now contain the words ‘multipolar world’ or ‘pluripolarity.   More than that, they express in all of the their public communication that a multipolar world cannot be stopped any longer.  It is a fact.  And we get to exult in watching a new world being built around us.  In some countries, we even get to participate.

The RCEP is in the process of presenting its China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO).

From Global Times, a very good article on what is happening there.  Here are a few quotes extracted:

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which has come into force for the majority of its 15 member countries, is expected to be fully ratified in the near future, trade body leaders disclosed during the ongoing China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO), the first edition of the annual event since the RCEP was implemented.

More than eight months into the implementation of the mega deal, its members, notably China, have strived for a galaxy of businesses in the Asia-Pacific region to tap into RCEP-enabled opportunities, according to key takeaways from the CAEXPO in Nanning, capital of South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, where government officials and trade experts alike urged more efforts to familiarize businesses with RCEP rules.

On that premise, the world’s largest trading bloc is already evidently shining in a faltering global economy, CAEXPO participants stressed, citing figures that reveal the huge deal as a pronounced silver lining amid unsettling global growth outlooks, the ongoing pandemic and geopolitical strains.

The trade pact’s notable progress and its vast untapped potential are considered proof of the RCEP’s role as a global growth stabilizer, especially when compared with new economic initiatives such as Washington-launched Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) that seem to be politically motivated empty shells, trade experts said.

The full article:

What we are seeing unfold from unipolarity is the mental construct of a Cargo Cult, where structures, in this case, the IPEF, are drawn together on nothing and based purely on hopes and wishes and remembrances of a previous golden era.  The new multipolar powers will have none of this and they say so.  Somebody sometime somewhere in the military planning offices of unipolarity drew maps of how exactly they will partition China and Russia, how they will own Iran and most of the rest of the world.  All that they are accomplishing is accelerating their period of downfall into a clownish last grasp for relevance.  The sad part of this is that the world still had a place and a space for their unipolarity, if they could to their senses and understand their own nature.  But nobody now is willing to allow them space, as it is clear that they are still in the phase of believing they will bring back their remembered golden era.

When the world stopped turning for the unipolarists, they tried a new technique and started appointing presidents for other countries, building their cargo cult.  Not even that worked.

In addition, given the still existent, messianic belief that the unipolar emperor(s) will be triumphant, watching the fall is spectacular.  Instead of allowing these to fit into their proper space in our world order, their flesh is now called for.  Russia calls for punitive action and correcting historical imbalances.  China has not done that in so many words, but they indicate and intimate that corrective action, legal corrective action, is due.  Even Ergodan has found his space.

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